2012 Rolex (Rolex) Sydney To Hobart Regatta New Year’s Sailing Championship Trophy Deserves Its Name

The Rolex Sydney to Hobart Regatta is the most classic offshore sailing race with global reputation and the national sporting event in Australia.

 The Rolex Sydney to Hobart Regatta is the most classic offshore sailing in the world, and it is also a national sporting event in Australia. This historic race has a schedule of approximately 628 nautical miles. The race follows the tradition of sailing from Sydney Harbour on December 26th at 13:00 Eastern Daylight Time, and heading along the Tasmanian coast of New South Wales, passing through Pakistan. Strait, arrived in Hobart, the capital of the island country Tasmania. Rolex has been sponsoring this difficult and exciting yet exciting race since 2002.

 This year’s Rolex Sydney to Hobart Regatta is a great event. On December 28, 2012, Wild Oats XI once again made a name for himself. From the moment the gun was fired, the silver ghost seemed determined to exclude its opponents from the line-up championship. Wild Oats XI won the qualifying championship with a finish time of 1 day, 18 hours, 23 minutes and 12 seconds, and advanced its own record set in 2005 by 16 minutes and 58 seconds. Subsequently, the 30.48-meter (100-foot) sailing boat once again won the 68th Rolex Sydney to Hobart Championship with the shortest correction time. Wild Oats XI reproduces the glory of 7 years ago, winning both the championship and the championship, and breaking the record at the same time, it can be described as a triple crown.
Although one of the ships in this game, Wild Oats XI, won all the important trophies, it’s a bit unfair to see this only for the other 75 ships in the competition. The memorable part of the race is the unforgettable race conditions and the perseverance of smaller sailing boats in the sea breeze that is conducive to large ships.
 Two key points in the pre-match weather forecast set the style of the game: the northeast wind that passed through the entire area on the first night, and the surrounding winds that gradually formed around Tasmania the next day. Westerly winds and strong winds blew to the north and south of Tasmania, creating troublesome leeward zones on the sea off the island. The timing of these shifts in the forecast has benefited the Clippers, especially the 60-foot Black Jack and last year’s champion Loki. Finally, the time of the wind change made Wild Oats XI proud.

Rolex: The Crown of Sailing
 Rolex has supported sailing for more than 50 years and is an important enabler behind the top sailing events, athletes and organizations. Whether supporting the highly competitive Rolex Sydney to Hobart regatta or maintaining the traditional glory of the Rolex Super Sailing Cup, Rolex has established a special relationship with the elite of the sailing world.

 Rolex is currently the naming company for 20 major international events in different fields. The Rolex Sydney to Hobart Regatta and the two-year Rolex Fastnet Regatta are the world’s leading offshore races. Participants face intense challenges and extremely harsh natural environments during the race. These two races are often compared to Mount Everest in the sailing regatta. Similarly, the Rolex Farr Forty World Championships also attracted the world’s best sailors. This is the highest standard design competition for shipowners and their teams around the world.

 The Rolex Super Sailing Cup is one of the highlights of the Mediterranean Yachting season. With a luxurious Costa-Smeralda background, a large fleet of top-quality, technologically advanced sailing ships gathers in Porto Cervo, Italy each September for a fierce competition. Also held in Porto Cervo is the top Rolex Swan Cup, a favorite among sailors looking to find a strong rival.

 Off the water, Rolex rewards men and women sailors who have made outstanding achievements in the field of sailing in the past year by supporting the International Sailing Federation (ISAF, the sport’s regulator) and hosting the annual ISAF Rolex World Voyager Award .
 Rolex has also established close relationships with the top yacht clubs around the world, including the New York Yacht Club (USA), the Royal Speedboat Fleet (Coss, UK), Costa Smeralda Yacht Club (Port Cervo, Italy) ) And the Italian Yacht Club (Genoa, Italy).

 The world’s leading Swiss watchmaker Rolex pursues excellence and appreciates sailing. The common pursuit of perfection in watchmaking and sailing has led to a close cooperation between Rolex and sailing.

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