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Mr. Chaplin, What Time Is It?

The inheritance of the table is no longer a material retention, but a belief and a spirit.
——Mr. Ye
August 2017
& gt; & gt; & gt; Chaplin ‘Time is my only enemy & lt; & lt; & lt;
As I began to love myself
I quit steeling my own time,
and I stopped designing huge projects for the future.
Today, I only do what brings me joy and happiness,
things I love to do and that make my heart cheer,
and I do them in my own way
and in my own rhythm.
Today I call it
When I start to truly love myself
I no longer sacrifice my free time
No longer draw a grand tomorrow
Today I only do fun and happy things
Do what you love and make people happy
In my way to my rhythm
Today I understand, this is called

Fat pants, top hat, moustache, toe shoes
A crutch that never leaves

Chaplin conquered the world with his unique expressions and actions
   When Chaplin and his family settled in Switzerland, the government wanted to offer a welcome gift to this talented and great man. So Jaeger-LeCoultre accepted this great and glorious task, sending Chaplin a specially customized ‘Memovox’ with the inscription ‘Hommage du gouvernement vaudois à Charlie Chaplin – 6 octobre 1953’ on the bottom of the case. Translation: A watch specially tailored by the government for Mr. Chaplin.

   This watch has been ticking like this since then, turning away time, and turning to love, affection and countless stories.

   Just ticking like this, this watch has gone through a whole century. Chaplin gave his watch to his eldest son, Michael Chaplin, at the age of 14. Later, Michael Chaplin presented the watch as a love token to his wife on the wedding day. This watch, which bears history, accompany them through a 45-year happy marriage, and then this watch was presented to Carmen Chaplin, the granddaughter of Chaplin.

Chaplin’s granddaughter is so beautiful, I almost fell in love.
& gt; & gt; & gt; My fate with Jaeger-LeCoultre & lt; & lt; & lt;
   I have an inexplicable love for antique watches, but also travel through time and space. Each watch has a unique story. Collecting watches is not only a hobby for me, but also a kind of love for the past, for time, for Torture of life.
   I have several Jaeger-LeCoultre watches, one of which is an alarm clock older than Chaplin.

Table Pink 1 Q: Why is the brand of this watch Le Coutre? Not Jaeger-LeCoultre?

   Jaeger-LeCoultre was founded in 1833 and was founded by Mr. Antoine LeCoultre. The picture above is his grandson Jacques-David LeCoultre. Make my watch.

LeCoultre 邂逅 Jaeger

Edmond Jaeger, French watchmaker
   Jaeger came to Switzerland with an exclusive ultra-thin movement design to find a manufacturer capable of making it. Jacques-David LeCoultre, the grandson of the founder who was responsible for the manufacturing department at LeCoultre & Cie, accepted this challenge.
   The relationship between LeCoultre and Jaeger has gradually developed into a fraternal friendship. The two have worked together to create one of the most exquisite ultra-thin series in the history of watches and clocks. .

   In 1937, the Jaeger-LeCoultre brand was finally merged.

   Look! The logo on the head is exactly the logo of JJF, which is exactly the same. More than 180 years of history!

   Crossing to the present, this is the Jaeger-LeCoultre watch factory in the Swiss Rura Valley.
Table fan 2Q: When was this watch made?
   I really didn’t know when I was collecting this watch. I just heard the sound of this alarm, and immediately saw the oxidized hands on it and bought it in Paris. However, I am sure that this piece was manufactured before 1937. In 1937 (Jaeger-LeCoultre) was officially merged, and all subsequent watches were used (Jaeger-LeCoultre).
   The technique of repairing the watch that I learned finally came in handy, I opened it and looked.

   wow, beautiful movement. That was not the case for artisans at that time.

   Coupled with my data review, the real shock absorbers were only available in the 1940s, and my shock absorbers were not available (explained in later articles). So it must be before 1940.

   Take a closer look, I made this piece for the US market. U.S.A. Do you see it? That was supposed to be in 1920-1930. So this watch should be born between 1920-1930.

Full analysis of the working principle of antique alarm clock
   I purposely recorded this video in order to clearly play back the beautiful ringtones of the midsummer season of that era. Questions about antique watches, please ask your table friends actively, I will leave a message one by one to answer.
   Of course, you can go to the Sino-French Jaeger-LeCoultre store to be more productive.

Boutique JLC Shagnhai
Address: Shop B129, Hang Lung Plaza, 1266 West Nanjing Road, Shanghai
Phone: +86 21-62880688

Boutique JLC Paris
Address: 7 place Vendôme 75001
Phone: +33 1 53 45 70 00
Mr. Ye accompany reminder
The watch is a token that can be passed on.
   The past must not be stingy, the followers can follow, and we can never keep time. But a watch that has gone through time and weather can inherit the story of a family, like Memovox in 1953. From Chaplin to his son, to his son’s happy marriage, to his granddaughter, this inheritance is no longer Material retention is a belief, a spirit.
Finally, I pay my respects to this world-class comedian!

   You laughed, this is worth it.

Tough Naval Fans 2015 Sihh Panerai’s Most Noteworthy Watch

The annual Geneva Haute Horlogerie Exhibition is the best platform for participating brands to introduce new ideas, and it is also a great time for the watch lovers to understand the brand’s development trends and experience the watchmaking process. There are a total of 16 brands participating in the 2015 SIHH watch exhibition, and hundreds of new watches have been launched. All timepieces represent the excellent skills and unique aesthetics of their own brands. As a watch brand with a pure Italian origin, Panerai has been inseparable from the sea since its inception. Therefore, it has been used as the royal watch of the Royal Navy. The rich marine flavor combines long-term military quality, creating A unique view on your wrist.
   2015 SIHH has quietly come to an end when everyone is still thinking about it. Looking back at this exhibition, we have brought endless surprises and expectations. According to the convention, the end of the exhibition always summarizes the new watch models that are most worthy of attention and purchase. In fact, to be honest, every watch has a reason and highlight for buying, but it is necessary to choose a few models for Panerai. Brands, I just want to say that the following four models (PAM00614, PAM00615, PAM00616, and PAM00604) are the editors’ most worthy of attention and purchase at this exhibition, we come here one by one.
Panerai LUMINOR 1950 series PAM00614

PAM00614 watch

   PAM00614 This watch has flyback chronograph, date display and 3-day power reserve. The case is made of titanium, which not only greatly reduces weight, but also has superior corrosion resistance and low allergenicity than other models. Although the application of titanium is not surprising for Panerai, the appearance of this watch incorporates modern and fashionable sports elements, which makes the watch exude a strong sporty temperament and is equipped with Panerai The self-developed P.9100 movement has greatly improved its performance.

Case made of titanium

   The watch is a professional diving watch with a water resistance of 300 meters and a diameter of 47 millimeters. The extended case design of the Luminor 1950 series fully demonstrates the unique charm of Panerai. Unidirectional rotating bezel, made entirely of matte titanium, used to calculate the dive time.

Every detail of the watch is unique and refined

The crown bridge is made entirely of titanium, fully embodying the characteristics of Panerai

   In particular, this P.9100 self-winding mechanical movement inside the case is entirely developed by Panerai. Although the bottom case uses a dense bottom design, we can not feel the unique beauty of Italian polishing. According to official data, the movement is designed using 13¾ method, is 8.15 mm thick, has 37 gems, and consists of 302 parts. 28,800 vibrations per hour, two barrels, Glucydur® balance, Incabloc® anti-shock device, which provides a 3-day power reserve for the watch.
Panerai Luminor 1950 series PAM00615 watch

PAM00615 watch

   The PAM00615 watch is actually a series of watches with the 614, but the outer ring of the 614 is made of black matte ceramic material, which not only looks more chic, but also highlights the bold use of special materials by Panerai. At the same time, the dial layout also has Some changes were made, the date display was canceled, and a 12-hour timer was added. This watch, like the 615, uses a 47 mm diameter case design to calculate the dive time function, and the water pressure resistance reaches about 300 meters underwater.

Titanium case with ceramic bezel

The tough shape is more military-like
   Like the 614, the 615 also uses the P.9100 automatic winding mechanical movement. The movement is designed using 13¾ method, is 8.15 mm thick, has 37 gems, consists of 302 parts, vibrates 28,800 times per hour, and has two A barrel, with a Glucydur® balance, and an Incabloc® anti-shock device, provide a 3-day power reserve for the watch.

Panerai Luminor 1950 Collection PAM00616

PAM00616 watch

   This watch is unique in that the case is made of innovative carbotech material, which is a carbon fiber-based composite material that has never been used in watchmaking before. This is another time for the Panerai brand. Innovation brings us an extraordinary experience. Despite using advanced material technology, every detail of the watch is faithfully taken from the brand’s history.

Watch made of innovative carbotech material

   The watch case has a diameter of 47 mm and was developed by Panerai in the late 1940s. It was worn by Italian naval commandos. The watch also added a rotating frame with a small stud logo, inspired by Panerai’s A watch created for the Egyptian Navy in 1956. The bezel can only be rotated counterclockwise, and the dive time can be calculated. After testing, the water resistance is 300 meters underwater.

Natural and beautiful case texture

Black dial is more dignified

   This watch is equipped with a P.9000 self-winding mechanical movement. The movement is also developed by Panerai. The movement is designed using 13¾ method, is 7.9 mm thick, has 28 gems, and consists of 197 pieces. Parts, which vibrate 28,800 times per hour, with two barrels, Glucydur® balance, Incabloc® anti-shock device, can provide 3 days power reserve for the watch.
Panerai Radiomir PAM00604

PAM00604 watch

   Finally, we want to talk about this watch with carved case, perhaps for watch collectors, this is a watch with collectible value, limited to 99 pieces. This watch’s case pattern is perfectly engraved and decorated by Italian masters in a full-hand manner, showing us Panerai’s superb watchmaking skills and perfect carving art.

Admirable carving craftsmanship

The detailed design of the watch is also very pleasing

   According to official sources, the design of this watch draws inspiration from recurring patterns in Florence illustrations, such as the Florence lily, which is a symbol of Tuscany’s most important city since the 11th century. It takes more than a week for an engraver to finish the decoration. Because the case is made of hard AISI 316L stainless steel, the demanding decoration process can be imagined. The 47mm frosted stainless steel case is exactly the same size as the first watch created by Panerai in 1936, continuing the brand’s classics and integrating perfect innovation.

Equipped with P.3000 manual winding mechanical movement

   This watch is equipped with a manual winding mechanical movement model P.3000, also developed by Panerai. The movement is 16½ centimeters thick, 5.3 mm thick, has 21 gems, 106 parts, and uses Glucydur. ® balance wheel, vibrating 21,600 times per hour, equipped with Incabloc® anti-vibration device, with two barrels, can provide 3-day power reserve for the watch.
Summary: Through the above comments, we can see the efforts and innovation of Panerai on the road of watchmaking, the fusion of special materials and the display of unique craftsmanship, all of which show the brand’s superb skills and courage to innovate. Seeing more inheritance of classics and complex functions, changing from one style to another is another appreciation of aesthetics. The unique marine style and tough military qualities of Panerai always bring people an indescribable expression. Beauty.
   For more details, please click on the watch live event in Geneva:

The United Nations And Omega Jointly Presented The Film ‘ocean Universe’

On September 11, the United Nations and Omega jointly presented the landmark documentary ‘Marine Universe’. The film is directed by Yaan Arthurs-Bertrand, an internationally renowned artist and environmentalist. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Omega President Okewa, the film director and UN Goodwill Ambassador Yaan Arthurs-Bertrand and co-director Michael Pitteau attended the New York premiere of Ocean Universe at UN headquarters ceremony.

   That night, more than 400 guests attended the premiere. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said: ‘In the film’ Ocean Universe ‘, Ya’an shows the mysterious beauty of the ocean, and at the same time, it also sends a warning to the world,’ defend the ocean, it is urgent. ‘

   Speaking of cooperation with Omega, Yaan Arthurs-Bertrand said: ‘When Omega presented me the plan of’ Ocean Universe ‘, I accepted it almost immediately; it was time to face the reality, to explain and condemn Threats that threaten the ocean and the entire planet. The purpose of this documentary is not to preach, but to raise public awareness. ‘

   ‘Marine Universe’ uses a lot of aerial and underwater photography to show the dangers that threaten the ocean and even the entire earth. It is amazing. Actor Josh Duhamel recorded a narration for the film. The film aims to change people’s view of the ocean, inspire people to protect natural resources, and shoulder the shared responsibility of everyone on the planet. Ocean Universe also reminds people that the relationship between man and nature is inseparable, and protecting the ocean and the earth has an unshirkable responsibility for each of us.
   “Ya’an is good at combining various techniques in a unique way, perfectly capturing and expressing the magnificence and beauty of the ocean with film language.” Okea, President of Omega, said, “It is a pleasure to be able to participate in such a profound project Pride. The ocean is the source of all life on Earth. We hope that Ocean Universe can encourage everyone, men and women, young and old, to contribute to the protection of ocean health. ‘

  Since its premiere at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (‘Rio + 20’ Earth Summit) in Rio de Janeiro in 2012, this 90-minute environmental documentary has aroused great resonance from audiences around the world.
  At present, the Blu-ray and DVD of Ocean Universe have been released by Universal Pictures. The content of the disc also includes behind-the-scenes that can not be missed, showing how the creative film art has made this stunning documentary.
  ‘Ocean Universe’ was jointly filmed by Omega and the Beautiful Planet Foundation

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