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Racing The Forerunner Tag Heuer Carrera Series Recommended

TAG Heuer can stand firmly among many high-end watches in Switzerland, which is inseparable from the original concept of TAG Heuer for 144 years. The founder of TAG Heuer loves sports. This has allowed TAG Heuer to have a long history in the field of chronographs, creating many firsts in watchmaking history. Today, take a look at the classics of TAG Heuer chronographs with the Carrera CAR2140.FC8145 watch.
 TAG Heuer Carrera watches are designed with speed, emotion and charm as the soul of the series. Therefore, the brand attaches great importance to the appearance and hopes to share this design soul with every user.
The case of the CAR2140.FC8145 watch is forged in rose gold and polished to present a perfect metallic color, which is rich in technology and beautiful. Its case is developed by TAG Heuer’s Gauder watch factory in Konor. The factory has Switzerland’s top machinery and equipment. The stamping, grinding and polishing of the case are as fine as micrometers. Jack Heuer has also said that the manufacture of Heuer’s case is Achieved. The mirror and case back cover are made of sapphire crystal glass, and are cut out from the entire piece of sapphire glass. The edges of the glass are finely polished during the oil washing process. It is unknown whether they have been treated with anti-glare treatment.

The design of the dial is the top priority of the watch. The hands and hour markers are made of 18k rose gold, and they are polished carefully to make them beautiful and bright. The scales are incorporated into the dial using inlay technology. There are three small dials of different sizes in the center area of ​​the dial. The dial of the golden hands is a small second dial, which cooperates with the hour hand and minutes to realize the time display function. The two dials of the black hands and the large central black second hand form the timing function. The inner circle of the table is marked with a speed measuring scale to achieve the speed measurement function, and also shows the design source of Heuer Carrera from racing.
CAL 1887 on the small seconds dial also indicates that this watch uses TAG Heuer’s proud 1887 movement, which symbolizes TAG Heuer’s outstanding performance in mechanical movements.
The TAG Heuer Carrera series is derived from motorsport. Its functions are also derived from the functions required for racing. Since the creation of the Carrera series, Jack Heuer knew the importance of wide dial vision and shock resistance for chronograph watches. TAG Heuer not only makes the dial wider, but also makes the case more stable. In addition, as a chronograph watch, it is essential for the chronograph function, this watch also has a speed measurement, calendar function.
 TAG Heuer’s watchmaking tradition is a challenge to tradition. Therefore, TAG Heuer always breaks its own record in functionality and accuracy, pushing the performance of chronograph watches to new heights. The timing function of the CAR2140.FC8145 watch consists of a 30-minute chronograph, a 12-hour chronograph, and a central large second chronograph. It is executed by the buttons on both sides of the crown. The ordinary walking seconds and chronograph walking seconds share a speed regulating mechanism. Therefore, its timekeeping It can only be accurate to 1/8 second. Compared to its magnetic oscillation, the accuracy of 1/2000 second is undoubtedly not comparable, but it is on the same line as ordinary chronographs, and it is even better than that.

In addition, it also has a speed measurement function, which is also assisted by the central chronograph second hand. It can only measure the speed range above 60km / h. The Carrera series is designed for motorsports. The brand has also been designated by the International Automobile Federation for many years. The official timer of the F1 World Championship, so speed measurement is one of its basic functions.
The calendar function is located at the 6 o’clock position of the 12-hour counter, which is also the 6 o’clock position of the dial. It does not have an annual calendar device, so it cannot recognize the big and small months, and the user needs to manually adjust the date at the beginning of the characteristic month.
 When it comes to movement, TAG Heuer’s Carrera CAR2140.FC8145 watch uses the brand’s influential 1887 movement, which is the brand’s first self-made movement. This movement has the 1887 invented by the brand founder Edward Heuer. The oscillating gear, which is still an important part of many Swiss timepieces, is used for the first time in the Cal 11 movement. This movement is characterized by the use of azure column wheels, top springs and springs, and TAG Heuer’s self-made automatic rotor. The application of the guide column wheel makes the timing smooth and can be reset to zero. The guide column wheel, which is a cylindrical wheel, is called differently. The performance of the guide column wheel is determined by the ‘petals’ on its wheel. The ordinary is Four or six, the greater the number, the stronger the performance, and the column wheel used in the 1887 movement has eight ‘petals’, marking its outstanding performance. The application of the 1887 swing gear eliminated the traditional horizontal clutch structure, connecting the chronograph second wheel and the travelling second wheel together, making the clutch action more rapid and smooth. In addition, the 1887 movement also uses a double ratchet winding mechanism to achieve two-way winding and improve winding efficiency.
It has been half a century since the development of the TAG Heuer Carrera series. During the series, a number of chronograph models were launched. Due to its outstanding performance, the brand became the official designated timer for the F1 race. At the same time, TAG Heuer was the first to invent it. Automatic micro rotor, a brand that combines timing and automatic structure.
The CAR2140.FC8145 watch is a classic that combines TAG Heuer’s unique case development technology, superb watchmaking technology, excellent performance and avant-garde design style. It was launched at the 2010 brand’s 150th anniversary celebration in 1887 41 mm. Based on the design style of this watch, a modern and avant-garde sports style has been added, which makes the watch show an elegant posture in a leap. The polished rose gold case, hands and graduations are quite dazzling, while the legendary 1887 automatic mechanical movement is more charming. It provides reliable, high-precision and stable performance, while representing the construction of TAG Heuer’s outstanding movement And craftsmanship is where its value lies.
The entire watch is full of materials, adhering to the design concept of speed, emotion and charm of the Carrera series, showing a domineering style of pioneers.
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China’s Exclusive Glashütte Original ‘heart Puppet’ Eccentric Moon Phase Watch Ceremony Christmas

This year’s Chinese Tanabata Festival, German watchmaker Glashütte has launched an ‘heart-witted’ eccentric moon phase watch that reproduces the charm of the eccentric moon phase function. At the same time, this watch is designed for China Market customization. Coupled with the pink element that is full of girlish heart, this watch has attracted the attention of many female watch lovers. Recently, we saw this watch when we visited the apm shopping center in Beijing. In fact, the objects are more beautiful and elegant than the pictures, leaving a deep impression. Let’s take a look together: (Watch Model: 1-90-12-04-12-02)

   This watch is designed for women. The main color palette is pink, with a stainless steel case set with bright diamonds. Against the case, the pink mother-of-pearl dial appears more feminine. The time scale, hands, calendar display window and eccentric moon phase dial on the dial are different from the previous dial design. It combines softness and atmosphere as a whole, which is very beautiful.

   The stainless steel diamond-studded case has smooth and full lines after the polishing process, and it blends with the stainless steel lugs to show the detail aesthetics in place. The bezel is set with 64 brilliant-cut diamonds, dazzling, adding a luxurious and elegant atmosphere to the case.

   The pink mother-of-pearl dial surface shows different visual effects in different light. The small seconds, big calendar, hour and minute hands (eccentricity), and moon phase function are full of aura against the pink dial. Above the eccentric hour dial, the main time logo is also decorated with two vertical rows of masonry, echoing the diamonds on the bezel, giving the watch an overall sense of brightness and luxury again.

(Because the number will involve sales and customer privacy, hide it here)

   Through the back cover of the craftsmanship, you can admire the appearance of the movement. The Glashütte three-quarter splint with Glashütte rib decoration shows the exclusive characteristics of the German watch. The pearl tourbillon is equipped with the brand’s logo hollow automatic tourbillon and 21K gold pendulum. The movement is practical and self-winding 90-12 self-winding movement manufactured by Glashütte Original Watchmaking Factory, which guarantees accurate travel time and has a 42-hour power reserve to meet daily needs.

   Connected with a Louisiana alligator leather strap of the same color as the dial, decorated with pink stitching and natural cracks, it is elegant and beautiful. It has a soft texture with a traditional pin buckle for easy wearing.

Glashütte’s Eccentric Moon Phase Watch
Summary: This watch is only available in China. Each Glashütte original “heart-shaped” eccentric moon phase watch has a unique number engraved on the case back to show the wearer’s distinguished identity. Personally, a fair-skinned lady will perform better with this watch. If you like this girl’s heart-wound timepiece, you can enter the brand store for details.
More details:

   This quotation was collected on December 14, 2017. The watch price / spot is subject to change at any time. For the final price, please pay attention to the store details.
[Dealer Name]: Glashütte Original Beijing APM Boutique
[Dealer Address]: 106, 1F, No. 138 Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
[Contact]: 010-65261186 Please specify as a user of ‘House of Watches’

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