Month: August 2017

Seven Black Gold Watches Show The Luxury Taste Of Cool Men

Watches are men’s favorite cold weapon, and the matching of black gold is definitely the coolest and most charming. Imagine the black dial, coupled with the most dazzling rose gold, exudes an irresistible exquisite luxury feeling.

RAYMOND WELL 雷 –Walk of fame
The “Walk of fame” watch set with gemstones has attracted much attention for its stunning special design. Combining two designs: the legendary DON GIOVANNI chronograph watch and the well-known DON GIOVANNI time zone.
Retail price: not priced

JUVENIA Honor-Golden Age
The advent of the Golden Age, combined with the perfection pursued by countless artists throughout their lives. Intoxicated in the age of no time, the watchmaker re-explored the definition of watch art and carried forward the spirit of pursuit of perfection. They decided to turn the ancient craftsmanship of smelting into nature, and launched a series of watches called the Golden Age. Perform an immortal legend.
Retail price: RMB 225,000

Montblanc-Star automatic time chronograph
Star automatic time chronograph with automatic winding time chronograph movement, stainless steel case diameter 42 mm, with anti-reflective treatment and wear-resistant arched sapphire crystal glass, with silver dial and red gold hands And hour scale, water-resistant to 30 meters, with black alligator strap with folding buckle. Limited to 100 pieces worldwide.
Retail price: not priced

Radiomir GMT / Alarm is a classic Panerai alarm watch model. After the limited edition of 60 platinum models was launched in 1999, the gold material was presented again. This year, Radiomir GMT / Alarm launched the rose gold style, which provides an exquisite sports watch in addition to steel bands, another precious metal material choice.
Retail price: 12,900 Euros

Hill Dunhill-A-Centric Pentagraph
The term ‘eternal’ is the most appropriate to describe the classic A-Centric watch. The 12-hour dial with a date ring on the outside perfectly blends the elegance of old time with a modern look.
Retail price: RMB 39,585

Breitling-Flying B watch
ItBreitling (Breitling) for the Breitling For Bentley watch series launched a surprise again. This uniquely shaped square watch, the dial design of the Flying B watch combines art and watchmaking. As the perfect embodiment of the Swiss watchmaking process, this watch shows the precision of every detail, marking the original spirit of Breitling watches. This brand new watch is also launched for the famous British Bentley Motor Company with its flying B letter logo.
Retail price: not priced

Hill Dunhill-A-Centric Pentagraph Limited Edition
HillDunhill plans to produce a total of 1,000 stainless steel A-Centric Pentagraph watches and engraved a unique number at the 6 o’clock position of each watch case, and a unique technical registration number at 12 o’clock. The octagonal spiral caseback is also engraved with the dunhill Motorities bulldog pattern. In addition, Dunhill will also issue a limited edition of 300 Pentagraph gold watches in 18K yellow gold with crocodile leather straps and expanded gold buckles.
Retail price: RMB 94,080

Oris Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition Shining

This summer, Oris is proud to announce the latest special development version of the diving watch. Oris Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition is a unique ideal diving watch.
Oris has teamed up with the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) to help protect and maintain the ecological environment of Australia’s largest reef group, the Great Barrier Reef, by issuing this limited-edition diving watch. Every Oris Oris sold will be donated to AMCS50 Swiss francs to support its work.
This mechanical watch is environmentally friendly and harmless. Each Oris mechanical watch does not require batteries or any chemical products, but is manually wound by the wearer to run it.

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