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Another Retro Style Tourbillon Ceramic Pocket Watch Tasting Panerai

At the 2013 SIHH, Panerai presented a tourbillon ceramic pocket watch in two places. This is the first time that Panerai has launched a pocket watch. Panerai started as a military watch. It is not surprising that it has never launched a pocket watch. After all, it will not give you time to find a pocket watch in your pocket on the battlefield. Most of the pocket watches we usually see now follow the popular retro line. This time Panerai also played retro for a while to pay tribute to history, but it did not focus on a specific style, but still retained the unique temperament of Panerai. Be a different kind of retro style. Official model: PAM 00446

    The two-time tourbillon ceramic pocket watch is the first pocket watch launched by Panerai, but it has a precedent in the history of the brand. Since the opening of the Panerai watch shop in Florence, the words ‘Pocket watches by the main Swiss makers’ have appeared on its window, but Panerai’s ‘Creative Workshop’ Never limited to the sale of pocket watches, as early as the early 20th century, the brand created a series of timing tools for the Royal Italian Navy.

Detailed illustration of the functions of tourbillon ceramic pocket watches in Panerai

    The diameter of this pocket watch is 59 cm, which is much larger than that of a normal watch. Surrounded by a black ceramic case, it gives designers more display space. The dial adopts a hollow design, which is patchwork and avant-garde design. You can see the square honeycomb structure, which is made of nickel.

   The elongated hour markers and hour hands are located on the top layer of the dial, suspended above the skeletonized movement, and the white luminous coating adds three-dimensionality. Through the metal grid on the second floor, you can see the continuously moving hollow movement, as if watching a large factory that is constantly running.

   Between 7 o’clock and 8 o’clock is the tourbillon speed regulating device. The earliest invention of the tourbillon was to correct the position error and possible friction resistance caused by the gravity of the earth on the pocket watch. The pocket watch is equipped with a movement based on the P.2005 movement launched by Panerai in 2007. This movement interprets the tourbillon speed control device in an innovative way, and contains the frame of the balance wheel and escapement. It rotates around an axis perpendicular to the balance wheel, not parallel to it, and it rotates once every 30 seconds instead of the traditional 60-second cycle. This construction can more effectively compensate for travel time errors, and thus measure time more accurately.

    The bracelet is connected to the case by a cutout. The shape of this hollow-out device is very similar to that of the Panerai Luminor case’s unique crown guard, and it can be easily removed with the press of a small button.

    The bracelet is also made of black ceramic. The design of the bracelet links is inspired by the nautical measuring chain. They are connected together by universal joints to ensure the best resistance while achieving the best flexibility.

    The watch is equipped with a P.2005 / S skeleton movement, where ‘s’ stands for ‘skeleton’. This movement has three barrels, which can provide a power reserve of up to six days, and the remaining power can be read through the indicator mounted on the back of the pocket watch.

    Through the sapphire crystal glass on the back of the pocket watch, you can admire the exquisite skeletonized movement. This movement, which consists of 277 parts, uses various modification processes, and a large part of the components are blackened by electroplating. Adds a mysterious flavor to purely mechanical movement.

Summary: This two-time tourbillon ceramic PAM00446 pocket watch is powerful and avant-garde. For this pocket watch, the retro style is only its traditional form. The bone is still the rough men’s military watch. In addition, the pocket watch is also waterproof, ensuring that it can withstand 3 atmospheric pressure. The pocket watch is also equipped with a special holder, which can be turned into a clock with the help of the special bracelet. If such a clock is placed on the desk in the office, it must be very eye-catching. Pocket watches are available in a limited edition of 50 pieces and retail for $ 223,500.
More watch details: panerai / 27756 /

Grateful People Should Receive The Most Precious Gift

As a kid, we all wrote such a proposition essay ‘My Most Thankful People’. At that time, it was purely for teachers to cope with homework. ‘My most thankful people are my parents. Unexpectedly, times have changed. After many years, when we have tasted the hardships of society, and when we have grown up to be a real adult, the most thankful people are our parents. The Chinese express their emotions implicitly, so that we don’t even have a festival to express our gratitude to the grateful. The fourth Thursday in November is ‘Thanksgiving’, which originated in the United States. Today, Thanksgiving has become a global holiday. We can express our love to those we love and gratitude through this holiday Love. Of course, they also deserve the most precious gifts, such as the gift of time.
IWC Portofino Series IW459011

Product model: IW459011
Domestic public price: ¥ 60700
Watch diameter: 37 mm
Case thickness: 11 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: 35800
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: iwc / 55502 /
Watch comments: ‘Gift of time’ is actually a false proposition, time is fair for everyone. It does not treat anyone special. For a limited time, companionship may be the best gift for parents. A trustworthy watch with classic and timeless design becomes the best gift for them. IWC Portofino series is such a watch. The movement uses a self-winding cal. 35800 movement, and the diameter of the 37 mm case is also suitable for the wrist diameter of most Asians. The white dial with stainless steel case, along with the brown leather strap, presents an elegant classic. At 12 o’clock, there is a moon phase disk, which also adds a bit of fun to this watch.
Zenith Pilot Series 11.2430.4069 / 21.C773

Product model: 11.2430.4069 / 21.C773
Domestic public price: 56200
Watch diameter: 45 mm
Case thickness: 14.25 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: 4069
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: zenith / 43900 /
Watch comments: Retro feelings are not only derived from today’s young people, most of the older generations who remembered youth, including our parents. This Zenith Pilot’s Watch, with its standard ‘onion’ crown, large digital time scale, fluorescent coated hands and worn straps, has set a classic example for us. Wear it as if you can go back to the old days, his father is not yet old, and he is full of ambition to return to the age of his fathers who belong to the young age.
Breitling mechanical timing series AB011012 / F546 / 375A

Product model: AB011012 / F546 / 375A
Domestic public price: 72300
Watch diameter: 44 mm
Case thickness: 16.95 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: Cal.01
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 500 meters
Watch details: Breitling / 41600 /
Watch Reviews: Breitling is well known for its professional chronological watchmaking skills. When choosing watches as gifts for parents, we often choose simpler dials and classic designs. As everyone knows, every man has a dream of becoming a hero in his heart. And the hero can not be late for saving the world because the watch is not on time, so the Breitling mechanical chronograph has become the best choice for these ‘old heroes’. The three black sub dials on the dial and the magnificent bezel design all give this watch a unique personality.

Summary: Thanks for the origin of life, there are so few you and me in the world. Some of the fate between people will accompany life, and some may only be a brief glance. Thanks to the parents who gave us life, to the friends who accompanied us to grow up. Real thanks, maybe nothing more than a sincere thank you.

Refreshing Spring

The chill is dying, and at the beginning of the early spring, everything is gestating a new life in silence. Increasingly warm sunlight was gently sprinkled towards this awakening land, and people faded away from the thickness of winter, showing lightness and rhythm. A breeze passed by, bringing a fresh breath unique to early spring, nourishing the hope of growing abundance in my heart. In this refreshing early spring, Mido selected the Belem Série watch to make freshness and prettyness leap between your wrists and welcome the beginning of spring with a pleasant tick.

  Simple and fresh at first sight
  Belem Celli Men’s Watch

  As one of the most popular product series of Swiss Mido, the Belem Celli collection draws on the architectural style and design essence of the Rennes Opera House in France. It is exquisite without losing the atmosphere, and simple but elegant. The Belem Celli men’s watch inherits the classic style. The simple curve outlines a perfect circular outline. The center of the 38mm dial is meticulously decorated with gum patterns. Silence, the glory of the new season. The blue Roman scale is his bright smile, as clear and clear as the clear blue sky in early spring, exudes a sense of ease and ease. Elegant silver and fresh blue echo each other, just like him in a white shirt, refreshing and clean, extraordinary in style. The bevel-cut silver hands of the diamond show a calm and intelligent style, beating constantly under the precise operation of a high-quality automatic mechanical movement, recording his growth and transformation from pure greenness to steady mature. The Belem Celli men’s watch is paired with a silver stainless steel bracelet.

  Pretty red rhyme
  Belem Celli Women’s Watch

  The long winter is about to pass, and in the early spring, the red rhyme gradually unfolds inadvertently, welcoming the spring with gorgeous colors. Mido Berencelli ladies watch, in this refreshing early spring with a red charm on the wrist brings a touch of pretty. The 29-millimeter mother-of-pearl dial is as delicate as her face, so natural and lovely. The red digital hour markers are delicately decorated on the dial, as if the red petals were scattered leisurely, stagnating time and fascinating. Under the double-sided anti-dazzling sapphire mirror, the silver pointer jumped smartly, and passed the quiet good years, witnessing that the ancient times have not changed. The silvery white round case and lugs are pure and clear, like a beautiful young woman who has just entered the world, and is quietly waiting for winter to spring. The red calfskin leather strap highlights her passionate and elegant red side. It releases the feminine charm in a gorgeous and eye-catching way. It immediately attracts and locks all the surrounding eyes, becoming the most beautiful scenery in early spring. It is pretty naive and inviting .
Technical Information
Belem Celli Men’s Watch
Movement ETA2824-2 mechanical movement, diameter 25.6mm, thickness 4.60mm, 25 diamonds. Hours, minutes, seconds, date display. More than 38 hours of power reserve
Case 316L stainless steel, 38mm diameter, 3 parts, double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror, transparent back cover with beautifully decorated movement, engraved serial number, 50 meters waterproof
316L stainless steel strap with folding clasp
The date window at 4:30, the gum pattern on the center of the dial, Roman numerals
Hands Beveled and Polished Diamonds

Belem Celli Women’s Watch
Movement ETA2671 automatic mechanical movement, diameter 17.20mm, thickness 4.80mm, 25 diamonds, power reserve of more than 38 hours, hour, minute and date functions, carefully sculpted Geneva ripple and LOGO rotor
Case 316L stainless steel case, case diameter 29mm, double-sided anti-reflective sapphire mirror, transparent back with beautifully decorated movement, engraved serial number, 50 meters waterproof
Strap Red calfskin leather strap with crocodile leather pattern and stainless steel folding buckle
Dial White mother-of-pearl dial
Hands Beveled Diamond Cut

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