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A Touch Of Green Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150 Meter Watch Real Shot

The 2014 Basel International Jewellery and Watch Show has opened, and the staff of the Watch House Special Reporting staff have begun to work. They will bring you the latest, fastest and most comprehensive 2014 Basel International Watch Show Report.
   This classic and tough timepiece celebrates Omega’s brilliant ocean legend. The dial design of the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m watch is striking and distinctive, reminiscent of the teak deck on a luxury yacht. This model features a black dial with vertical texture ‘Teak Concept’ and a calendar window at 3 o’clock. Wear-resistant sapphire crystals provide comprehensive protection for this unique dial.

   The 41.5 mm stainless steel case has a bezel and a stainless steel bracelet. This certified astronomical watch is equipped with an Omega 8500 coaxial movement. The movement of the movement is clearly visible through the transparent case back.
   The watch team’s special report team will bring you the freshest and most up-to-date watch information. For more details about Baselworld 2014, please pay attention to our special report webpage.
2014 Basel International Watch Fair topic:

Chopin Creates Personal Watches

Chopard My Happy Sport Watch
Create your own watch

 What could be more exciting than owning an exclusive watch of your own design? At this moment to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Chopard Happy Sport series, Chopard launches the My Happy Sport project, making the creation of a personal and exclusive Happy Sport watch become may. From then on, you will be able to wear a unique and personal Chopard Happy Sport watch; the two sapphire crystal glasses are no longer just dazzling diamonds. They can be your favorite lucky numbers, stars and moons , Even the sweet secrets hidden among lovers.

 Happy Sport watch

Chopard’s co-president and creative director, Caroline Scheufele, founded the Chopard Happy Sport series in 1993. After 20 years, the Happy Sport watch series has presented a variety of elegant and humorous sliding diamonds: colorful happy fish full of ocean wind, tropical beach slippers, romantic roses, bright Elegant snowflakes, etc., inject a variety of childlike fun into this series. Chopard has collected all the most popular and classic sliding diamond styles in the past two decades as a design element of the My Happy Sport watch. VIPs can choose from a total of 17 types of Chopard Happy Sport watch frame materials, choose 34 types of sliding diamond shapes they like, and match them with various color strap materials such as chain straps, alligator straps, and rubber watches There are 35 types of straps and silk straps, creating a My Happy Sport watch that is completely your own.

Chopard has launched the My Happy Sport watch program from March 31, 2013. Later, more diamond styles will be available for VIPs to choose. The program will end on December 31, 2013. On this twentieth anniversary of Chopard Happy Sport, we sincerely invite our guests to create their own personal watches, and express your creativity and imagination!

Chopard has launched the My Happy Sport watch program from March 31, 2013. More diamond styles will be available for VIPs to choose. The program will end on December 31, 2013.

Maggie Gift Of Patek Philippe

Put on Patek Philippe, and you will understand that what is permanent is not love, nor diamond, but time. And only after time passes can your Christmas gift prove whether it is really a Maggie’s gift.
When love meets time
In the West, ‘Maggie’ is the three wise men who came to give gifts when the Son of Jesus was born. They pioneered the custom of Christmas gifts. In people’s opinion, Christmas gifts are the most precious, so people also hope that the gifts they get are the most valuable ‘Maggie’s gifts’. According to data from the US Christmas Gifts Survey Agency ‘Neimanmark’, the top three ‘most popular Christmas gifts for men and women’ are: the latest electronics, watches, romantic sex and new handbags, jewelry, watches. Therefore, the watch has become a ‘maggie’s gift’.
相比 Compared to men, women always seem to have less enthusiasm for machinery, so the reason why women want a watch is far from men. For women, a watch that can be called a ‘maggie gift’ must first stand the test of time, and it must be beautiful.
In their hearts, love, like Patek Philippe, can last long and mellow. They are pleased with Patek Philippe’s elegant, beautiful, and slightly complex personality. Among them are inextricably similar to themselves, and they are moved by the conscience of the presenter. To be loved, to be cherished, to be understood, to be cared for are all the intimate stance of the owner of Patek Philippe, and this is exactly how women look forward to love.
圣诞 On Christmas Eve 2005, Patek Philippe once again expanded its Aquanaut stainless steel watch series for modern decisive women, launched a new diamond style, and named this unique piece Aquanaut Luce.
NaAquanaut Luce is the first time that Patek Philippe has tried to add sports quality to watch design. It is also the heart of the trend in this classic case that makes Aquanaut Luce inexorably represent the active and independent temperament of contemporary women. As a gift, how many stories are there behind Aquanaut Luce? This may only be clear to the sender and the wearer. The word ‘Luce’ was originally meant for ‘brilliance’ in Italian to commend the dazzling light emitted by the precious stones on the watch. There are two models of Aquanaut Luce, one is 5067 with medium surface and 4961 with small surface. The two models are aimed at different wrist contours, and the brightness is comparable. You know, even at 120 meters deep, Aquanaut Luce’s 46 top Wesselton foot-cut diamonds still shine brightly. The current difference between the two models of Aquanaut Luce is that 4961 is currently only available in black and white, while 5067 has six colors: white, black, red, blue, green and purple.
Looking at the surface of Aquanaut Luce, eleven Arabic numerals are all made of 18K white gold. The large 18K white gold Barton-style hands and hour scales can be illuminated at night, even in the dark, you can accurately tell the time. This closeness that is inseparable every second is also the company that all women yearn for.

Between elegance and liveliness
Elegant and lively. These two propositions always seem to be the focus of women’s efforts to maintain balance. One more point appears to be too ‘dignified’, and one less point lest it be frivolous. Few can really do well without revealing traces. Most of the holidays are before and after Christmas, picnics, excursions, or private parties of close friends one after another. How to dress appropriately in these occasions? At this time, Aquanaut Luce on the wrist easily solved this problem.
Aquanaut Luce’s strap structure is improved on the basis of the Aquanaut series: the sides are flatter, making the watch’s sportier atmosphere; the contour of the strap between the lugs matches the arc of the case, creating a visually seamless The inner and tip parts of the strap have been improved to make the line closer to the contour of the wrist. In addition, the new model also has a new double safety folding buckle, so anyone who is active does not have to worry about the watch falling easily. Of course, while emphasizing the appearance, as a Patek Philippe watch, Aquanaut Luce’s internal movement has also been carefully decorated and regulated. Medium-sized watches are equipped with Patek Philippe E23 SC quartz movement, which provides hours, minutes, seconds and date display; small watches are equipped with Patek Philippe E19 quartz movement, which provides hours, minutes and date display.
Now, in many countries, when lovers enter the marriage hall, the proportion of couples who choose to make wedding tokens on watches has also exceeded the diamond ring. In view of this, on the eve of Christmas 2007, Patek Philippe launched a matching white gold ring on the basis of the original Aquanaut Luce women’s watch with diamonds. They have a relief pattern similar to the dial and strap decoration, and Aquanaut Luce The watch collections complement each other. Whether it is a diamond or dense pavé diamond model, there are five inserts matching the main colors of the 2007 Aquanaut Luce series, which are interchangeable. They also become the best partners of Patek Philippe Christmas Maggie gifts.
Put on Patek Philippe, you will understand that the eternity is not love, not diamond, but time. And only after time passes can your Christmas gift prove whether it is really a Maggie’s gift.

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