Month: December 2016

The Fusion Of Japanese Art Seiko Mechanical Diving Chronograph

Seiko Watch Corporation has released the Ananta mechanical diving chronograph. Among the commemorative models of Seiko’s 130th anniversary, Ananta has provided a limited edition of 700 watches as a leader, which will be listed globally this fall.
Seiko and diving watches have a long history
   Seiko developed the first dive watch in 1965. Since then, Seiko has been leading the development of diving watch technology and launched a series of the world’s first watches, which are not only highly secure and highly reliable. The world’s first titanium diving watch in 1975 and the world’s first computerized diving watch in 1990 were among the most popular diving watches among professional divers, mountaineers, speedboats, and polar explorers.

Caliber 8R39 designed for diving
    In order to comply with the safety of use in deep water, both the movement and the case must be very strong. For this new Ananta model, Seiko redesigned the 8R movement, using a hairspring made of its own patented alloy ‘SPRON610’ to improve its shock and magnetic resistance, and a total of three screws were used to ensure the watch had the ultimate shock resistance. Fixed case, one more than a regular chronograph.

Black and black paint with both beauty and function
    The key functions of the diving watch are superb time legibility and ensuring that the diving time can be read instantly in the dark sea floor. Seiko specially commissioned the world-renowned painter Tamura Ikura to develop a true black dial. Each dial is painted one layer at a time, and then Tamura Ikun personally grinds it by hand in his Kanazawa work room on the west coast of Honshu, Japan. Tamura Kazuyuki was born in Kanazawa in 1957 and holds the title of a master craftsman of the traditional Japanese lacquer art ‘Kaga Shige’. In addition, the watch also uses anti-glare coated sapphire crystal to further enhance its legibility.
    Ananta is a relatively new series, but its roots have a close and profound relationship with the culture and history of Japan and Seiko. Ananta stands for unremitting efforts for perfection, which is also the pursuit of Seiko and Japanese culture. Antanta conveys Seiko’s ongoing efforts to strive for perfection and to go beyond what he can. Ananta is Sanskrit, which means ‘infinite’, and Ananta has become Seiko’s vocabulary for perfection. Ananta’s design is inspired by the forging process of ancient Japanese swords. Made for the first time 800 years ago, the Japanese sword is a high-quality symbol of traditional technology and creativity in Japanese culture, and the source of Ananta’s perfect inspiration.
    The back of each watch is engraved with the words ‘Limited Edition’ and serial number, and is accompanied by an exclusive ornate gift box engraved with the words ‘130th anniversary of Seiko’s founding’.
    In addition to this limited edition commemorative diving watch, Ananta has also released two new mechanical watches, paired with exclusive ultra-high-definition coated mirrors to achieve the highest legibility in the watch industry and increase Ananta’s appeal to watch connoisseurs.
Ananta multi-hand mechanical watch

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