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New Interpretation Of Classic Models Tasting The New Watch Of Senator Glashütte Calendar

Glashütte Original, a German high-end watch manufacturer, continues to pursue the art of design. Through a purely contemporary new style, the ‘Senator Calendar Series’, Glashütte’s internal design team The model has been modified several times to achieve a stunning new look that is both classic and modern. Today, let us taste this classic watch that has been remodeled from a new perspective.

 The interior designer of this Saxon watchmaking factory has realized a series of more clever improvements without sacrificing utility with the new dial visual design. Whether it is the design or the overall feeling, it brings us a new experience based on the classic continuation.

 This new timepiece’s 40mm case has both polished and brushed surfaces. Available in red gold and stainless steel, Glashütte’s internal design team has made several modifications to the existing model to achieve both. Stunning new look in classic and modern.

 Overall, the changes in this new version (left) are still very significant. First of all, the shrinking of the bezel makes the dial space appear larger. The original model used a 37 mm diameter.

 The reduced bezel makes room for the lacquered silver grained dial, while the finely textured surface on the dial provides a luxurious background for dark black Roman numerals and the classic black railway inner ring. Compared with the previous style, the new appearance is more elegant and traditional.

 The blue-steel pear-shaped hour and minute hands are also more elegant than the previous design to set off the overall feel of the watch, rendering the elegance of this new design.

 Glashütte’s breathtaking large calendar window is set against an ivory background against black, which complements the dial’s color, which can be said to be the continuation of the essence of the series.

 The interior designer of this Saxon watchmaking factory has realized a series of more clever improvements without sacrificing utility with the new dial visual design. The current model uses a button to reset the large calendar date at 8 o’clock; the new model replaces the button with a corrector in the case.

 The stainless steel model with a stainless steel bracelet and the red gold model with a Louisiana alligator leather strap can be said to show the refined luxury of any German watch.

 This senator big calendar watch is driven by the watchmaker’s magical 100-03 automatic winding movement, which stores 55 hours of kinetic energy. The 100 series movement can be seen at a glance from the generous sapphire crystal inlaid on the back of the case. It uses an 18-gold screw balance, a double barrel, a gooseneck trimmer, a skeletonized automatic rotor with 21 karat precious metals, and Glashütte features an exquisite finish.

Summary: At present, there is no relevant definite number in terms of price, but from the watch itself, the classic and new design of the series has become a work standing on the shoulders of giants. The essence is retained and every detail is combined with the user. The sensation of the utmost expression comes from the perfect pursuit of the brand.

Zhuo Jue Machinery, Galloping Roger Dubuis And Lamborghini Squadra Corse

It is like a shocking performance. On September 20, 2017, Roger Dubuis and LamborghiniSquadra Corse Lamborghini Sports Department jointly created a world premiere at the legendary Lamborghini headquarters ( Sant’Agata Bolognese, located in Sant’Agata Bolognes, Italy, was grandly launched and witnessed the development of new milestones and the matching of values ​​of the two major brands: the creation of extraordinary technology and a bold and extraordinary experience. The exquisite Italian aesthetics and performance design, combined with perfect Swiss precision and mechanical skills, turned into a powerful cooperation alliance, and followed the watch movement modeled after the Aventador S super sports car engine and Huracàn Super Trofeo EVO model, for the first time. In the world: the moment of galloping has arrived.

The start of the track, the tiger howling
   Although the motorsports and watchmaking industries have long established various partnerships, the Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini Squadra Corse affiliate story of the sports department of Lamborghini is like an unavoidable fate, which comes from an irresistible fate Attraction: This is the result of the two brands attaching great importance to design aesthetics in their respective R & D processes. Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis’ determination to equip its timepieces with original elements has caused the brand to have a strong interest in other industrial fields in recent years. Its extraordinary ability to transcend the limit promotes the pace of R & D and creation, thus leading the brand to have intersections and dialogues with aircraft, ship, motorcycle and automobile manufacturing industries.

   The enthusiasm for the pursuit of superior performance has always been deeply rooted in Roger Dubuis’brand genes. Therefore, the relationship between the brand and Lamborghini that admired and affirmed each other, began with a surge of passion: regardless of corporate philosophy, R & D vision , Or the ability to create attractive lines and extraordinary technology, as well as the attitude to meet the strict requirements of customers, the agreement between the two sides in all aspects has been confirmed. This initial positive energy-from two leaders who have become benchmarks in their respective fields, two innovators who continue to explore pioneering skills, two designers who strive to break the rules-naturally in the process of cooperation China continues to grow and thrive, and is constantly on its way to a new journey.

   On the “Creating Extraordinary” track, the determination to “promote extraordinary aesthetics with outstanding technology” led them to create amazing new works, and who knows how far this road will go together Situation. Undoubtedly, they will experience countless intense accelerations and breathtaking severe curves. This new partnership reveals that it will naturally take place at the heart of Lamborghini’s R & D department: the legendary CentroStile Design Center. The celebration dinner was unprecedented on the production line of the famous supercar Aventador; and the opportunity for invited guests to drive on a well-known Italian circuit and enjoy an exciting and unforgettable racing experience .

Super engine, time pusher


   Roger Dubuis Technical experts at Roger Dubuis draw inspiration from Lamborghini’s racing spirit and meet the challenges to create the first timepiece series that reflects the mutual understanding and sympathy of both parties. Today, the first work of this efficient alliance, ExcaliburAventador S, is proud to debut, conveying magical passion and extraordinary power. This alliance is determined to create a unique experience for customers-such as being in a Lamborghini sports car, so they share each other’s design resources, creating the first two watches with luxurious high-tech materials and excellent performance: one of them Layer carbon fiber, and the other uses C-SMC (sheet mold) carbon fiber made with the same technology as Lamborghini cars, becoming the world’s first 8 orange limited edition watches with this material. Letting these carbon fiber materials show both elegant style and sporty spirit, while maintaining a luxurious and distinctive temperament, has become a major challenge for watch making. Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis engineers and designers in the center of the timepiece to create a unique charm-just like a super sports car equipped with-kinetic energy storage display, became the core symbol of the watch.

   The Excalibur Aventador S watch, born with the spirit of ‘excellent machinery, galloping’, is driven by a carefully developed Duotor movement like an ‘engine’. This is the original Roger Dubuis movement of Lamborghini, which reflects the brand’s perseverance in continuous innovation in watchmaking: through the alliance with the automotive industry, a new interpretation of its movement. This creation is not only inspired by Lamborghini’s proud tradition of automobiles, but also by Roger Dubuis’s superb skills in building complex machinery. One of the characteristics of Duotor movements is their obvious ‘engine compartment tie rods’: they reinterpret Roger Dubuis’ iconic ‘interstellar cutout’ concept and contrast them with the rest of the movement, as if The watch is equipped with a transparent ‘hood’. In order to improve the performance of the car, Lamborghini has set the engine in a vertical setting, and with the streamlined shape of the super sports car, the configuration of the two balance wheels of this watch follows this design. The group is supported and accentuated by a structure like a spur gear suspension assembly.

    The Excalibur Aventador S series has two styles, each released in a limited edition of 88 pieces and 8 pieces, showing the courage of extraordinary creation. The first carries the iconic yellow of Lamborghini’s “Giallo Orion” (yellow Orion) supercar, which is presented in various design elements of the watch; the second is supercharged with “Arancio Argos” (orange Argos) The sports car is a model of interpretation, and it is launched at a lower volume.

桀骜 Spirit, victory gallops
   Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis will be one of the main sponsors of the legendary Lamborghini Super Trofeo series of cars from the spring of 2018, so it will appear on the circuit with a high profile and eye-catching joy.

   It looks like a beast with high performance: The new Huracàn Super Trofeo EVO sports car will be equipped with an innovative carbon fiber body, which is the result of cooperation with one of the world’s most influential Italian companies, Dallara Automotive (the manufacturer of racing chassis). With a new aerodynamic efficiency, a 5.2-liter naturally-aspirated V10 engine capable of 620 horsepower, a six-speed sequential gearbox … Take a deep breath and listen, this exquisite super-fast sports car is deduced from the road version Come! It became the best stage for Roger Dubuis to show its spirit.
Exciting events, extraordinary experience

   Roger Dubuis Mr. Jean-Marc Pontroué, Global CEO of Roger Dubuis, is obviously very optimistic about this exciting partnership: ‘We, like Lamborghini, continue to create power ‘engines’ with perfect quality and high-end performance. However, like the owners of these Italian supercars, our customers are most concerned about the aesthetics of their watches-it must be ingenious and highly recognizable, and this feature is unique and rare with timepieces Sex is closely related. Integrating all our talents and resources to create outstanding timepieces and giving them extraordinary and unique experience values, which naturally means that our work will continue to move to a higher level. This And our favorite way forward. ‘

   ‘Lamborghini Squadra Corse, like the creator of trends in the motorsport industry, is constantly evolving and evolving forward. We are proud to partner with a brand that is as well-known as Roger Dubuis: Working together to innovate and create unique works. We always follow these spiritual traditions to continue to impress and impress brand customers and enthusiasts around the world. ‘Mr. Stefano Domenicali, Chairman and CEO of Lamborghini Motors So expressed.

   From the Lamborghini headquarters in Sant’Agata-Bologna, Italy, to the Roger Dubuis Creative Experiment Center in Geneva, Switzerland, the fascinating world of supercars has entered the extraordinary world of advanced and sophisticated machinery. From this moment, keen experts can look forward to the emergence of more collectible treasures, as well as rich and unique surprise events co-founded by the two major brands, including exciting experiences in the Geneva area and weekend events. When the extraordinary vision of the engineer meets the extraordinary creativity of the watchmaker … and let us wait and see for the galloping victory!
Excalibur Aventador S Watch

Case: Excalibur Spider skeleton case, diameter 45 mm, multi-layer carbon fiber, titanium alloy ring,
Covered with yellow rubber coating; Sapphire crystal glass with anti-glare coating and yellow gold
Chemical treatment; multi-layer carbon fiber grooved bezel; black DLC-coated titanium crown with yellow
Colored rubber coating; black DLC coating titanium alloy case back, covered with sapphire crystal glass
Thickness: 14.05 mm
Dial: rhodium-plated skeleton dial; black and yellow bezel with rhodium-plated white SLN luminous paint
Scale; black PVD-coated 18K gold hour and minute hands with yellow transfer bezel and padding
Needle filled with white SLN luminous paint; yellow second hand
Water resistance: 5 bar (50 meters)
Strap: Double material, black rubber frame, internal rubber-tech black rubber fabric, decorated with yellow
Color stitching
Buckle: Black DLC-coated titanium folding clasp
Movement: RD103SQ double balance spring skeletonized skeleton movement
Yield: 88 pieces

Certification: Mark of Geneva (Poinçon de Genève)
RD103SQ movement Double balance spring skeletonized skeleton movement

Features: Mechanical movement with manual winding, double balance with hairspring, precise adjustment in six directions
Functions: Hours, minutes, skip seconds display, power reserve display
Decoration: Fully refined in accordance with the Geneva Seal Standard
Parts: 312
Gems: 48 pieces
Diameter: 16 law minutes
Thickness: 7.80 mm
Vibration frequency: 2X4 Hz (57,600 vibrations per hour)

Power reserve: 40 hours
Excalibur Aventador S Watch

Case: Excalibur Spider skeleton case, 45 mm diameter, using Lamborghini Aventador S series
Supercar SMC carbon fiber, titanium alloy ring, orange rubber coating; sapphire crystal glass
Glass with anti-glare coating and orange metallization; SMC carbon fiber grooved bezel
With orange finishing elements; black DLC-coated titanium crown with orange rubber coating; black
DLC-coated titanium alloy case back, covered with sapphire crystal
Thickness: 14.05 mm
Dial: SMC carbon fiber dial; black PVD coating, orange and white edge, with white overlay
Rhodium-plated graduations in black SLN luminous paint; black PVD-coated 18K gold hour and minute hands
Needle with orange transfer bezel and white SLN luminous paint; orange second hand
Water resistance: 5 bar (50 meters)
Strap: Double material, black rubber frame, black alcantara rubber
Fabric with orange stitching
Buckle: Black DLC-coated titanium folding clasp
Movement: RD103SQ double balance spring skeletonized skeleton movement
Yield: 8 pieces
Certification: Mark of Geneva (Poinçon de Genève)
RD103SQ movement: double balance spring skeleton movement

Features: Mechanical movement with manual winding, double balance with hairspring, precise adjustment in six directions
Functions: Hours, minutes, skip seconds display, power reserve display
Decoration: Fully refined in accordance with the Geneva Seal Standard
Parts: 312
Gems: 48 pieces
Diameter: 16 law minutes
Thickness: 7.80 mm
Vibration frequency: 2X4 Hz (57,600 vibrations per hour)

Power reserve: 40 hours

Love Watches Are Not Just Mechanical Watches, Electronic Clocks Must Be Maintained Well (#)

In fact, this plan has been brewing in my mind for a long time. About a month ago, the sixth clock stopped working, just then I started to take action. Later, I saw a picture of a Panerai clock from a watchmaker PO suffering from battery leakage. I decided to complete this electronic clock maintenance series as soon as possible.
Clean quartz nautical astronomical clock face

   For table friends who have been visiting websites or forums, quartz clocks may be hard to find on the wall above their desks, but the practicality and convenience of quartz clocks are beyond doubt—not to mention anything else. They can also serve as a reference for mechanical watches.
When cleaning the electronic clock, some simple tools are enough: baking powder can neutralize the battery acid, and use cotton swabs to extract debris

   I plan to divide this article into several parts, specifically exploring the inner workings of electronic clocks-power / battery is both the source of power and the biggest threat. In addition, I want to share with you what we can do in the maintenance of electronic clocks.
   It is worth mentioning that due to historical reasons, many different types of electronic clocks have appeared in the past century-most of them still can be used normally. In addition to modern AA batteries (also known as No. 7 batteries) powered quartz clock motors (Motors), we can also find many other clocks driven by other power sources.
This article does not explore:
   We will skip this type of non-mobile digital display clock, as shown below:
‘Atomic’ digital clock
Transistor Clocks
   Six of my watch collections are driven by transistor movements. The transistor can make the pendulum or balance wheel operate periodically through the on / off signal. Based on design, this type of clock may cause you the same problems as mechanical clocks (of course, where the power supply replaces the winding of the mainspring).
Transistor clock with balance wheel

Transistor clock with pendulum
Electronic Clocks
   Some electronic clocks use A / C synchronous motors. The advantage is that the clock speed is directly related to the input frequency, usually 50 Hz or 60 Hz. The disadvantage is that the motor has almost no starting torque design, and usually a starting gear or gear box is used. Old electronic clocks often stop the hands due to glue or dry bushings.
Synchronous clock
Flip Clocks
   Page-turning clocks were invented around 1950, and became popular in the next decade or two, but such clocks are laborious and easily damaged. The working principle of this design is to drive a discrete card printed with numbers through a typical synchronous motor, and flip it by the shrapnel to display the digital time. The complex page clock can also display the date, week, month, year and so on.
Page clock
Quartz Clocks
   I believe that when it comes to electronic clocks, many people consciously or unconsciously will be accustomed to the name of ‘Quartz’ (quartz), because the quartz crystal frequency source is most widely used in electronic clocks. As mentioned before, the Panerai clock, in its exquisite and beautiful case, is equipped with a high-quality Swiss motor of standard size.
Marine quartz clock
   Quartz clocks are usually battery-powered, but occasionally there are exceptions-some also use A / C adapters for line power, which means that the clock needs to be placed near a wall socket. The recessed type is best, and the cord can be hidden.
Battery and line-powered quartz clock motor
Quartz Chronometers
   Of course, precise components can also be assembled into precise and reliable high-end quartz clocks for navigation or other professional purposes. The button on the bottom left of this Glasuthi astronomical clock is equipped with ‘hacking seconds’ function, which can make the clock setting more accurate.
Quartz Nautical Astronomical Clock
   Compared to the ‘black box’ quartz clock that appeared earlier, the motor in this picture has been greatly improved regardless of component quality or adjustment accuracy.
Show specifications with a coin comparison
Electronic Clocks Complications
   Most quartz clocks have two to three hands that display only the basic time, but this is not their limit. Reasonably imagine, add modules, increase costs, quartz clocks can also have a variety of complex functions.
Electronic timing / timekeeping module (left); quartz watch with date and day display and electronic Westminster bell (right)

Quartz clock with date and day indicator

Quartz Clock with Moon Phase Profit and Loss and Calendar Display

German quartz clock with moon phase profit and loss, calendar and time function

‘Farmhouse’ shaped quartz clock, driven by two independent movements, equipped with small seconds dial and moon phase profit and loss display
Summary: As we can see, there are many types of electronic clocks on the market, and the list is only the tip of the iceberg. It would be a crime to let battery leaks destroy these beautiful clocks! So how can we prevent this? What should I do if such an accident occurs? We will explore these issues in the second part of the series.

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