Month: March 2013

The Balance Of Art And Technology The Watch House Interviewed Mr. Christian Selmoni, Artistic Director Of Vacheron Constantin’s Product Development Department

The second Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair 2014 “Clocks and Miracles” has been grandly opened. During the show, Watch House had the opportunity to interview Mr. Christian Selmoni, artistic director of Vacheron Constantin’s product development department. Mr. Christian Selmoni recently launched The master of the art series of watches has answered the questions of watch homes and many watch friends, here is a detailed report.

The House of Watches: Vacheron Constantin’s annual masterpiece series makes us very amazing. What is the principle on which to choose the theme?
Mr. Christian Selmoni: The inspiration of the product master series mainly depends on our product strategy. For example, our strategy in the past two years is to want more female friends to love, so we have used a lot of feminine works in the past two years, such as this year. The legendary decoration series launched in Geneva are all watches with a female theme, so this is mainly based on the product strategy. Maybe in the next few years we will launch a more masculine masterpiece series of art watches.

Home of the watch: What is the biggest difficulty and challenge encountered in presenting so many artistic materials on the watch perfectly?
Mr. Christian Selmoni: The biggest difficulty is that the boundary between watchmaking technology and art is very blurry. Such an attempt is very bold. We must consider whether the customer will not accept it, so Considering this boundary is the most difficult, such as our mask series. Although the mask series is a very successful design, we will not repeat this design, because what the master of art emphasizes is creativity. Each product of the master of art must have strong creativity and cannot repeat the previous products, so Each product requires a high level of creativity and it is difficult to guarantee Vacheron Constantin’s high standard of watchmaking.

Home of Watches: What positive effects did your love for different cultures and arts of the world have on your work? Are the creative themes involved in the watch found in your travels?
Mr. Christian Selmoni: There will definitely be some positive effects. Going to a strange place, discovering a new culture, and meeting new friends, so they can be a lot of inspiration, I I go to a local museum every time I go to a place, because this is the place that best reflects the local culture and traditions. For example, I went to a museum in Taipei in August and a museum in Mexico to see some of the more popular local art. Museums can reflect the profound cultural needs of people, which inspired many of my products.

Home of Watches: What is the difference between a guest who chooses a Vacheron Constantin art watch and a guest who chooses a super-complex watch? Are they sometimes the same guests?
Mr. Christian Selmoni: This may have different judgments according to different markets, but most customers who choose art watches and ultra-complex watches are some people who like to collect . Their difference is that guests who like ultra-complicated watches are more traditional, and those who like art watches are more avant-garde. Now many men also like art watches very much, not only appreciate their own complexity, but also Watch the art of watches as well.

House of Watches: At the 250th anniversary, Vacheron Constantin’s work surprised us. Next year is the 260th anniversary. Will the work be more amazing than at the 250th anniversary?
Mr. Christian Selmoni: This is for sure. Next year is the 260th anniversary. There must be extraordinary works from art to technology. SIHH next year is worth looking forward to.

Watch House: What advice do you have when promoting art watches on the Internet?
Mr. Christian Selmoni: I think the most important thing is to serve as an explanation and education. We need to directly show you the technology and craftsmanship of so many of our watches. For example, the process and details of some watch making, you want to give it to readers well, this is an advantage of the Internet. Another thing is that you can tell the story of the watch with characters. You can visit some watchmakers. Their watchmaking pictures or videos can let everyone know how watchmakers make art watches by hand.

Summary: For the Internet and Vacheron Constantin’s Master of Arts series, both need innovation and take their own way. This is also the Vacheron Constantin Master of Arts series has always maintained a high-profile creativeness. Each product is full of new sources, and will not repeat the past The product.

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