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Hublot Has Officially Become The Official Watch Partner Of The Uefa Champions League And Uefa Europa League Once Again Joins Hands With The European Football Association To Create A Brilliant European Football Landscape

Switzerland’s top watchmaking brand HUBLOT and the European Football Association (UEFA) have officially declared themselves UEFA Champions LeagueTM (UEFA) and UEFA European League (UEFA Europa LeaguesTM) The official watch partner for the 2015-2018 season.
Hublot Hublot Global CEO Ricardo Guadalupe presents UEFA Europa League new referee timing cards (left) and UEFA Champions League new referee timing cards (right)

  This is yet another strategic alliance between Hublot and UEFA since Hublot became the official timekeeper and official watch of UEFA EUROTM (European Cup) in 2012! The UEFA Champions League is an annual football tournament hosted by UEFA, representing the highest honor and level of European club football, and is considered to be the most influential and highest level club event in the world. This is another new milestone for Hublot’s global football strategy blueprint!
  Hublot’s new referee time plate will appear in all 2015-2018 UEFA Champions League events-when the fourth referee needs to show the game overtime and player substitute time, this new referee time plate with the striking ‘HUBLOT’ logo Will be lifted high. The design uses the classic H-shaped screw design of the Hublot watch bezel, and integrates the Champions League logo and the visual elements of the competition field above the timing plate.
Hublot Global CEO Ricardo Guadalupe presents new UEFA Champions League referee time plate

  Hublot optimizes the design of the new referee timing plate: integrates ergonomic and scientific gripping methods, and strictly controls the weight limit of each technology development stage to avoid unnecessary physical exertion. There is also no shortage of innovations in the design of the design. While ensuring its practicability, it is also beautiful and fashionable. It perfectly integrates Hublot’s iconic Big Bang series design and the style of the Champions League. This new time card debuted in the first round of the Champions League quarter-finals on August 18, 2015.
  At the same time, Hublot has also become the official watch partner of the UEFA Europa Leagues (UEFA Cup), and has custom-made a fourth referee timing plate for it. Unlike the UEFA Champions League referee timing card, the design above the UEFA Cup referee timing card uses the visual design of the UEFA Cup logo. The timing board will be used in European football matches.
Hublot becomes official watch partner of the 2015-2018 UEFA Champions League

  Hublot Global CEO Ricardo Guadalupe shared his feelings: ‘Being able to be a watch partner for important events of the European Football Association is a supreme priority for Hublot. We have established a long-term and stable partnership with the European Union, and have jointly completed a number of important tasks. As the most trusted partner of Hublot, we will work together to create new works and strive to reflect the common core value.’
  Guy-Laurent Epstein, Marketing Director of the UEFA Champions League, said: ‘We are pleased that Hublot has become the official authorized partner of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. Hublot The watch fits perfectly with our prestigious football matches and sports tension. At the same time, we are very much looking forward to participating in the development of new custom watches, and we are very grateful to Hublot for its great contribution to the design and manufacture of new timepieces.

Reproduction Of Classic Aesthetics Tasting Tag Heuer Monaco Gulf Special Edition Watch

As the most popular and beautiful classic series of TAG Heuer, a famous Swiss watch brand, the MONACO series watch was born in 1969. It is the world’s first square waterproof self-winding chronograph. Stopwatch. With its unique square case and chronograph display, it has made a deep impression and has become one of the ideal timepieces for watchmakers. In order to commemorate the 50 years of GULF’s rise, TAG Heuer combines GULF’s iconic blue and orange stripes with the classic square design of the Monaco series, and releases the new TAG Heuer Monaco (Monaco) GULF special edition watch. Now let’s enjoy it together: (watch model: CAW211R.FC6401)

Hot money under the dual influence of cooperation and film

   Just as the name implies for racing cars and cities, the TAG Heuer Monaco watch is a symbol of elegance, tradition and a touch of classicism. But this watch is not the first Monaco model with the theme of GULF released by the brand. As early as many years ago, TAG Heuer facilitated the establishment of a historic partnership with GULF and launched a change system. The legendary timepiece of the watch industry. Later, in the movie ‘Le Mans’, Steve McQueen drove his Porsche 971 car painted in GULF colors, wearing a TAG Heuer Monaco (Monaco) 1133B Caliber 11 watch on his wrist, Make it a watch from generation to generation, and successfully attracted the attention of watch friends around the world.

Watch real shot display

   The new special edition watch design creativity borrows from the TAG Heuer Monaco prototype, praising the deep connection between the watchmaking brand and motorsport. Perpetuate vitality by launching a timepiece that continues the legendary partnership.

   The 39mm stainless steel square case is presented with alternating finishes, but it is not completely square. The sides are slightly curved and have a certain degree of curvature, which visually ‘widens’ the visual appearance of the disk. The square bezel and sides are polished and polished, and the sides are brushed and polished, showing two kinds of enjoyment. The crown is set on the left side of the model, which is different from the traditional right side. The TAG Heuer LOGO is engraved on the polished crown, showing the brand’s exclusive aesthetics. And with non-slip texture design, the operation feels first-class.

   On the other side of the watch are two chronograph buttons that are tilted with the curvature of the side. They are also polished and polished to bring superior texture. The top is timing start / pause, and the bottom is timing clear.

   Against the curved chamfered sapphire crystal glass, the blue sun-matte frosted disc surface decorated with GULF blue-orange stripes is more three-dimensional. The 60 seconds / minute scale is stamped on the outer edge, and the rhodium-plated polished faceted inlaid hour markers are fused with the red lacquered central hand to make the time indication clearer and more intuitive. The hour markers and hour and minute hands are coated with white superluminova® fluorescent paint, which is convenient for observing time even in a dark environment.

   Through the back cover, the circular TAG Heuer Calibre 11 automatic movement leaps in front of the eyes and enjoys the look and feel. Supports time display, timing, and quick date adjustment to ensure the watch’s outstanding practicality. The special model has a heatstroke depth of 100 meters and a power reserve of 42 hours.

   The blue perforated calfskin strap, decorated with orange stitching, reflects the watch’s racing style, and is inspired by the cool king and his famous blue-orange sports car.

   The polished stainless steel folding clasp with double safety buttons makes it easy to wear the watch with simple operations.

TAG Heuer Monaco GULF Special Edition Watch
To sum up: Against the bright blue and orange colors of GULF, this special edition watch with a slightly retro look is full of vitality. It also emphasizes the deep roots of the Tag Heuer brand and motorsport. It is a good watch in terms of appearance and commemoration. If you like this watch, you may wish to pay more attention.

Watch: Extraordinary Retrograde

Interior sketch of IWC Portuguese Tourbillon Retrograde Watch
为什么 Why do people need retrograde tables?
说明 If you want to explain what a retrograde table is, I have to talk about why people need a retrograde table.
绝大多数 For most people, the function of the retrograde watch is optional-it can not display more information besides time, it can not make the timekeeping of the watch more accurate, nor can it extend the life of the watch. You know, when a watch uses the retrograde function, the number of collisions inside the watch is very high. In terms of 30-second retrograde, within one day, the mechanical structure in the watch must withstand 2880 bounces. The components of the retrograde mechanism in the movement are subject to frequent and huge stress. We must pay great attention to serious issues such as stability and ability to withstand huge stress.
So why do people need a retrograde table?
People naturally think of the decorative aspect. After all, the function of ‘reverse jump’ is very unique. Although we can’t reverse the time, it is not difficult to make the watch turn a few times. This is also the selling point of many people for this big book, but in fact, the reason why retrograde watches appear in front of people is not to satisfy people’s spiritual desire to ‘back to the past’. Because the watch uses a retrograde device, the area of ​​the dial is greatly reduced, which also provides space for adding other functions to the watch-if this retrograde device is not used, all hands will have to be on a shaft The size of many watches will increase dramatically, and the diameter of the dial may even be larger than your wrist. Since the retrograde design, the design space of the watch has been greatly released. Now, Mo said that the second hand can be retrograde, even minutes, hours, dates and days can be retrograde. The Le Pont des Amoureux from Van Cleef & Arpels we listed in the previous issue also uses a retrograde design.
Well, let’s talk about what a retrograde watch is.
‘Reverse jump’ refers to a way for the hands of the watch to run. It is different from the traditional hand that rotates in a circle. The ‘reverse jump’ type of hand is one-way. When the indication scale is full, the pointer will return to the starting point of the scale instantly. Then repeat the new process. Therefore, the ‘retrograde’ scales are all fan-shaped, and the axis of the pointer is generally made on the edge of the dial. The arc of the scale fan is less than 180 degrees, typically between 120 and 150 degrees.
还有 Another way of saying ‘reverse jump’ is called ‘flyback’. However, ‘flyback’ is just a convention, but strictly speaking, the ‘flyback’ type should refer to the chronograph. When the hands are all reset to zero, it is also completed instantly. ‘Flyback’ and ‘Reverse Jump’ look similar in function, but the internal mechanical structure and working principle are completely different. The difference is that the ‘reverse jump’ type pointer is arc-shaped, and the ‘reverse jump’ type return is completed automatically; while the ‘flyback’ chronograph pointer is round and round, its return to zero requires manual Button operation can also be done from left and right directions. For example, the Chanel J12 Mysterious Flyback Watch. This watch has three sophisticated complications: a tourbillon, a flyback minute hand, and a crown equipped with a clutch system. It is also the world’s first ingenious combination that deserves to be written into the vast and profound Clocks dictionary.
逆 The ‘reverse jump’ type originally belonged to the ancient clock design, first appeared on a special pocket watch about 200 years ago. This pocket watch was made by Baodi at that time, and its dial surface was fan-shaped, so it was called a fan-shaped watch. 100 years later, E. Koehn carried forward the device and applied for a patent with a retrograde second hand. Since then, retrograde figures have frequently appeared in various function dials. Now, the retrograde device has become the favorite of many manufacturers, and basically any pointer function has realized retrograde. The retrograde function on the market today is used to display the date, day of the week, hours, minutes, seconds and so on. However, there is a small flaw here, especially for watches with a date retrograde design, which only retrogrades once a month. If you are not careful, you will miss the wonderful picture of the instantaneous hand response. Therefore, most manufacturers prefer to ‘reverse’ the minute and second hands. The easiest to show the beauty of retrograde is the 30-second double retrograde function, which means that two 30-second retrograde hands complete the 1-minute operation.
Someone once explained the principle of the inverse jump table like this:
STEP 1: The vortex bounce cam and the rewind wheel control the reverse bounce minute hand or vortex bounce cam of the second hand in the clockwise direction, and the rewind wheel advances in the counterclockwise gear. On the faceplate, move the second or minute hand backwards toward the bottom of the sector scale.
2STEP2: Gears fall off after the time is up. When the bouncing cam travels to the top of the vortex shape, and at this time the return wheel reaches the bottom of the gear, the vortex spring cam will come off from the return wheel. At this time, the retrograde seconds or minutes hand on the dial has reached the bottom of the sector scale.
STEP3: After the rebounding and falling-off condition of the reverse action occurs, the hairspring beside the reversing wheel applies a reaction force to instantly spring the reversing wheel lever and the bouncing cam back to the original position. At this time, the retrograde seconds hand or minute hand on the faceplate will return to the origin, and then the first step of the mechanical operation.
If you don’t figure out what the proper terms are, such as ‘vortex bouncing cam’ and ‘return lever’, I’m afraid I will be confused in the face of these words. In short, about the principle of retrograde, it is enough to remember one point. In the retrograde table, the most important thing is a bouncing cam, looking sideways, like a Roman hat. It is its existence that allows the major deities on the dial to return home instantly.
However, although it is easy to understand in principle, it is not easy to achieve perfection.
The problem comes from two points:
1. There are many internal impacts of the retrograde meter, which may cause metal fatigue. The bouncing cam rebounds very frequently. At the moment of the rebound, the stress concentration is too large. Therefore, under the repeated movement of the rebound component, metal fatigue and failure are more likely to occur than mechanical structures with other functions. It’s like a child who wants to bend a wire in his hand without much effort, just need to repeatedly press it in the same place of the wire.
2. Returning the retrograde table also takes time. This insignificant time will accumulate for a long time and will cause errors. You can probably imagine how a bent wire in the watch will affect other components-either loss or deformation, and the time in the retrograde seconds will be wrong, and most of the time What happens is mostly delayed bounce, which is slow seconds.
Of course, these two issues are simply clouds in the eyes of watchmakers. By using a more excellent metal material and reducing the kinetic energy of the impact, the problem of metal fatigue can be solved well. And the error is simpler-the time of instant reply is definite, then you only need to calculate the time of each instant reply, and then modify it in the design. Therefore, what the master really cares about is how to achieve more gorgeousness in a limited space through retrograde. IWC Portuguese Tourbillon Retrograde Watch
Technical Parameters
Movement: 51900 movement
Frequency of tremor: 19800 times / hour
Gemstones: 44
Power reserve: 7 days (168 hours)
Winding: Automatic
Tourbillon weight: 0.433 g
的 The magic of this watch is that whenever the end of the big month (January, March, May, July, August, October, and December) is reached, the date display automatically jumps back to the first day. In small months, you can use the quick adjustment function to advance the date display and then jump to the first day of the month. The previous small seconds hand is now replaced by the minute tourbillon, with a 7-day power reserve display, and the barrel is powered by the proven Pellaton automatic winding system of the movement family with high efficiency.
Van Cleef & Arpels Butterfly Symphony
Technical Parameters
Case: White gold with round diamond case (38mm)
Dial: Backlit silhouette enamel craft dial, platinum bridge, carved mother-of-pearl oak decoration
Back: Carved chassis
Bracelet: crocodile leather strap or plaid chain, white gold with round diamonds
Clasp: White gold with diamond clasp
Obviously, Van Cleef & Arpels has a soft spot for the function of retrograde. First, there is a ‘day in Paris’, and then there are ‘five weeks on a balloon.’ Witness the passage of minutes and the pace of time. Two precious butterflies fluttered and fluttered, shuttled between the magnificent oak branches and leaves, interpreting the gentle and agile time. Girard Perregaux Cat’s Eye Double Retrograde Diamond Women’s Watch
Technical Parameters
Movement: GP 03390 automatic winding movement
Gem: 36
Power reserve: 46 hours
Case: 18K white gold case with 309 diamonds
Waterproof: 30 meters
尺寸 Case size: 35.25mm x 30.25mm
上方 Above the dial is the moon phase profit and loss window, with a dark blue background like a night sky with the moon and star pattern. The retrograde seconds hand and retrograde weekday retrograde display under the dial express the importance of Girard-Perregaux to the development of women’s complex functions. The Cat’s Eye double retrograde diamond, which has the same appearance and connotation, was selected as the best watch of the year by Montres Passion, the Swiss authoritative watch magazine, which established the GP Girard-Perregaux watch in the field of women’s complex functions.

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