Month: April 2017

Story And Wine Ebolo Cocktail Cocktail Series Ultra-thin Hollow Female Watch Tasting

Swiss Ebolus Cocktail Series reappears glory in color, creativity and uniqueness. Re-examining physical mechanics, combining classic aesthetics with superb Swiss watchmaking skills, the automatic movement drives the ultra-thin hollow minute and seconds dial to replace the traditional hour hand. This unique design and innovative technology are especially amazing. This unique design, full of feminine personality, coupled with the dreamy romance of cocktails, this watch can be described as full of charm. (Model: BG8080_08211PR)

   A century-old brand ‘Ernest Borel’ watch, because of a beautiful and romantic legend, opened her more exciting and beautiful chapter.

Watch front view real shot
   ErnestBorel’s graceful dance with a girl at the banquet attracted the attention of the audience. This was captured by a photographer, the romantic moments were freezed, and also inspired ErnestBorel’s inspiration. So he designed it with the two people’s dancing pictures. Ebolu brand trademark. Love is eternal in time! No matter how the years change, love will be remembered. It is such a brand with a romantic legend that has been loved by people after a century of history.

Time walks like a dream

Dial real shot

   Breaking down on the history of watchmaking on the wave, the cocktail collection is bound to be one of its masterpieces. The ‘magnificent magic disk’ with many design patents is amazing. Looking at its dial, purple is particularly noble against a purple background. The scale and diamond are combined with elegance, and the middle blooming ‘rose heart’ is very eye-catching. Two ultra-thin skeletonized time-sharing plates replace the traditional watch hands, which are constantly rotated by the movement, all displaying accurate calculations and advanced craftsmanship. The watchmaker made the two layers of patterns in the dynamic interlacing to form a ‘kaleidoscope’ effect that continuously extends inside and out. Such a special design allows time to rotate in a dreamlike mood. Needless to say.

Watch side bezel real shot effect

Gold-plated exquisite crown engraved with a wave-like butterfly logo

Beautiful gold curve lugs, feminine details

   Stainless steel case with ion plated gold, noble and gorgeous, sapphire crystal glass, crystal clear, dreamy and bright. The crown is an embossed abbreviation of the classic flower body of the 1940s, which is exquisite and retro.

Swiss-made 2824 / SW200 automatic movement

Movement panorama real shot

   The Swiss-made movement is exquisitely polished, rhodium-plated and blue steel screws. The movement of the movement can be clearly seen through the bottom of the watch, which drives the dial’s perforated minutes and seconds to bloom.

Watch strap detail real shot

Watch buckle real shot

   The calfskin leather strap is extremely comfortable to wear, and with noble and elegant purple, it is more gorgeous and elegant. The double-button butterfly clasp with hollow EB is exquisite and beautiful, with unique details, which can be seen by the watchmaker.

The overall effect of the watch
Summary: The design of this watch can be described as ‘a pioneer’. Even without the traditional chronograph hands, accurate time can be achieved through the movement. The hollow dial design is in line with female characteristics. The unique design and superb craftsmanship make this watch attractive. . Romantic love stories, the passion of cocktails, let time walk in dreams. There are stories, and there is wine.

The First Anniversary Of The Opening Of The Official Flagship Store Of Baoqilai Jingdong Online. Exclusive Exclusive Sales Of Watch Models.

On September 14, 2019, Carl F. Bucherer’s official flagship store is about to celebrate its first anniversary. Last year, Bucherer held a grand press conference for in Beijing. Mr. Murray, CEO of Bucherer Global, and Li Bingbing, the global spokesperson for the brand, also attended. For one year, Bao Qilai and Jingdong maintained a good strategic cooperation relationship, the sales performance was outstanding, and the brand awareness has also been significantly improved.
   The Baoqilai Jingdong Online flagship store is the only official online sales channel of Baoqilai in China, and it is also the first time that the brand has tested the Chinese e-commerce market. The addition of Bucherer enriched the sales of high-end watches on, and the influence of JD’s e-commerce has also helped Bucherer expand the Chinese market better. As an online attempt of a traditional luxury watch brand, the Bucherer JD online flagship store not only presents the classic craftsmanship from Lucerne, Switzerland, but also brings the same after-sales service as offline specialty stores, making consumers more comfortable. People can enjoy shopping at ease anytime, anywhere.

Limited Edition Tourbillon Double Peripheral Limited Edition
   To celebrate the first anniversary of the opening of the Bucherer flagship store, the brand has specially selected three limited-edition heritage watch series, namely the exclusive black series limited edition “188” and the exclusive limited-edition gold series limited edition “166. ‘And’ 188 ‘, the exclusive limited edition numbers’ 18 ‘and’ 38 ‘of the heritage series double outer tourbillon limited edition watches, and the new limited edition number of Plavi women’s watches, started on the Jingdong platform on September 14. sell.

Annual calendar double disc chronograph (Heritage BiCompax Annual)
   In 2019, Bucherer adheres to the official motto of ‘Treasuring Values’, with four core values ​​as its core concepts: Sustainability, Tradition, Excellence, and Innovation. ), Is committed to let more and more consumers enjoy quality services from Lucerne for more than 130 years, bringing more people a comfortable and convenient shopping experience.

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