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Tag Heuer Launches Autavia Wos Limited Chronograph

WatchesofSwitzerland (WOS) is one of Australia’s leading watch retailers, founded by and still owned by the vanderGriend family. In 1987, WOS introduced TAGHeuer to Australia and New Zealand. To celebrate the 21-year partnership between the two parties, TAGHeuer launched the AutaviaWOS chronograph, which is available in blue and orange colors and is limited to 150 pieces.

 The new watch is based on the Autavia watch released last year. It is equipped with a 42 mm diameter stainless steel case and a Heuer-02 self-winding chronograph movement. The design blueprint of the modern Autavia watch can be traced back to the Autavia Ref. 2446 ‘Mark3’ antique watch in 1966, but the design inspiration of the blue and orange color is derived from the Autavia watch in the 1970s.

 Unlike most Autavia watches in black and white, the new AutaviaWOS has a metallic blue dial with a white sub-dial and a striking orange central seconds hand. The hour and minute hands and time scale are coated with Super-Luminova fluorescent material, which can ensure perfect reading effect in dark environment. This watch is equipped with TAGHeuer’s own Heuer-02 movement, which is equipped with a vertical clutch and column wheel, and can provide up to 75 hours of power reserve.

 The sapphire crystal case back has the WOS logo printed on the center, while the stainless steel outer edge is engraved with an exclusive limited number (XXX / 150). TAGHeuer AutaviaWOS Chronograph is limited to 150 pieces and is available in two versions: a stainless steel bracelet and a brown calfskin strap. The stainless steel bracelet version sells for $ 5,600, equivalent to approximately 38,200 yuan; the brown calfskin version sells for USD 5,500, equivalent to approximately RMB 37,500. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

The Rolex Achievement Palace Strongly Supports The Return Of The 4th ‘sorti Master Class’ To The National Theatre

May 13, 2019, Beijing-With the support of the Rolex Institute, the Georg Solti Accademia (GSA) and the National Grand Theater (National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA for short) joined hands to launch the fourth “Sorti China Master Class”. The master class is a four-day course. The core instructors of the college provide intensive training and guidance. This year’s instructors include internationally renowned soprano singer and resident instructor Barbara Frittoli and bass singing Teachers such as Giacomo Prestia participated in the lecture. The Master Class program aims to give Chinese outstanding young singers a chance to learn from the most outstanding tutors in opera.

   For young opera singers at the beginning of their careers, the George Solti Academy Bel Canto Master Class offers them a rare opportunity. Founded in 2004, George Solti College is named in honor of Sir Hungarian conductor Sir Georg Solti. The college holds a three-week summer course each year in Castiglione della Pescaia, Italy. It teaches outstanding young opera actors, teaches Italian realistic opera and Bel Canto works, including drama, pronunciation, language and many other aspects Training.

Giacomo Prestia, an internationally renowned bass singer, guides students on the spot
© Rolex / Zhang Chongning

Trainees receive professional guidance from mentors in open classes
© Rolex / Zhang Chongning

Winner Liang Wanchun received professional guidance from mentor in open class
© Rolex / Zhang Chongning

   George Salty College is committed to providing the highest level of professional training to the best young artists in the world, helping them to achieve excellence in the pursuit of art.
   Over the past decade, George Salty College has earned a high reputation for its professional training, stringent requirements, and extreme pursuit of detail. Throughout his life, George Solti adhered to the pursuit of artistic excellence, and the outstanding artists he worked with passed his spirit to the next generation of youth in the form of courses. As a professional institution with top faculty, George Salty College maintains long-term cooperative relationships with the world’s top art institutions, including the Royal Academy of Music in London, Metropolitan Opera in New York, and the Royal Opera House ( Royal Opera House), Juilliard School and Curtis Institute of Music.
   The four-day “Sorti China Master Class” one-on-one course will provide students with professional training in drama, singing style, vocalization methods, and Italian. Finally, it will be an open class and art performance. in conclusion. This master class invited the top experts in the opera world today, such as Jonathan Papp, artistic director and vocal tutor of the George Solti Academy, and language and pronunciation guide Stefano Baldasseroni. ), Giacomo Prestia, a bass singer, and Barbara Frittoli, an internationally famous soprano singer.

Winner Liang Wanchun received professional guidance from mentor in open class
© Rolex / Zhang Chongning

Winner Liang Wanchun received professional guidance from mentor in open class
© Rolex / Zhang Chongning

   Art Director Jonathan Pabo said: ‘Every time I come to Beijing, I am always touched by the enthusiasm, curiosity, and class participation of our students. We hope that the intensive course schedule this week will encourage opera singers Inspiration to develop their own personal artistic voice. ‘
   Since 2010, Rolex has supported George Salty College and its summer program. Rolex’s Achievement Hall and George Salty College’s joint emphasis on art education makes this course a prestigious Italian opera training course.
   Gu Wenmeng, a former outstanding student, said: ‘Although the time with teachers is very short, it is precious. Working and studying with teachers every day is the best thing for me. For me, the biggest gain is the teacher I will point out my shortcomings frankly. This allows me to clearly understand my shortcomings, and to continue to improve every day, I have benefited a lot. ‘
   Another outstanding student, Shang Chunlai, added: ‘Chinese young people rarely have the opportunity to receive Italian Bel Canto training, which is a very good platform for us. George Salty College is very fair and fair to many young Chinese It provides a valuable opportunity. It’s really great! George Salty College also gives young Chinese singers the opportunity to learn from the masters, which is a rare platform. ‘
   Rolex is proud to be an important driving force for the long-term development of this project and other outstanding art and cultural organizations. The ‘Sorti China Master Class’ continued Rolex’s strong support for Georges Solti College, and also explained the close cooperation relationship that Rolex has established as a dedicated watch for the National Grand Theater since 2009.

Group photo of teachers and students of the 4th ‘Sorti China Master Class’
© Rolex / Zhang Chongning

Group photo of teachers and students of the 4th ‘Sorti China Master Class’
© Rolex / Zhang Chongning

   Speaking of this cooperation, Ms. Candice Wood, Dean of George Salty College, said: ‘In 2019, the fourth master class returns to the National Grand Theatre, and we are very honored to be able to experience the Bel Canto opera art Introduced in China. We let the world’s top professional music performers communicate with ambitious young opera singers from all over the world to bring a memorable experience for these newcomers in the opera world. Thanks to the strong support of Rolex’s achievement hall, all this has become a reality . ‘
   In keeping with the brand’s heritage, Rolex is committed to supporting the best artists and art activities, and actively helping them achieve excellence. By supporting the Solti China Master Class, Rolex continued to fulfill its commitment to the arts, and once again demonstrated Rolex’s long-standing support and infinite enthusiasm for the global cultural and artistic undertakings.

   Rolex Achievement Hall
   Encourage individuals to pursue excellence through charity and education
   The Rolex Institute is active in various charitable and educational programs. This plan is based on the founding spirit of founder Hans Wilsdorf. He regards the contribution of society as his responsibility, and is committed to supporting different institutions and people, working for a better tomorrow, and inspiring a new generation. .
   For more than 40 years, Rolex has been at the forefront of corporate philanthropy. The brand has introduced the Rolex Awards for Enterprise since 1976, and is committed to supporting those who have made breakthroughs in science and the environment.
   The Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative is the brand’s second major charity project. This program was first launched in 2002 to further promote the development of global culture. This project is dedicated to finding talented young artists from all over the world, and arranging them to become masters and apprentices with art masters, receive a year-long mentorship, and work together to create. Rolex also upholds a tradition of support for excellence, quality and performance, giving art novices plenty of time to learn, create and grow. Since its launch seventeen years ago, this program has been driving artists from different eras, cultures and fields to increase exchanges and ensure that artistic traditions around the world are inherited from generation to generation.
   The Rolex Achievement Hall has undertaken prestigious educational activities in the field of watchmaking and technology. For example, Rolex is the main sponsor of the new Rolex Training Centre (Écolepolytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)) at the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland. Rolex has funded several watchmaking schools in Pennsylvania and Mumbai in the United States. These schools were established to train professional watchmakers in accordance with the strictest requirements in the industry. However, graduates are not required to work for Rolex.

Swiss Baume & Mercier Father’s Day Dedication Rigid And Soft Together Father’s Love As Mountains

His hand took us through the seasons
His eyes looked at us strong and straight
His face is vicissitudes as time goes by
His smile is still bright and warm
 There is such a man in this world. He once prayed for our birth, he silently accompanied us to grow, his heavy hands held us through spring, summer, autumn and winter. The scenery along the way was sweet and bitter, and he used that ratio The broader mind of the sky allows us to grow and thrive. He is our beloved father. In this festival that belongs to him, Swissman watches especially offer classic series mechanical men’s watches.
 The case and strap of this watch are all made of stainless steel, and the hour and minute hands and time scales are displayed in rose gold plating. The entire watch is slightly gold in silver, and the overall feel is calm and capable, as cold and severe as father. Without losing the implicit warmth, it contains the father’s love of firmness and softness.
 The designer has also abandoned the digital time scale to make the model more concise and generous. The all-steel dial has been specially treated to show the effect of solar radiation. It is reminiscent of our father’s love warming us like sunshine.
 Father’s love is like a mountain. He is calm and implicit, and we have missed many opportunities for expression because of implicitness. Don’t let these words hide in that white hair, just on this Father’s Day, let Bao Manbiao hug your father with you Love, say to my father, Dad, I love you!

Classic mechanical men’s watch
Model: B1881.33.26
Technical Parameters:
Name: Baumann Classic Series Men’s Watch
Model: B1881.33.26
Movement: Swiss automatic mechanical movement ETA2681, 38-hour power reserve
Functions: hour, minute, second, calendar
Mirror: Sapphire crystal
Case: 316L stainless steel
Dial: Silver-plated laser-textured dial
Strap: 316L stainless steel
Table diameter: 40 mm
Water resistance: 30 meters
Reference price: 4950 yuan

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