Month: March 2014

This Is A Glorious Moment Belonging To Tissot. Tissot Won The International Time Trial Championship.

On the evening of October 22nd local time, the list of winners of the 2015 International Time Trial Contest was announced at the Ruhe Valley Watch Museum in Le Santé. Tissot is proud to announce that the brand has won four awards in this competition, namely the champion of the corporate timing group and the first and second runner-up of the corporate classic group. The International Timekeeping Competition aims to recognize the precision and perfect timing performance and professional skills of the watchmaking industry, especially in the field of modern mechanical watchmaking.

2015 International Timepiece Competition
 The judging criteria for this competition integrates the scientific, technical, technological and cultural heritage of watchmaking. The competition is fully judged by the COSC Swiss official observatory certification testing agency, and has been certified by the French Besançon’s Observatory One of the most authoritative competitions in the watchmaking industry. The participating watches passed the strong collision and magnetic field impact test in the Le Roque Jura area. After that, the jury announced the champions of each group of the corporate category, including the three categories of timekeeping, classic and tourbillon.
 The Tissot Duluer series won the timekeeping championship with a high score of 572 points. This model is named after the street where Tissot created the watchmaking factory in 1907, which is still where Tissot is now located. The Durul series of watches contains the brand’s traditional ideas and innovative spirit, showing Tissot’s extraordinary, precise and professional watchmaking technology.

Tissot Duluer won the championship in the timing group (C01.211 movement, 4 Hz, 572 points)
 In addition, Tissot has also won the top three of the corporate classic group in one fell swoop. The champion model is the Tissot Tianjiang series (acquired 908 points). This model has won the first place and second place in this group in 2013, which reflects Tissot’s quality Pursuit of perfection. The second and third prize-winning models in the classic group of this competition are from the Tissot Harbour series watches equipped with C07.621 movement (acquired 798 points) and C07.111 movement (acquired 754 points).

Tissot Tianjiang series won the champion of the enterprise classic group (A86.501 movement, 4 Hz frequency, 908 points)

Tissot Harbour Watch
(Second runner-up in the classic category of the enterprise: C07.621 movement, 3 Hz frequency, 798 points)
(3rd place in the Enterprise Classic Group: C07.111 movement, 3 Hz frequency, 754 points)
 Since the establishment of the brand, Tissot has repeatedly won awards in such competitions for its high quality and accuracy. These glories inspire Tissot’s unremitting innovation, excellence, and enjoy a place in the competitive market. At the same time, they also showed consumers that Tissot’s declaration of ‘affordable luxury’ is by no means empty talk.
 Tissot President Francois Timbo said: It is a great honor for us to receive these awards in international watch competitions. It confirms that the Swiss watch industry has taken a proud path for centuries. I would like to thank everyone and everyone who contributed to these awards at Tissot, the Swatch Group and other partner companies.
 Today, on the road of watchmaking, Tissot will be more energetic and aggressive than ever before. Every day we will gain more valuable knowledge and experience, remember the good times of the past, and create a better future than now. .

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