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Oris: Exquisite, Durable, Practical And Unique

Oris Swiss watches as synonymous with professional mechanical watches
It’s exceptionally attractive price / performance ratio
Under the seemingly tough and cold sports appearance
The price of being close to the people is also a very gentle and considerate side of Oris
Oris was founded in 1904. For centuries, the brand has used the large crown flying watch as a symbol of the brand. Traditional Swiss craftsmanship and truly perfect mechanical watches are loved by the young generation. Whether the beloved Flight timer series or the new large crown multifunctional moon phase profit and loss watch came out, the large crown series originating from the flying tradition has been transformed into exquisite mechanical art. Let every Oris wearer dream of a flying experience.
In fact, the birth of flying watches not only comes from the needs of the Air Force, but peace is also the source of inspiration for human beings. In commemoration of the 60th anniversary of human peace, Oris has released an innovative and precious flying watch, the Flying Over Time Limited Watch. Behind each watch is a flying dove of peace, which symbolizes human expectations of peace and love. Limited to 1945 worldwide.
Not only in the field of flight, Oris has very professional accomplishments in various sports watch fields. In 2008, it launched the courage and persistence represented by the Oris Divers ‘Deep Sea Legend’ diving watch. Team cooperation. The Oris Williams F1 Team series models launched in 2008 include chronograph, calendar weekly and TT3 cool black chronograph. The chronograph takes full advantage of the racing elements, from the case, dial to the strap, revealing the rigid style of the Williams team.
‘Under these cold appearances, Oris has its artistic gentleness.’ Yan Minhui, general manager of Oris China, told us that the Frank Sinatra watch series and Bob Dylan limited edition watches launched by Oris Both are the best comments under the cold and gentle.
Practical and professional cost-effective
Mangazine · brand: Can you talk about Oris brand characteristics?
Yan Minhui: ORIS is the name of streams and river valleys in the outskirts of Hölstein in northwestern Switzerland. It was founded by Paul Cattin and Georges Christian in 1904 and has a history of more than 100 years. ORIS is committed to developing exquisite, durable, practical, unique, and mechanical watches that meet the needs of the general public, to customers who understand life, love life, and love mechanical watches. ORIS has always insisted on making only mechanical watches and completely mechanical watches. In 1985, when the quartz watch had not ebb tide, ORIS was the first manufacturer to announce that it would not produce quartz watches, only producing mechanical watches and using mechanical movements.
Mangazine · Famous Brand: Oris has been in mainland China for 5 years and has developed rapidly. How about the sales network and after-sales service?
Yan Yanhui: Oris service is now only in Shanghai. ORIS after-sales service is not for profit, quality is first. ORIS trains these technicians on a regular basis, determined to treat every watch and customer with superb repair technology and perfect service. ORIS will not use other brands’ authorized repair service methods. First, the watchmaker’s technology is uneven, there are many repair brands, the technology is not specific enough, and every ORIS watch cannot be repaired well. Second, the centralized after-sales service The service can guarantee sufficient repair parts. All the repair parts of ORIS CHINA come from the ORIS factory in Switzerland, which guarantees the customers high quality and pure SWISS MADE. Third, the modern logistics industry is very developed, and it takes only two days from Guangzhou to send the watch to Shanghai for repair; therefore, ORIS will insist on repairing its watch with ORIS itself.
Mangazine · Brand name: The red automatic rotor is a unique symbol of ORIS, but the ORIS movement lacks decorative polishing. How do you view this problem?
Yan Minhui: The red automatic oscillating weight is a unique symbol of ORIS, allowing people to recognize ORIS watches at a glance. Red is not only a symbol of vitality, sport, and youth. It has more unusual meaning for China and is the lucky color of the Chinese. Therefore, in the future, the unique symbol of the red automatic rotor will continue to be used. Because ORIS attaches great importance to practicality, durability and functionality, decorative polishing only improves the aesthetics of the movement. There is no improvement in the use and operation accuracy, but its processing cost is very high, which will increase its overall cost and selling price. , Deviating from ORIS’s market positioning, so ORIS will not use decorative polishing on a large scale, but in the future, it may use decorative polishing on some limited and high-end models. For example, ORIS now uses decorative Polished.

Recommend one of the three most valuable watches:
Oris Bob Dylan limited edition watch
To pay tribute to the famous singer Bob Dylan, Oris has introduced a unique square watch limited to 3,000 pieces worldwide. The simple stainless steel case with a detailed black pattern dial is engraved with the exclusive signature of Bob Dylan, a symbol of honor. And the watch box is equipped with a Hohner Marine Band harmonica, which is the most famous folk musical instrument accompanying BobDylan.

Two of the three most value-preserving watches are recommended:
Oris Kazuki Nakajima limited edition watch

Asians with dark hair and dark eyes can also enter the F1 arena, and they can also cast brilliant achievements. The design of Oris’ KazukiNakajima limited edition watch also draws ‘black’ inspiration. The idea comes from Kazuki’s Williams FW30 racing car. The overall color is black. The transparent case back design can see Oris’s iconic red rotor and is engraved with the Kazuki name. The tip of the second hand uses the red and white colors of the Japanese flag. At the same time, the F1 tire rubber (information, market) embossed strap and the layered three-dimensional gap on the dial are based on the design of the breathing holes of the Kazuki racing helmet. The belt is breathable and comfortable to wear.
Three of the three most valuable watches are recommended:
Oris Bc4 Flight Timer

Oris Bc4 Flight Timer world time zone watch won the 2009 reddot International Design Award-‘best of the best’ award. Oris Bc4 Flight Timer The world time zone watch uses the world time zone movement developed by Oris, which can display three time zones on the dial at the same time, and just use the simple operation button to adjust the main display time forward or backward-this Oris Innovative design is a perfect and practical feature for people who frequently travel to and from different time zones. In addition, the shape of the case is taken from the flight instrument, and the novel folding buckle is used like the seatbelt of the flight cockpit.

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