Month: April 2014

The Charm Of Retrograde Calendar Instantaneous Backflow

In this era of rapid development, the charm of ancient mechanical watchmaking has attracted more and more watch lovers. Mechanical watches condense time into the chronograph, revealing a worship of craftsmanship and cherishment of time. The retrograde watch that goes back in time can show the charm of instant retrograde, which seems to make the wearer recall the slow-paced life.特征 The basic characteristics and composition of the retrograde table
The watch’s retrograde function, also known as call-back, return, its English (Retrograde) was originally intended to be retrograde. For timing tools, retrograde is a very interesting function, because time can not be retrograde. When the retrograde pointer runs to the end of the scale, it seems that there is no way out, but it returns to the origin at the next moment, giving people a This illusion of instantaneous time backwards.
From the appearance, the most obvious feature of the retrograde table is the fan-shaped display area on the panel. For example, the retrograde calendar distributes numbers from 1 to 31 at a fan-shaped close to 180 degrees. Calendar, retrograde moon calendar and retrograde moon phase (this is relatively rare), and even basic display functions such as hours, minutes, and seconds can also be implemented by retrograde.
From the perspective of the internal movement of the retrograde watch movement, the following key components are necessary to realize the retrograde mechanism:
First of all, it is a reverse cam. This part plays a supporting role in the reverse mechanism. It can be said that it cannot be achieved without its reverse function. ‘Carry on’ means that the reverse cam must be fixed with the reverse function wheel (such as a calendar wheel or a week calendar wheel), and the date change head is driven by the date change wheel to drive the function wheel to provide power for the reverse mechanism. Starting off means that the cam lever mechanism will be the core part of the reverse mechanism after the reverse cam is powered. With the rotation of the cam, the lever rotates with the set rotation axis, and gradually rises slowly under the push of the outer edge of the cam. The characteristic of the outer edge curve of the cam is that it starts from the lowest point and ends at the highest point. The leverage will also rise from the lowest point to the highest point, and finally complete the slipping (rebound) process;
Retrograde fan wheel
The second is a retro-sector fan wheel. This part is a combination of the cam lever mechanism and gear mentioned above. The shape of the gear is not a circle we often see, but a part of it is cut into a fan shape. An important feature of the retrograde mechanism. The retrograde fan wheel is connected to the retrograde display wheel, and the retrograde pointer is installed on the retrograde display wheel. The third is a positioning mechanism, which is used to precisely position the function wheel so that the retrograde cam connected to it is located at the set position. on. The fourth is the auxiliary lever spring. This part provides elastic potential energy to ensure the close cooperation between the lever and the cam, thereby ensuring the reliability of the core part of the reverse mechanism. In addition, the positioning mechanism also needs the elastic pressure provided by the rod spring to help positioning.
Amy retrograde calendar
Amy’s calendar should be familiar to everyone. In its schematic diagram, we can see the 1 to 31 calendar numbers evenly distributed in the shape of a fan. The gear on the right is the power input wheel. The date changing head fixed to the date changing wheel is driven by a 31-tooth calendar wheel. The positioning mechanism accurately positions the date wheel. The retrograde calendar cam and retrograde calendar fan wheel closely cooperate to form a cam lever mechanism through positioning springs. The retrograde calendar sector wheel is connected to the retrograde calendar display wheel, and a set of positioning mechanisms will accurately position the retrograde calendar display wheel. . Its working principle is that when the calendar wheel moves from the lowest calendar tooth located on the reverse cam to the highest calendar tooth located on the reverse cam, the reverse cam also moves from the lowest point to the highest point at the same time. At this time, the retrograde calendar fan wheel as a lever was lifted to the highest position, which is calendar 31. When the calendar wheel continues to rotate over a tooth pitch, the retrograde calendar cam rotates over that highest point, and the calendar sector wheel descends to the lowest point, then the retrograde pointer wheel meshing with the calendar sector wheel drives the retrograde in this process. The pointer quickly flew from the number 31 position back to the number 1 position.
Bulgari retrograde calendar
The implementation of the retrograde function of the Bvlgari watch is very similar to the retrograde calendar mechanism of Amy. The number of marginal steps corresponds directly to a 31-day calendar, a 7-day weekly calendar, a 12-month monthly calendar, and a leap year with a 4-year cycle, but the 31 days of the calendar are connected in a large number of steps to form a curve-like shape. The other calendar, weekly calendar, moon phase three retrograde watch with extremely rare retrograde moon phase display function.

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