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Time Goes On To Inherit The Classic, Exquisite Craftsmanship And Display Style. The Famous Swiss Watchmaking Brand Tudor Held The ‘show Style Tudor Night’

Shanghai (November 28, 2013)-In Shanghai, a leading fashion trend, the famous Swiss watchmaker brand Tudor debuted brilliantly, and held the ‘Show Style · Tudor Night’ in Shanghai’s 1933 Old Workshop Brand events. That night, the top executives of the Tudor brand, the guests and the media friends together felt the classic brand charm of the Tudor watch and witnessed the grand launch of the new Tudor Style series in China.
  Since its establishment in 1946, Tudor has relentlessly pursued the fusion of retro style and modern design, trying to interpret the long history of the brand with its coveted shape, and the external aesthetic design expresses the brand’s inherent passion and elegance. This event can be described as a comprehensive display of the Tudor brand history and a perfect display of the brand’s cultural style.
   Across the time corridor, the historic sands slipped from your fingertips. There are three display areas of brand history, Heritage series models and sports watches on the event site. The image display of the brand’s historical area illustrates the development of Tudor watches. In addition, eight precious antique watches, which have been honed for half a century, traveled from Switzerland to the Shanghai exhibition site and met Chinese watch lovers for the first time. At the event site, there is a special Heritage series display area, Tudor Heritage series watches and their corresponding sources of inspiration-TUDOR SUBMARINER, TUDOR ADVISOR and TUDOR OYSTERDATE CHRONOGRAPH historical models echoing each other, not only have a unique time and time, the unique charm of classic heritage.

   Classic soaking time, craftsmanship blends style. The on-site weaving craftsmanship shows the excellence of the threads, the tango performance deepens the delicate elegance in the brand culture, and the Ducati motorcycle show highlights the sports style of Tudor. Adhering to the same brand philosophy dedicated to excellence, TUDOR established a partnership with Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati in 2011. The Ducati motorcycle displayed on the day of the event combined performance and style through external aesthetic design and internal mechanical selection. This coincides with Tudor’s heritage of inheriting classics and integrating style into watch craftsmanship. The aesthetic elements of Tudor and Ducati motorcycle products also use red and black as the main color, highlighting the brand’s sports style.

Model ‘Tudao Night’ wears Tudor’s new Style series
   On the evening of the event, Tudor also brought unique surprises to media friends at the scene, introducing Tudor’s new Style series. In the afternoon of the Roman holiday, a wish, a dream, a light lift of the arm, a fateful encounter, all the beautiful moments of love converge into the new Tudor Style series. Tudor’s new Style series draws inspiration from the source of the brand’s style and interprets classic watches in a modern style, blending Italian refinement and sweet love. The watch is designed in retro style, with stainless steel or gold steel style, suitable for any occasion. The meticulous details of the watch ensure that it is comfortable to wear and elegant.

‘The Night of the Show Tudor’ Tango Performance
   Tudor’s new Style series models are elegant and exquisite in a modern style, recording the origin of the Roman wishing pool, which is a portrayal of Italian charm. Guests at the scene also felt the warm afternoon singing and the admiration of turning around in the warm singing of love in the famous Chinese R & B music godfather Tao Yan.

‘Show the style of the night of the Tudor’ singer Tao Yan wearing Tudor’s new Style series

‘Showing the style of the Tudor Night’ singer Tao Yan live performance of classic love songs

   ‘Show the style of the night of the Tudor’, the natural power of history and time into the heritage, exquisite craftsmanship revealed from the click. Tudor watches relentlessly pursues the fusion of retro style and modern design concepts, based on the rich historical tradition of the brand, and constantly presents unique style and personality.

Casio Oceanus Thin Timepiece Manta Series Watch

The CASIO OCEANUS, which constantly surpasses itself, breaks through the previous volume limit, and for the first time applied Smart Access Smart Access to the OCEANUS thin timepiece Manta series. Only simple push, pull, and rotate actions on the crown are required. The function switching step can be completed; wearing the ‘TOUGH MOVEMENT’ movement and solar power system, can receive 6 world radio waves with high sensitivity, and automatically correct the position of the pointer. Outstanding technology with a thin and extreme appearance allows the wearer to experience the leisurely content of the blue sea and witness the maturity and evolution of OCEANUS.

Light and elegant Manta leads OCEANUS to swim in the sea
 The Manta series is inspired by the sturgeon in the blue sea, and swings its fins to dance gracefully. Its light, mysterious and elegant image is so close to the appearance design of OCEANUS Manta, it accurately conveys the confident essence of OCEANUS swimming in the sea. The case of OCEANUS OCW-S2000 is hand-milled by Japanese staff with ‘ザ ラ ツ’ technology, and the texture is smooth and delicate; and the sapphire glass surface without reflection treatment inside and outside is not easy to ensure the readability. The blue bezel treated with IP reveals a deep and solid layering on the black dial, which gives OCEANUS a rich vitality originating from the ocean. The OCW-S2000PW dial is made of mother-of-pearl and shines flawlessly in pure white The ocean is shining. The simple and symmetrical shape of the upper and lower eyes and the luminous pointer with an inverted cone-shaped sword make the overall line design clearer and increase the convenience when viewing. In addition, the electronic crown and buckle on the side of the watch are engraved with the OCEANUS brand logo, and all kinds of delicate and delicate treatments show CASIO OCEANUS’s persistence and intention for the pursuit of elegant texture and precise structure.

Small size and large performance
 OCEANUS OCW-S2000 breaks through the limitation caused by the small size in the past. The case thickness is only 10.9mm. With its lightweight and thin appearance, it is equipped with CASIO’s original Smart Access intuitive operating system for the first time. Five groups of motors actuate the hour, minute and second hands located on the central axis, respectively, to achieve completely independent hand movements, to achieve smooth practical functions of switching between various modes and displays. You only need to press, pull, and rotate the crown to set the alarm, use the stopwatch, or change the time in 29 cities around the world. The smooth process can only be experienced after using it in person!
‘TOUGH MOVEMENT’ movement Radio time and solar power reflect the vision of precision and constant motion
 OCEANUS OCW-S2000 is equipped with the ‘TOUGH MOVEMENT’ movement, which can receive 6 radio waves of the world with high sensitivity, including the standard radio waves of China, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, and North America, and automatically correct the time, no matter when and where Master the right moment. The composite mosaic structure combines metal and resin precision calculations to combine parts to improve the durability of the movement; the hand correction function automatically detects errors at 55 minutes and 00 seconds per hour, making the hour, minute and second hands never biased Point to the correct position. The TOUGH SOLAR solar power function can convert sunlight or daily light sources into electrical energy storage, providing the sustainable vitality of Manta 徜徉 the sea.

[OCEANUS OCW-S2000] Main functions
Function: SMART ACCESS intuitive operation system
 Receive 6 stations of the world
 Solar power system
 Automatic pointer correction
 1/10 second stopwatch
 Fully automatic calendar (~ 2099)
 World Time (29 cities)
Strap: Titanium alloy strap
Mirror: non-reflective sapphire spherical glass surface
Dimensions: 47.2 x 42.2 x 10.9 mm
Weight: 89g
Water resistance: 100 meters

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