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Swatch 2013 Summer Collection Watch

Swatch sparks the fun of colorful summer. This is destined to be a noisy feast, bright and almost crazy colors, looking full of vitality, like an unstoppable sun, as well as salt and fine sand on the skin, these are synonymous with summer.
 Detonating the Summer Carnival
The carefree atmosphere is everywhere, from open-air bars and cafés hidden on the streets, to the white sandy beaches, to the waves of collisions and yelling. The new Swatch 2013 summer series brings not only a visual feast, but also a carnival that speeds up the heartbeat. Swatch launches new collections of watches in iconic styles, with an adventurous design, inspired by contemporary art and traditional exotic styles, with stunning vivid colors. Summer is here, welcome this summer with Swatch!
Recommended for the 2013 Summer Collection:


Dance with the music
No matter when and where you are, there will always be melodious music lingering in the air, which will light up the day to give you a day’s vitality; and on a long lazy night, you will be accompanied by a gentle, romantic melody. The sound of daylight slowly progresses to the night, and suddenly you find the moment of dancing, the rhythm of the movement is melodious all night, and gradually comes to the dawn of the sea full of vitality with the interesting interlude. This colorful ultra-thin watch with a soft braided strap is eager to put music in your heart.
Series: Ultra-thin series
Dial: Sun-brushed silver dial with turquoise Arabic numerals and orange and purple scales
Case: transparent hard plastic case
Strap: horizontal stripe braided material strap in a variety of bright colors


Mysterious elegance
This is an endless world of elegance, a hazy and mysterious world. Symbols were drawn in the silver gravel, but turned into an invisible end. You try to find the meaning of these symbols, constantly searching in the deep black dial and the color of the stones. This attractive ultra-thin watch is a new contemporary interpretation of the classic version, a mysterious choice, timeless classic.
Series: Ultra-thin series
Dial: Sun-brushed black dial with turquoise and black scales
Case: Grey transparent hard plastic case
Strap: Adjustable polished stainless steel 316L strap with black and turquoise gemstone decoration

GB273 RMB 410 PSYCHEDELIA patchwork style

Weaving the world of national art
Strolling through the bazaar in the town, you suddenly stop. You are deeply attracted by the festive atmosphere, jubilant colors and stunning patterns. That’s it! You feel this vitality, glowing brilliance, the color weaving into the fabric, these rush to your heart. As if this is the case, you are walking through the noisy crowd in the heat of summer, listening to the captivating conversation. This classic original series watch is a patchwork of various patterns, bright colors seem to cheer for the imagination and uninhibited colors of national art.
Series: Classic Original Series
Dial: black dial with multi-color print
Case: black hard plastic gloss case
Strap: Multicolor fabric strap with green buckle and yellow ring

SUOB105 RMB 510 ETNOTATION Minimal Symbol

Come to the happy life of the Maya by time machine
Although hard to believe, time is truly eternal. Take a closer look at the dial of this watch. The Maya designs bring us back to a world that still seems to be a symbol of peace and happiness. The minimalist abstract pattern of black and white looks so perfect and harmonious. Try to imagine that after centuries, the Maya came to the present, and this will still be the fashion choice. An elegant classic original watch worthy of possession.
Series: Classic Original Series
Dial: black dial with white scale
Case: black matte hard plastic case
Strap: Black hard silicone strap with white print

SUSG400 RMB 890 LIMONATA Lemon Soda

Go forward
 Look! Can you imagine wearing such colors? It’s just amazing! There is nothing brighter than it, so take a bold step forward and show it to the world. Whether it is seen or it is seen. Everyone, prepare, rush! faster! How fast? See how much time you spend. awesome! Relax now. Let’s find a good place to relax. I really love lemonade drinks, they are the color that summer should have. Come for two cups, thank you!
Series: Multifunctional Original Series
Dial: Black dial with white Arabic numerals and white and green scales
Case: green matte hard plastic case
Strap: Green hard silicone strap


What is a better definition of cleverness?
Life is changing fast, like a crazy kaleidoscope, a window full of happiness. On a sunny day, look straight out the window and feel the pulse of summer, the hot beat and the hot temperature. There are many colors and ten colors, refraction and reflection, so the interaction is produced! What you feel will not just be fun, hurry up, let us embark on this journey together!
Series: Touch screen series
Touch screen: black background with golden digital display
Case: white matte hard plastic case
Bezel: white matte hard plastic bezel with multi-color print
Strap: white matte hard plastic bezel with multi-color print and black aluminum buckle


Vitality, excitement, passion
In the heat of the afternoon blue sky, a sound sounded. ‘Dear, come on, come on, come to the shade.’ A glass of cold drink is waiting for you. This is a glass of lemon-flavored ice drink. The cold texture makes you snoring unconsciously. You look up at the sky, the sun sinks into the sea, and colors burst into the air. This is the vitality and color of summer. so cool!
Series: Classic Original Series
Dial: Blue dial with yellow Arabic numerals, dark pink and yellow graduations, and day / date calendar window at 3 o’clock
Case: Dark pink matte hard plastic case
Strap: yellow leather strap with dark pink routing and same color buckle and ring

Since 1987’s Time Charm

In three decades of watchmaking legends, Chanel has demonstrated superb fine watchmaking skills. The watch interprets a pleasant time, and is the pinnacle of professional craftsmanship and artistic creativity. Watches, art under time.

In October 1987, the first watch launched by Chanel surprised the world. It is a Premiere watch.

   Première: feminine, singular adjective. French means “first”: surpassing others in time, space, and status. First and foremost. Feminine, singular nouns: unprecedented and unparalleled achievements. In transportation, it refers to the most comfortable cabin. In the field of couture, is the title of chief tailor.

In the field of watchmaking, it is Chanel’s first watch specially made for women, inspired by the contours of the Place Vendôme in Paris and the shape of the N ° 5 perfume bottle cap. This women’s exclusive watch is not just a simple replica of the men’s watch, it completely subverts the traditional watch design principles.

Like the interpretation of Inès de la Fressange, this watch is both a precise timepiece and a fashionable accessory, as it is called. The Première watch set the first movement for the glorious history of Chanel watchmaking. Première watches give time a new definition: dials without dials and hour markers, simple and smooth quietly telling endless possibilities.

This watch is more than just a timepiece, it is also an amazing treasure, a classic example of feminine charm.
It all comes from the relentless pursuit of refined aesthetics, superb craftsmanship, and unlimited creativity. Chanel’s iconic elements continue to inspire creation: timepieces adorned with pearls, camellia, comets, rhombuses, and bows are decorated on the wrist and boldly subvert the design principles of women’s watches.

The drafting, conception, research and development and manufacturing of the watch design are done by Chanel. In 2000, a revolutionary watch was born: J12. This black high-tech precision ceramic watch is hailed as the new classic of the 21st century watch. The pendulum is covered with a deep, dark and shiny black, which made a sensation when it first appeared in the Fontaine Square in Paris. The ceramic bracelet fits the wrist like a second skin and naturally senses body temperature, not as hard as metal. Chanel transformed high-tech precision ceramics into a precious watchmaking material, making deep black an indispensable color in watchmaking.

In 2003, Chanel gave the series a white and flawless new life with the landmark J12 white watch. The stunning white color has become an indispensable classic color for the watchmaking industry for the next ten years. Since then, Chanel has put forth new ideas, ingenuity, and has always adhered to the core quality of the watch. Today, 17 years after the advent of the J12 series, Chanel has renewed its J12 ∙ XS series with unique feminine characteristics. Performing this classic series.

The J12 watch is not only a revolution in the history of Chanel watchmaking, but because of its bold use of deep black, pure white and high-tech precision ceramic materials, it has subverted the entire field of fine watchmaking. In 2005, the J12 tourbillon watch brought the brand’s watchmaking skills and creativity to a whole new level.

Five years later, Chanel created another glory with the mysterious J12 flyback watch. The sophisticated complication movement of the J12 Mysterious Flyback watch establishes Chanel’s position in the field of fine watchmaking. At Chanel, watchmaking technology has always strived to follow the brand’s relentless pursuit of creativity, without exception.

While adhering to the Swiss watchmaking tradition and the brand’s unlimited creativity, Chanel has completed the creation of the watch from its creation to its creation. Chanel watches always go before the times. It is precise timing, bolder interpretation of classic elements. time flies. In 2012, just as the 25th anniversary of the birth of the Première watch, Chanel presented the Première floating tourbillon watch, opening up the world of complication watches for women.

This is the first time a Camellia or Comet-shaped tourbillon is inlaid with diamonds. Chanel interprets a continuous stream of creativity with advanced watchmaking technology, giving endless possibilities for product innovation.

Chanel won the first Geneva Haute Horlogerie award for the ‘Première Floating Tourbillon’-the ‘Best Women’s Watch’. This award is presented annually to pay tribute to the world’s best timepieces and most influential watchmakers.

In the same year, the highly anticipated Mademoiselle Privé jewellery watch collection attracted widespread attention. Imaginative dials, exquisite movements, gold embroidery returning to handmade techniques, finely set diamonds and mother-of-pearl, ancient gem carving techniques-make everything possible. This series, created by the best enamel technicians, sculptors and gem inlayers, has written another glorious chapter for Chanel’s creative watchmaking legend, and it has demonstrated Chanel’s unparalleled superb skills with unprecedented attitude.

The dial of the Mademoiselle Privé Camellia embroidery watch uses a unique “needle drawing” process and is embroidered with colored silk threads; this watch made Chanel recognized again by the Geneva Haute Horlogerie Award in 2013 and won the “Best Craft Watch” .

In 2015, the BOY · FRIEND series watch reshaped the neutral example of ladies’ watches. Made for women, but handsome and modern, full of masculine beauty, once again subvert the classic women’s watch design guidelines.

In 2016, Chanel paid tribute to the classic element of tweed, engraving its texture on the stainless steel strap of a BOY ∙ FRIEND series watch for the first time. The engraved strap made of fine steel wire demonstrates Chanel’s superb watchmaking skills and fully displays the rich level of tweed fabric.

In 2016, Chanel launched the first self-made high-end watchmaking movement: CALIBRE 1, equipped with two functions: instantaneous hour jumping and flyback minute hand, for Chanel’s first Monsieur de CHANEL series for men.

This watch is unprecedented, unique and born of dreams. Its movement is a unique new creation, created to give it life. Its case is also a masterpiece of innovation, with a mission to carry it. This is how Chanel created immortal masterpieces with infinite desire. A pinnacle created by desire.

In 2017, Chanel entered the field of professional watchmaking for 30 years. Thirty years later, Chanel still has the same desire to write more legends in the field of fine watchmaking.

Chanel gave the Premiere a second self-made fine watch movement, reinterpreted this classic watch, and pushed it to a whole new level of fine watchmaking. This deep black skeleton movement is unique and ingenious, which explains another classic element and infinite creativity of the brand.

For three decades, Chanel has always upheld the same creative aspirations: at the end of 2017, Chanel will present a craftsmanship aesthetics with a high degree of recognition.

Since 1987, Chanel watches have written a brilliant legend. In 2017, Chanel watches will continue to write about the future.

Chanel watches made in Switzerland with many patented technologies and innovative variations make time stand out. For three decades, Chanel has always adhered to its original intention and has continuously established new standards for watchmaking.

Year after year, watches tell the charm of time and make extraordinary.

Black Gentleman Style Celeton’s New Clifton Watch

Black represents mystery, and to a certain extent, it is inextricably linked to ‘Cool’. But at the Geneva Haute Horlogerie Salon, a black watch of the Baume & Mercier Crichton series with a new movement reinterpreted the model of the black gentleman for us. (Model: 10399)

 Deep and restrained black dial. The dial has a simple, low-key, clear and easy-to-read display design, a slim rivet-type engraving, a slender lancet (lancet) hand, and an enlarged date display window at 3 o’clock.

 The simple watch design specially designed for urban gentlemen. The big three hands and the date display window maximize the reading experience when reading. Under the dome-shaped sapphire crystal glass, a circle of stainless steel minute scales is arranged in a perfectly proportioned round case shape, which highlights the 40 mm diameter, polished / satin-polished stainless steel case.

Smooth lines between lugs and leather strap

 Water-resistant case up to 50 meters with transparent case back, revealing the new Baumatic ™
BM12-1975A movement, showing this first self-winding mechanical movement developed by Baume & Mercier and Richemont Group.

Leather strap (detailed real shot)

 This series is a contemporary timepiece of the modern gentleman with a crocodile leather strap and pin buckle. The clever design of the strap can be easily replaced without any tools, and it is available in dark blue, dark black and warm brown (two-tone case style). )s Choice.

Summary: The surface treatment with ‘ceramic texture’ shows a crystal clear and exquisite appearance. Baume & Mercier used the new Crichton Baumatic ™ watch introduced this time to vividly outline the brand’s men’s appearance. Designed for urban gentlemen, it is an indispensable gem for watch lovers with great aesthetic taste.

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