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Dazzling Features, There Is Little Serious Left

In 1919, Walter Gropius created a school of arts and crafts in Weimar, Weimar. The school has a long-standing reputation and the concepts taught are widely interpreted in the watch industry. The German watch brand STOWA Junghans and Nomos are among the best. Following the significant contributions of Alain Silberstein and Zeno Zeno, Patek Philippe released an annual calendar three-needle, one-line correction watch earlier this year. Although STOWA, Junghans, and Nomos are not familiar brands for mechanical watch fans, their contribution to the revival of the German watchmaking industry is remarkable, especially the iconic bags they embody. The beauty of the house. In 1919, Walter Gropius founded the National Bauhaus Arts and Crafts School in Weimar, Germany. Although the school was seized by the Nazis in 1933, in its short survival time, the Bauhaus style irresistibly penetrated into all walks of life, including architecture, design, fashion, painting, photography, and plastic arts. Function first
     Bauhaus artists are committed to the integration of modern large-scale production models and the concept of prefabricated buildings. Aesthetic concepts and technological flows are not old rivals. Art and industrialization can also coexist to achieve the integration of artistic accomplishment and manual technology. Realm of unity. Gropius said: ‘The utility of a thing determines its appearance.’ This idea is often reduced to ‘form follows function’ and is rooted in the development of contemporary society. Watchmaking is no exception. The purpose of the Bauhaus has been integrated into it, and the German watchmaking industry is particularly prominent. It may be the same as the Bauhaus.
     In 1861, the clock brand Junghans was born in Schramberg, in the heart of the Black Forest district of Germany. In 1972 Junghans became the official watch provider for the Munich Olympic Games. In the 1960s, the representative of Junghans and the Bauhaus-Swiss designer Max Bill joined forces to make a watch. This year, it has celebrated its 150th birthday. Now Junghans belongs to Steims, an industrial group also from Schramberg. Although it has been reinvented, it has not lost its original German style. Just like this Max Bill automatic mechanical watch, with numerals and hour markers, oversized 38mm dial, simple style, embedded with a hemispherical resin crystal, and equipped with ETA 2824-2 automatic mechanical movement.

Dazzling features, little serious left
     Coincidentally, Nomos also advocates contemporary aesthetics, pursuing extreme complexity and simplicity. Its name goes back to the early 20th century. However, today’s Nomos was founded by Roland Schwertner in 1990 and was born in Glashütte, the cradle of German watchmaking. Suzanne Günther was the first to introduce the Bauhaus style to watchmaking. Today Hamburg designer Karin Sieber has inherited her mantle. Nomos’s early movement is based on the ETA Peseux 7001 and has 45 hours of backup energy. However, since 2005, the company has spared no effort to independently develop movements, and now there are no less than 7 kinds of self-respected movements. These movements are named after the Greek letters-Alpha Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epslon (the fifth Greek letter), Zeta (the sixth Greek letter), and Xi (the first Fourteen Greek letters). This nomenclature is not accidental, because Nomos is as modest and behavioral as the Greeks. Since 2007, Nomos has worked closely with Wempe, a prestigious watch and jewelry retailer in Germany. Among the cooperative treasures, a limited edition Nomos Tangente Wempe is specially designed to celebrate the 125th anniversary of jewelry.

     In the small circle of the German watchmaking industry, STOWA is another name that can make the beauty of the Bauhaus spread through the ages. The Antea treasures inspired by the brand model in the 1930s are particularly amazing, which fully reflects the art style of the Bauhaus. In 1927, STOWA was created by Walter Storz and gave the brand the most authentic style concept, which can be stated in the words of Jörg Schaue (trademark holder since 1996): ‘Do not bow to all forms of complexity. Too many functions It takes away the seriousness of design. ‘STOWA’s Antea 390 double calendar, which was exhibited at the Basel Watch Fair earlier this year, is a perfect expression of this style. Equipped with the ETA 2836-2 automatic mechanical movement, the day of the week / date can be displayed at six o’clock, this watch perfectly reflects the style of both Bauhaus beauty and functionality.

Constant Launches New Classics Index Gmt Automatic Watch

The Frederique Constant Classics Index watch is very popular. This year, this enthusiastic Swiss watchmaker has added four new and elegant GMT works to the series.
   In the watchmaking industry, the abbreviation GMT refers to the function of the second time zone, or more precisely, it refers to a watch with an additional hour hand that indicates the 24-hour time information of the second time zone. At the same time, I can keep in touch with my hometown. The Classics Index GMT automatic watch is an ideal choice for travellers and business people who need to know the time in both places.
   There are four versions of the new Classics Index GMT automatic watch launched by Frederique Constant. Stainless steel case, black dial with metal bracelet; stainless steel case, silver dial with metal bracelet; stainless steel case, silver dial with black leather strap; stainless steel rose gold plated case, silver dial with brown leather strap. The dials are all classic and economical, with hand-applied Roman numerals, giving the watch an elegant and luxurious look.
   The new Classics Index GMT watch is equipped with a FC-350 self-winding mechanical movement with 26 gems and a 38-hour power reserve. With hours, minutes, seconds, date and second time zone display, all these functions can be adjusted with a single crown. Through the sapphire crystal case back, you can admire the precision operation of the movement. This watch is water resistant to 50 meters.
   The Classics Index GMT automatic watch is extremely accurate and reliable. On the basis of retaining the original characteristics, the second time zone function makes it even more attractive, and it will surely make people love at first sight.

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