Month: April 2010

Titanium Hardcore Watch Iwc Engineer Iw386501 Watch Tasting

Wanguo Watch has always been known for its simple style, which is also its style. It expresses confidence and complexity in simplicity. The IWC engineer series is one of the few watches under his brand that expresses men’s toughness. The watch pursues sharp and sharp beauty, and the selection of rare metals is one of the reasons for the plasticity of the watch. Today I will bring you a IWC titanium watch.
 IWC engineer IW386501 chronograph titanium watch

 Toughness and toughness are the first impressions of this watch. The titanium material makes the watch exude an unusual beauty, and even the chic design of the buttons, crown and chronograph push button gives the watch a unique look. This sense of power even makes people think that this design of the case comes from the future. The case continues the design of the engineer’s five screws. The white dial is occupied by a chronograph dial and a double calendar display window, and the decoration of the button box crown is quite outstanding.

 The crown is tightly sandwiched by the crown shoulders. The sharp edges and corners make the watch easier to operate. The combination of the crown and the timing button also complements the watch’s powerful style. This watch is relatively large in size and thickness, full of weight, suitable for tall men. In addition to the chase timekeeping function with excellent playability, it is even more men who love watches.

 Summary: The IWC engineer series can be said to be the IWC watch men’s series. Its strong appearance, tough style, and the thickness of the men’s true character, have won many men’s favorite. At the same time, the watch has also designed the brand’s outstanding chronograph technology, which gives the watch a layer of technology for watch friends to play.
 Watch details reference: iwc / 27795 /

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