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A Tribute To Jazz Masters Oris Dexter Gordon Limited Edition Watch

Oris has a deep connection with jazz, and the historical jazz commemorative watches born of the times have become the favorite collection of watch friends. At this Basel watch exhibition, Oris once again composes the time movement, creating a limited edition commemorative watch of the same name for Dexter Gordon, one of the greatest jazz musicians of the 20th century.

   Oris DEXTER GORDON limited edition watch, case diameter 40 mm, made of stainless steel.

   Oris Dexter Gordon Limited Edition is the 17th commemorative jazz watch from the brand. Similar to previous jazz watches, it is a masterpiece with classic design and rich style. The graceful shell shape, the glamorous gray dial, and the exquisite retro dark brown leather belt are so quiet and harmonious. Like Dexter Gordon’s music, it is warm and intimate and intoxicating.

   The details of the watch reveal Oris’ respect for the master. The 12-point scale on the dial is cleverly designed as a saxophone reed, and the 12 letters of ‘DEXTER GORDON’ are printed on each scale. The brass-colored seconds hand is extremely slender and extends backwards. It not only shows the beautiful color of the saxophone, but also implies the nickname “Long Tall Dex” of the giant who is nearly two meters tall. Covered.

Tissot’s New Wave Series Is Pure Time In Diamond Raindrops

Inspired by the peaceful underwater world, Tissot’s new wave series interprets the elegance of flowers and the power of water with a pure and refined design style. The embossed petal scale is crystal clear and dripping, depicting the charming of flowers, the arched mirror and streamlined case are soft and natural, and outline the outline of water. The light of the top Wesselton diamond-lined mother-of-pearl dial records the flow of time in a gorgeous but unobtrusive manner, satisfying all women’s longing for happiness. The simple and capable all-steel strap is a change of traditional women’s graceful temperament, combining steel’s perseverance with the softness of water, and interpreting the rigid and flexible wrist style.
Marine style
    The round and full exquisite dial, with a wavy streamlined case, on the mother-of-pearl dial, the hollow hands like staggered seaweed move like a stream, and more pure diamonds sparkle the bright light. At first glance, see the new Tissot wave series. You will be impressed by its beauty, like leeches, so elegant.
    The Tissot designer retained the classic arched streamline design of the original Wave series, which is naturally gentle and fits the wrist. The round dial used in the new model weakens the 90-degree right-angled oblique arc with a smooth curve, showing a woman’s refined temperament. Through the arched sapphire crystal glass, the dial-like layout of the ocean palace is clear at a glance. The hollow hands rotate elegant dance steps. Four embossed petals at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock are shining. The aroma is overflowing, and the other scales are replaced by eight top Wesselton diamonds, which attract everyone’s attention with a dazzling light. Each time the pointer flicks, it quietly softens the lens that records the life, gently dancing between the wrists in the beautiful years, bringing a fresh and unique ocean style to the Yi people.
Rigid and flexible, elegant time
    Elegant and graceful, yet independent and strong is the greatest characteristic of modern women. In order to make the new wave series soft and rigid, the designers understand their psychology, and select eight top Wesselton diamonds, each of which has reached the VS / SI clarity level, and is set on the mother-of-pearl dial. A touch of gorgeousness adds color to the ocean mood, showing elegance and femininity while raising hands; at the same time, the all-steel strap is matched with the streamlined case to avoid the collision of extra colors. The decisiveness and determination of women’s courage. Bingqingyujie, smiling women’s red sleeves add fragrance; bold and flamboyant, temperamental women control the rhythm, Tissot’s new wave series, to accompany you to enjoy life in amazing times.
    In addition, in order to meet the diverse consumer needs of different women, the new Ocean Wave series has also launched a number of different colors of leather strap models, gold models and different dial scale models to choose from. The leather strap style still uses a white mother-of-pearl dial, with a pure white or burgundy patent leather crocodile strap, interpreting or pure, or strong wrist style. In addition, the watch is also available in Arabic numerals with a bar scale to make the readings clearer. The gold model is suitable for older women, and the dial color is also available in late night black. These all provide more wrist options for modern women with different needs, which shows Tissot’s ingenuity. Technical Parameters:
Domed scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
316L stainless steel case
Water resistant to 30 meters / 3 atmospheres
316L stainless steel strap with butterfly buckle
Leather strap with butterfly buckle
The gold part adopts PVD process
Some dials are set with 8 top Wesselton diamonds, clarity VS / SI, 8/8 single cut, total weight 0.03 carat

Inheriting The Classics And Continuing The Legend: Tag Heuer Releases The Fourth Monaco Limited Edition Watch In Tokyo

TAG Heuer has officially launched the fourth of five limited edition Monaco watches to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the birth of this iconic collection.

Tag Heuer Monaco Series 1999–2009 Limited Edition Release Site

  The first Monaco limited edition watch inspired from 1969 to 1979 was officially released during the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix in May this year. The second limited edition pays tribute to 1979 Until 1989, launched in Le Mans, France in June, the third Monaco limited edition watch was inspired by the 1990s, during the FIA ​​Formula E Championship in New York in July release. Following this, the fourth collector’s watch was grandly unveiled at the conference, inspired by the early 21st century.

TAG Heuer Monaco Series 1999–2009 Limited Edition Release Site (Japanese pop singer and actor TAKAHIRO, TAG Heuer Heritage Director Katherine Ebel-Devo)

  Witnessed by Catherine Eberlé-Devaux, the TAG Heuer Heritage Director, this new and exclusive timepiece was unveiled on September 24 in Tokyo, Japan.

Tag Heuer Monaco Series 1999–2009 Limited Edition Release Site

  [September 25, 2019, Tokyo, Japan] Yesterday, in the Gallery of Horyuji Treasures at the Tokyo National Museum in Japan, the Swiss pioneer watch brand Tag Heuer presented Monaco (Monaco series). The fourth watch of the legendary limited edition. For half a century, the bold and avant-garde design has given Monaco a unique charm. Japan, known for its contemporary designs that blend aesthetics with functionality and bold style, is an ideal place to commemorate this legendary watch collection.

Tag Heuer Monaco Series 1999–2009 Limited Edition Release Site

  The amazing drone performance was staged in front of the museum and kicked off the launch event. When the drone equipped with 6000 LED bulbs is lit, it outlines the outer edge of the Monaco watch. The drone performance underscores the early 21st century style of this anniversary edition watch. The contemporary style of the museum building and the timeless charm of the famous Monaco series complement each other.

TAG Heuer Monaco Series 1999–2009 Limited Edition release site (Toru Mukai, general manager of TAG Heuer Japan, Japanese pop singer and actor TAKAHIRO, Katharine Ebel-Devo, director of TAG Heuer heritage)

  In the Treasure Hall of Horyuji Temple, the guests not only can appreciate the TAG Heuer antique watches, the fourth Monaco limited edition watch unveiled at this conference, but also enjoy the unique charm of the three Monaco limited edition watches previously released. . The famous DJ FPM played the retro melody of the early 21st century with his unique style, creating a pleasant and warm atmosphere for the entire cocktail party.
  From today, customers who visit the Tag Heuer boutiques in Omotesando, Tokyo can browse and review the history of the brand, explore the well-known rare styles treasured in the Tag Heuer Museum, pay tribute to the indissoluble bond between the brand and motor sports, and the classic Nago series. The unique charm of a watch. This exhibition will be officially open to the public on September 25 this year and will continue until October 1.

Tag Heuer Monaco Series 1999–2009 Limited Edition Release Site

50th anniversary of five limited edition watches
In commemoration of this landmark milestone of the 50th anniversary of the Monaco series, Tag Heuer will launch five new Monaco series watches this year, inspired by each of the ten years since the original watch came out in 1969. design style. The first limited edition watch was inspired from 1969 to 1979 and was released during the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix in May; the second paid tribute to 1979 to 1989 and was released in June in France. Mans launched; the third one was inspired by the 1990s and debuted in New York in July. Today, the fourth watch is released in Japan Honor.
Japan is an ideal place to host this launch event. Contemporary Japanese design reinterprets traditional styles and is inspired by this, breaking the design limitations of everyday objects and giving them more profound meaning. The design changes of the Monaco series of watches have far-reaching effects, and are reflecting the current Japanese design concept.
Fluent style in the early 21st century

Tag Heuer Monaco Series 1999–2009 Limited Edition

  The fourth legendary Monaco watch accurately captures the bold architectural style and bold design concepts of the avant-garde from 1999 to 2009. The appearance of this special collector’s watch is a classic black and white color scheme, fully highlighting the unique charm of its new shape. The black dial background highlights the visual effects of the white opal small seconds dial and minute timer. The stylish and beautiful hour markers are embellished with striking red and orange elements, while the hour, minute and faceted appliques are covered with SuperLuminova®, which significantly improves legibility. The watch is made of stainless steel with a black calf leather strap with black lining and pure white stitching.
  The new work inherits the original design: the button is on the right side of the case and the crown is on the left side. This subversive design has given Monaco a unique charm for half a century.

Tag Heuer Monaco Series 1999–2009 Limited Edition

  This early 21st-century watch is engraved with the original ‘Monaco Heuer’ logo on the caseback, as well as ‘1999-2009 Special Edition’ and ‘One of 169’ (169 pieces) A) Lettering. Inspired by the original model, the precision case back is made of stainless steel and is finished with vertical and round frosting. Inside the case is the famous Calibre 11 movement, which is based on the self-winding chronograph movement first shown on the original Monaco series in 1969 and has been modernized and upgraded. The new production is limited to 169 pieces.

TAG Heuer Monaco

Looking back on 50 years of TAG Heuer Monaco watches and Calibre 11
  On March 3, 1969, when TAG Heuer (Heuer has always used the founder’s last name Heuer as the brand name, and later changed to TAG Heuer) Monaco series watches were launched at a press conference held in New York and Geneva at the same time, journalists worldwide And watch enthusiasts are all amazed. This novel and avant-garde masterpiece is highly recognizable with the industry’s rare square waterproof case and bold and iconic design.
  The watch design was also a wonderful note of the advanced technology that the Swiss pioneer watchmaker represented at the time. Calibre 11 developed and sold by TAG Heuer was a rare automatic chronograph movement in the world at that time.
  TAG Heuer’s then CEO, Jack Heuer, argued that groundbreaking innovation should be paired with eye-catching design. The Monaco series does just that. In 1971, Steve McQueen wore a Monaco watch in the movie ‘Le Mans’, which made this timepiece shine on the screen.
The Paradoxical Superstar
  Over the past two decades, the Monaco collection has been very closely related to the field of haute horlogerie. For example, the series has introduced different models with new complications, designs and materials. In the course of evolution, the Monaco series upholds the spirit of innovation, making it famous and sought after. The new book, Paradoxical Superstar, tells the entire story of this masterpiece, including excerpts from the archives as well as design and sketches of the movement. British writer and journalist Nicholas Foulkes, watch expert Gisbert Brunner, and American writer Michael Clerizo have all written and documented the heritage of the Monaco series And innovation. H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco prefaces the book, affirming the close connection between the Monaco series and its city of the same name.

Technical details: Tag Heuer Monaco Series 1999–2009 Limited Edition
Model: CAW211Y.FC6469
TAG Heuer Calibre 11 automatic movement, diameter 30 mm, 59 gems, vibration frequency 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz), 40-hour power reserve
Chronograph with seconds and minutes timer; date, hour, minute and small seconds at 3 o’clock; minute timer at 9 o’clock; central chronograph second hand
39 mm diameter, stainless steel case, stainless steel fixed bezel, sapphire mirror, polished stainless steel crown at 9 o’clock, buttons at 2 and 4 o’clock, water resistance to 100 meters (10 bar), Stainless steel case back with ‘1999-2009 Special Edition’ and ‘One of 169’ engraved
Opal dial in black and white color, fine frosted white opal timer, rhodium-plated polished faceted inlaid hour markers, red and orange dots on the hands and hour markers, luminous hour and minute hands and time markers
Black calfskin strap with polished stainless steel folding clasp
Limited to 169 pieces
Unique packaging
Just like the watch itself, the case also draws inspiration from the original watch. Each special edition comes with a box that matches the watch and its age. This early 21st-century model features a dark blue hardcover case with Heuer logos and black and white plaids. The watch rests on a grey pillow and the case has an orange interior.

Glashütte Original Launches Eight Limited Edition Mason Tourbillon Dragon Year Watches

Glashütte Original, Germany’s top watchmaker, has created eight unique timepieces, each equipped with a ceramic plate made by Mason Porcelain Factory, decorated with hand-drawn delicate dragon-shaped patterns, Painted with ceramic pigments containing pure gold powder. After high temperature treatment, the pigment adheres to the surface, showing golden matte; the highly skilled artist then uses agate pen for golden dragon processing, making it clear and dazzling.

Eight unique Mason Tourbillon Year Limited Edition watches, the flying dragon on the dial seems to be competing for the pearl at 6 o’clock on the surface. This pearl is Glashütte’s extraordinary floating tourbillon. The floating tourbillon was created by Alfred Helwig, the legendary German watchmaker, when he was a tutor at a German watchmaking school in Glashütte in 1920, showing the essence of watchmaking art. The balance wheel, the pallet fork and the escape wheel are placed in a cantilever bracket, which rotates 360 degrees per minute to offset the swing deviation caused by the gravity of the balance wheel. The miniature second hand display is attached to the floating tourbillon bracket, and the carefully polished gold scale makes the display clearer.

The Mason Tourbillon Year Limited watch is forty classic in a forty millimeter rose gold case with sophisticated watchmaking technology and sophisticated design. The traditional blue hour and minute hands pass across the white ceramic plate made by Mason Porcelain Factory, counting the elapsed time. The twelve-hour scale is displayed by hand-drawn Roman numerals; these Roman numerals, together with the Glashütte logo, are carefully placed on the surface. The ‘1/1’ inscription on the back of the rose gold case shows that each of these eight watches is unique.

The Mason Tourbillon Year Limited Watch is driven by a carefully modified automatic movement No. 94-11. Through the anti-reflective sapphire case back of the rose gold case, you can enjoy the movement of the movement. The 48-hour power reserve is convenient and practical, and fully meets modern needs. The Louisiana crocodile leather strap and folding clasp are closely connected to the case with delicate flanges, which makes it very comfortable to wear.

Practical Views On The Annual Calendar: Audemars Piguet Millenary Quadriennium

In order to facilitate the memorization, humans have established a calendar to simulate the cyclical rule of celestial bodies. In the future, the calendar gradually became popular and became an important basis for people to follow in their lives. However, the calendar is designed to perfect the law for the convenience of use. It is difficult to be completely consistent with the operation of irregular celestial bodies. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the synchronization of the calendar and the astronomical through fixed settings. How to express the state of setting in the calendar through mechanical devices has become a big challenge for watchmakers.
   As early as 1770, the master watchmaker Jean-Antoine Lépine created a large and complex performance pocket watch for the French Emperor Louis XV, combining the minute repeater time with the performance of the perpetual calendar. . A century later, Audemars Piguet launched a pocket watch equipped with a perpetual calendar in the early days of its founding in 1875, and integrated the perpetual calendar performance into the watch in 1978. This time with the introduction of a leap year calendar watch is taken for granted.
   The ‘gregorian calendar’ we currently use is based on the 16th century Gregorian calendar. According to the rules, it is set to 12 months a year, alternating between big and small, every four years, 365 days a week, and a leap day at the end of February. , The average annual length is 365.25 days. In watches with perpetual calendar performance, such leap year rules can be accurately presented through machinery. It is just that the perpetual calendar mechanical structure is too complicated, so the ‘almanac’ appeared later with simpler mechanical structure and more in line with practical needs. The wearer only needs to adjust the February date length every year to maintain the accuracy of the whole year. This time, Audemars Piguet introduced the ‘leap year calendar’ performance with the same concept, making the watch’s calendar performance more practical.
   Millenary Quadriennium calendar, 18K rose gold case, diameter 47 × 42 mm, hour, minute indication, calendar performance, date, month, week display, 2905 / B01 bracelet movement, sapphire crystal, bottom case , Power reserve 168 hours, with alligator strap.
   The so-called ‘lean calendar’ refers to the ability to memorize the length of each month’s date within a year, including February with only 28 days. Except for February 29th of the following year, which must be manually adjusted by the user, other days can be automatically switched. Compared with the annual calendar, which must be adjusted at the end of February every year, the performance is more convenient, and the mechanical structure is simpler than the perpetual calendar, so it is also called ‘small perpetual calendar’. However, there are not many models equipped with ‘leap year calendar’ in the watch altar. Among them, the more well-known Breitling Navitimer 1461 watch with 19 movement (base on ETA 2892-A2) was introduced in the past. It has practical functions and a complicated design like a perpetual calendar. This year, Audemars Piguet chose the most modern Millenay Millennium series under its umbrella, combining avant-garde structural design and classic elements, to reinterpret the performance of the ‘leap year calendar’ in a completely different style.
The leap year calendar showing the avant-garde and classical blend
   The Millennium series is the original series of Audemars Piguet and Royal Oak. The contour of the oval case is harmonious and perfect, and the three-dimensional design can show the mechanical structure of the movement, showing the avant-garde style of unique style. And the most popular is the eccentric design of the dial configuration. The round dial that displays time information is arranged on the right half of the oval case. The space on the left becomes the perfect stage to show the escapement of the movement. The dial on the right is the main time zone of the millennial watch and the most important visual focus. In this leap year calendar watch, the date is displayed with a pointer type, which is arranged at the center position coaxial with the hour and minute hands, and the month and week are displayed by a window, which is arranged at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock respectively. Although there is a lot of time information displayed, the overall visual sense is quite simple.
   In order to echo the oval shape of the case, the eccentric faceplate design is used, and the size change of the Roman numeral time scale is used to emphasize the visual sense of the eccentric design. On the other hand, the track-like scales and Roman numeral time scales are used to match the classic atmosphere, creating an atmosphere of avant-garde and classic ingenuity.
   Millenary Quadriennium’s 2905 / B01 hand-wound movement has the advantages of a patented Audemars Piguet escapement combined with a lever escapement and an 18th-century detent click escapement. Each shock can drive the cymbal to reciprocate once. C reduces the disturbance to the flip, and gives the maximum degree of freedom when turning the flip, and the double spring can improve the accuracy of the travel time.
Audemars Piguet escapement and double hairspring work together to create the best accuracy
   One of the special features of the millennial watch is that it can display the movement’s escapement on the left side of the surface. In this way, the structure of the movement needs to be greatly adjusted to bring the escapement on the other side Changing the system to the side of the face of the movement is a design method that is quite impressive. And in the new leap year calendar watch, equipped with a patented Audemars Piguet with double hairsprings, fully showing the strength of Audemars Piguet in watchmaking technology.
   The Audemars Piguet escapement is a patented design launched by the brand in 2006. It combines a lever escapement and a 18-century Robin’s click-and-click escapement architecture. In order to make every umbilical effect g as long as possible Freedom A therefore only allowed the escapement to intervene in 1 impact. At this time, the double balance springs that can compensate each other can make the free shuttle wheel run at the best isochronism, and the combination of the two is seamless. In addition, because the watch uses a semi-perspective design, users can directly appreciate the movement modified with the highest level of technology, including the chamfering of the edges of the parts, the brushed surface of the surface, the polishing of pearl dots, or the Geneva ripple To present. Not only does it show Audemars Piguet’s craftsmanship, but it also strengthens the three-dimensional vision of the movement structure.

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