Month: March 2015

Radar Is Honored As The Official Timer Of The 2015 Miami Open

In the World Tennis Tour, the Miami Open in the purple venue is one of the most attractive games, attracting many stars to participate on or off the court. The famous Swiss watch brand Radar will also participate in it. After 2013 and 2014, it will serve as the official timer for the third consecutive year.
   In the central stadium under the sun in Miami, the radar meter will appear on the field as a HyperChrome watch-shaped corner clock, recording the minutes and seconds of each game. Spectators who come to watch the game can go to the famous Rado Smash Corner to test the speed of the ball, and feel the real gap with professional players on the spot. Radar clocks all over Crandon Park will record every unforgettable moment of the game, ensuring that live audiences from all over the world will not miss any exciting moments.
   The Crandon Park Tennis Centre has been home to the Miami Open since 1987, receiving more than 300,000 visitors each year. The special blue version of the radar table Haoxing series court will become the official watch of this event. The dazzling blue represents the hard court of the tennis event. Made from black matte high-tech ceramic, this watch is lightweight and highly scratch-resistant. The process of making a high-tech ceramic case is already very complicated, and it is even more difficult to create a black matte effect by sandblasting.

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