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2016 Baselworld Jacques De Fascinating Time Bird

Jaquet Droz’s timepiece bird created with the theme of the brand’s cherished nature symbol, the bird, has launched two new watches, combining exquisite mechanical devices and a rich poetic flavor full of modernity. .

    Pierre Jaquet-Droz (1721–1790) was born in a Swiss farm watchmaker’s family. He experienced the tide of the Enlightenment and respected the nature that had a profound impact on scientists, artists and philosophers of the 18th century Movement. Pierre Jacques de Rouge has a keen sense of the beauty of animals and plants. He was the first watchmaker to introduce a timepiece bird mechanism into pocket watches. This sophisticated mechanism was later used to decorate snuff boxes and other crafts. Attracted many international customers, from Madrid to Beijing, all the rage. Adhering to the pioneering spirit, Jacques Dro has recently launched The Bird Repeater and The Charming Bird. The fascinating Bird of Time watch combines micro-mechanics with the exquisite craftsmanship of the art workshop, and won the 2015 “Innovative Mechanical Watch” award at the Geneva Watch Awards.

    The master craftsman reinterprets the classic Grande Seconde dial and its guardian-like figure ‘8’. The dial above shows hours and minutes. The dial below shows a veritable small timepiece under the sapphire crystal dome. Today, Jacques Droghe reproduces this innovative design, introducing a new and chic ‘Charming Bird of Time’, the dial is decorated with delicate mother-of-pearl, showing elegant and charming decorative patterns.

    Carrying two different Swiss patent mechanisms in The Charming Bird is a technical challenge. After years of research and development, this watch has been compatible with two major innovations. Thanks to three miniature sapphire crystal tubes, birds’ tweets are generated by the compression of air instead of vibration. The first crystal tube pumps air, stores it in the second crystal tube, and then pushes the air into the third crystal tube to adjust the melody according to the volume of air and the speed of the piston movement. From a mechanical point of view, the adjustment mechanism operates magnetically to prevent metal parts from touching each other, thereby reducing noise inside the watch. The fascinating bird of time has delicate and delicate parts, the mechanical mechanism is extremely complicated, and its exquisite and elegant aesthetic design is the crystallization of the art workshop. Similarly, the veritable miniature sculpture bird, hand-carved showing the traditional Swiss pastoral landscape pattern of Jaquet Droz, the bottom of the painted mother-of-pearl dial, and the hand-decorated movement are all carefully crafted and refined to make. The surface decoration draws inspiration from traditional paper-cutting techniques, and combines superb carving and micro-painting techniques to create amazingly rich details for this masterpiece of art. Finally, the watch is equipped with a 47mm diameter red gold or white gold case, each of which is limited to 8 pieces. The elegant three-dimensional shape is more beautiful against the backdrop of metallic luster. This watch is undoubtedly a model of Jacques Dro’s watchmaking excellence, allowing you to listen quietly to the song of time.
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