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Reproducing Elegant Style Tasting Panerai Luminor Due 3-day Power Reserve Titanium Watch

Since its inception, Panerai and ‘Big’ have complemented each other, with a large case, large dial, large strap, large bridge and other designs. It is true that the atmospheric Pei Faner fascinates many watch enthusiasts, but the exaggerated case design is prohibitive for many people. Indeed, the previous four Panerai series are all thicker and larger in design, making it harder for watch friends who are slightly thinner to control. Fortunately, in 2016, the brand launched a new series of Luminor Due. In addition to retaining many classic features of Panerai, it increased the slimness of the new watch, breaking the deadlock of Panerai’s ‘thin-thin watch’. Table friends who love Panerai watches offer more options. This year, the brand once again injected fresh blood into this outstanding and novel series. Among them is the Panerai LUMINOR DUE 3-day power reserve titanium watch that we will introduce to you next. It is matched with a durable matte titanium case. Elegant and stylish dark blue dial, urban fashion is more intense.

Lighter, slimmer and more stylish

   The design of this Luminor Due series watch is derived from the classic design of many Panerai antique watches. The style is smooth and simple, including the classic pillow case, large dial, integrated lugs, and crown bridge protection. Continuing the essence of the brand tradition. At the same time, the Luminor Due series also adapts to today’s clock design changes, with simpler lines, thinner thickness, lighter weight and stronger fashion sense. It is a versatile watch that can be used for formal, sports and leisure occasions.
Watch real shot details

Panerai LUMINOR DUE 3-Day Power Reserve Titanium Watch (Watch Model: PAM00728)

   This time, this new product adopts a 42mm matte titanium pillow case. Compared with traditional stainless steel, titanium is lighter, stronger and more durable. As can be seen from the side of this watch, the bezel is polished and polished, echoing the matte titanium case, showing two different look and feel enjoyment. Inheriting the brand’s patented lug bridge design, while giving the watch more brand characteristics, it guarantees the lugs and the internal tightness of the watch, which is full of reliability.

Watch thickness 10.5 mm

   The exquisite satin-finished dark blue dial has a better visual effect when exposed to light. Arabic numerals, bar-shaped hour markers and the central two hands contrast each other, making the time indication clear and intuitive. At 9 o’clock, there is a small seconds dial, which reproduces the classic style of the brand’s simple dial.

   The hour markers, hands, and small seconds are covered with luminous parts, which can emit a striking green light in a dark environment.

   The watch is equipped with a P.1000 manual winding three-day power reserve mechanical movement to ensure the accuracy of the time. Equipped with a stop-seconds reset device, the watch can be perfectly synchronized with the reference time signal, making the time adjustment accurate and convenient. The back-through design gives the back cover more mechanical beauty and full of viewing.

Dark blue alligator strap

Frosted titanium pin buckle
    The dark blue crocodile leather strap, decorated with dark blue stitching, is beautiful and elegant. Paired with a titanium pin buckle, the Panerai English logo is on it, presenting a beautiful landscape on the wrist. The classic pin buckle can ensure the safety of the watch between the wrist and is more reliable.

Watch price: RMB 60,900
Summary: This year’s Panerai undoubtedly made further innovations in the product structure. The main characteristics are based on the results of new materials, new technologies and new color matching, which make the new watches thinner and more urban fashion charm. This is the case for the Panerai LUMINOR DUE 3-day power reserve titanium watch, which injects the popular dark blue into the watch, blends with a slim, classic pillow case, and is equipped with an excellent P.1000 manual winding movement. , Set style and performance as one, leaving a deep impression. If you like this watch, you may wish to enter the brand store for details.

Rolex Brand Story-founder Hans Wilsdorf

Only a few people can make a name for themselves in the contemporary era and lead the times. And Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, is one of them. This kind of breakthrough of time is very rare, which fully reflects the uniqueness of Wilsdorf and its brand. This brilliant and prolific innovator died in 1960, and he has left countless precious heritages for the entire watchmaking industry, especially Rolex.

   Wristwatches are very common in today’s generation, but in 1905 things were quite different. With the changing times, our lifestyle and dress style have also changed. At that time, Hans Wilsdorf, only 24 years old, was convinced that ‘watches have extraordinary potential in sports-loving countries […] such as the United Kingdom’, and he was determined to create sturdy and reliable watches that were in line with the prevailing fashion Pocket watches are comparable, and the process is not easy at all. Faced with such a small case, the design must be precise and perfect. He also pointed out: ‘At the time, the watch was actually not optimistic. Watchmakers around the world may be skeptical about the development of the watch and consider this novelty. [Destined] to fail. ‘

   With his fearless spirit and determination, Hans Wilsdorf made watches popular and made Rolex a well-known brand. It has maintained a prominent and respected position for more than a century.
   Among the many letters he wrote throughout his life, the resolute Hans Wilsdorf wrote in a 1914 letter: ‘We want to be number one … and Rolex watches should be considered unique and unique. The best! ‘The goal is very clear.
In fact, Hans Wilsdorf not only shapes people’s perception of the watch itself, but also its positioning, use and potential. In addition, he has always adhered to the eternal value, pursuing extraordinary quality, passion for watchmaking and excellent performance, making Rolex the ultimate model of fine watchmaking. To this day, this spirit of perseverance, persistence, vision and imagination is reflected in Rolex factories, research laboratories and departments, while fully affirming Wilsdorf’s belief from the beginning ‘Everywhere, originality and quality [must] become our future slogans, and every [Rolex] watch must be the embodiment of superior quality.’
Watchmaking passion and the spirit of the times
   Hans Wilsdorf is unique in his vision, fully grasps the pulse and pace of the times, responds to the current situation in a very flexible manner, and can anticipate the changing needs of consumers, making the brand and watchmaking industry first and foremost. From chronograph certification, the world’s first waterproof oyster watch, Perpetual Oscillator to professional models. Hans Wilsdorf wrote: ‘Rolex must always think differently and act differently, which is our greatest strength.’
   This spirit of continuous innovation extends to all possible fields, from intellectual property (created the loud and easy-to-remember ‘Rolex’ brand name as early as 1908, focusing on brand registration and protection), avant-garde marketing, The communication from advertising to spokesperson strategy is an example of the leading times.
Vision and Value
   Hans Wilsdorf adheres to his traditional values. In addition to prudent actions now, he constantly imagines the future, creating a truly timeless brand, and combining classics with contemporary elements. In addition, he discovered the magic formula that makes products last long, and this is the magic source of Rolex brand. In his seventies, Hans Wilsdorf still showed his relentless spirit: ‘I am seventy-five years old. However, I am still enthusiastic about the watchmaking industry and often bring fresh ideas. ‘
Boldness and extraordinary beauty
   His advice, no matter today or in the past, is undoubtedly exactly the same: ‘Going forward. Success requires courage and determination.’

Outside Edge Pendulum Clever And Stylish Winding Scheme

Since CarlF. Bucherer launched the CFBA1000 movement in 2009, the outer rotor has become increasingly popular. Generally, the winding rotor is installed in the center of the movement and rotates on it; the outer edge of the rotor is not the same. The winding rotor is ring-shaped and is installed and swings around the movement. This is an ingenious and stylish solution that not only gives a clear overview of the movement of the case back, but also makes it possible to design thinner automatic winding watches.

In 2009, the Bucherer CFBA1000 became the first mass-produced outer oscillating weight movement.
1950s-first attempt

Paul Gosteli’s Outer Edge Rotor Patent N ° 322325
 The concept of a oscillating rotor is not new. In June 1955, Paul Gosteli from Geneva applied for a patent (Swiss patent N ° 322325, filed in June 1955, published July 31, 1957), which described a ‘rotary rotor around a movement The frame features a ‘window winding system.’

Patek Philippe patent for outer oscillating weight

Patek Philippe Calibre350 rim rotor
 Similarly, about ten years later, Patek Philippe applied for a patent for a self-winding movement (Swiss patent N ° 548213, filed on June 15, 1965, published on February 29, 1968), which includes a ‘ring-shaped winding rotor … the oscillating weight and the related gear train are placed on the outer edge of the movement ‘. The Calibre350 oscillating weight movement was born. This movement involved many technical challenges. The winding oscillating weight rotates on the outer edge. The traditional spindle and crown cannot be used, so the crown has to be installed on the back side.
2009-Suibao Qilai Revival

Boucherer Oscillator
 The PaulGosteli patent and Patek Philippe patent mentioned above, the crown is placed on the back side of the case; Bao Qilai conceived an efficient and convenient technical solution to return the crown and the stem to the traditional position (3 o’clock), the outer edge The rotor concept was introduced into modern mass production. Bucherer utilizes three small DLC-coated roller bearings equipped with ceramic rolling bearings to drive the outer oscillating weight. Ceramic rolling bearings need no lubrication and can be wound in both directions.

Bucherer Marie Dragon Double-Edge Tourbillon Case Back

Bucherer Marie Dragon Edge Power Watch (43mm Model) Case Back

Bucherer Marie Dragon Watch
 Bucherer first realized this ingenious concept on the CFBA1000 movement (2009), then the CFBA2000 (2016, an improved version of CFBA1000, aimed at mass production), and the latest CFBT3000 equipped with an outer tourbillon. Movement (2018), the three movements are all independently designed and manufactured by the Baucherle Linnold watch factory.
Other examples
 With the development of the outer oscillating weight concept, in recent years, many brands have applied this design to their movements (mainly high-end movements), such as Dewitt, Vacheron Constantin, Breguet and Audemars Piguet. The creation of a thin automatic watch by the outer oscillating weight also helped a lot. In 2017, Piaget became the world record holder for the thinnest automatic (mechanical) watch. The Altiplano UltimateAutomatic watch is only 4.30 mm thick and is equipped with a 910P movement. The oscillating weight is placed on the outer edge of the movement and partially mounted under the bezel to save space in the watch.

Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Automatic 910P
 Only a few months later, BVLGARI set two records with a single watch, the OctoFinissimo Automatic Tourbillon watch, the thinnest automatic watch and the thinnest tourbillon watch. The thickness of the entire watch is only 3.95 mm. Thanks to the outer rotor, the thickness of the self-winding movement is exactly the same as the non-automatic version, but with a larger diameter. The watch has a button at 4 o’clock, alternating time and winding.

BVLGARI OctoFinissimo Automatic Tourbillon watch

BVLGARI Calibre BVL288 movement
 Cartier proposes another interesting and clever application scheme for winding the outer rotor. The outer oscillating weight of the 9603MC movement is not only able to wind the watch, it has also been shaped into a beautiful appearance, and is presented to the wearer’s wrist with a fresh attitude every moment. For example, Cartier launched the Rencontrede Panthères watch at the SIHH2018 in Geneva. The watch moves the outer oscillating weight from the rear of the movement to the top of the dial, and is decorated with two cheetahs composed of diamonds and a ring. When the oscillating weight swings, the two cheetahs in the center of the dial seem to wrestle around a ring. .

Cartier Rencontrede Panthères
 The outer oscillating weight is undoubtedly one of the main innovations in the automatic winding mechanism. Today, more and more brands are adopting this stylish and technically complex solution. The outer oscillating weight combines various advantages: slim, efficient winding (for example, more efficient than a miniature oscillating weight), unobstructed view … from this perspective, the outer oscillating weight will soon be used This is also a logical prediction for more ‘mid-range’ watches. Of course, Bucherer has proven that the price of watch products using this mechanism can be relatively affordable. (Edited by Xu Chaoyang, the home of the watch / text watch)

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