Month: September 2014

The Art Of Mechanical Watchmaking The Hublot Sapphire Watch Is New

Beyond the limits of imagination, Hublot, the top Swiss watchmaking brand, combines advanced watchmaking technology with cutting-edge material technology to present an amazingly transparent watch for the world! Drawing on the natural inspirations of the vast universe, Hublot takes the innovation of materials to the fullest. The world’s only self-developed 18K synthetic gold “magic gold” is one of the shining gems. In 2016, Hublot exhibited a pioneering spirit again, combining scientific research technology and modern aesthetics, to create a crystal clear BigBangUnico sapphire watch through sapphire cutting technology, and perfectly preserve the unique and rare characteristics of sapphire. The world’s limited collection of 500.

   Hublot Global CEO Ricardo Guadalupe proudly stated: ‘Hublot interprets everything in nature with the art of fusion. The fully transparent case presents Hublot’s signature unreservedly. At the same time, the watch also extends the concept of absolute transparency to the strap, perfectly interpreting the Zen of ‘invisibleness’, the ultimate elegance is hidden in the wrist. The BigBang series surpasses all symbols and text, this BigBangUnico The sapphire watch is truly sincere. ‘

   Sapphire is a material that is extremely difficult to machine and is precious and limited to a few private collections. Following the bold introduction of the MP-05 ‘LaFerrari’ sapphire watch, Hublot took full advantage of this challenge to consolidate the expertise and skills of sapphire cutting, presenting the BigBangUnico sapphire watch in a limited edition of 500. Sapphire has never experienced ‘such a large size’ cutting, and in the history of fine watchmaking, it has written a ‘dense ink’.

   The fully transparent appearance creates the ‘ultra-clear’ visual enjoyment, and reveals the infinite charm of BigBang watches and its own Unico movement.

   The BigBangUnico sapphire watch’s mirror, bezel and caseback are cut from sapphire. The hardness and scratch resistance of this material are comparable to diamonds (the diamond has a Mohs hardness of 10 and a sapphire hardness of 9). Hublot joined hands with top Swiss material experts to develop this unique and exquisite material. Only a few of the core components that make up a watch are made of titanium: screws, crowns made of polished silicone, and folding clasps. The skeleton dial is made of transparent resin. Through the watch dial, you can see the exquisite structure of the homemade HUB1242Unico movement. The transparent strap also reveals the skin that was originally hidden under the strap, adding color to the elegant silhouette of the watch. BigBangUnico sapphire watches are limited to 500 pieces and are water-resistant to 50 meters.

   A simple, lightweight and indispensable new fashion watch was born. Hublot-a clear overview of the art of mechanical watchmaking.

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