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Witness To Witness Love With Time Recommend To The Girlfriend Of Tanabata Gift

‘Fine clouds make up, Fei Xing spreads hate, Yin Han crosses secretly. As soon as Jinfeng Yulu meets, he wins but countless people in the world.’ It will be another annual Qixi Festival Valentine’s Day. One day was the day when the Cowherd and Weaver Girls met, and you can see Cowherd and Weaver Girls by looking up under the vine. Today Tanabata has evolved into our special Valentine’s Day in China, expressing love to those who like it. Witness love with time, Watch House recommends you three exquisite watches that can be given as gifts to the beloved.
Omega Dish Flying Series 428.

Product model: 428.
Domestic public price: ¥ 33100
Watch diameter: 36 mm
Movement type: Quartz
Movement model: 4061
Case material: stainless steel, inlaid with diamonds
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: DE CARTIER series WSPN0007 (medium)

Product model: WSPN0007 (medium)
Domestic public price: ¥ 33700
Watch diameter: 27 x 37 mm
Case thickness: 6 mm
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: cartier / 55353 /

Watch Reviews: Needless to say, Cartier has always been fond of Cartier, and is the perfect choice for gifts. In addition to the blue balloon, the Cheetah watch is also exquisite and elegant. This watch inherits the iconic design of the Cheetah series and is built in a classic square shape with a silver-plated dial. Roman numerals and sword-shaped blue steel hands on the dial are Cartier’s highly recognizable design. The flexible five-row link bracelet is also very eye-catching.

Piaget POSSESSION Series G0A43090

Product model: G0A43090
Domestic public price: 32100
Watch diameter: 34 mm
Case thickness: 7.47 mm
Movement type: Quartz
Movement model: Cal.56P
Case material: Stainless steel, set with 1 brilliant-cut diamond (about 0.07 carats)
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: piaget / 59976 /

Watch review: Piaget Possession series is unforgettable with its iconic rotating bezel, and this watch is the same. In addition to the 360-degree rotation of the bezel, a half-moon-shaped diamond is set on it, which can rotate with the fingertips. The dial is also set with 11 diamonds, with a simple and elegant double needle design. Where is the crown? The crown is set at the center of the case back, and the time can be adjusted with professional tools.

Summary: In this beautiful festival of Qixi Festival, boldly confess to the person you like, and let love flow in time. The three watches introduced above are priced between 30,000 and 40,000. I hope everyone will like them. Finally, I wish you all a sweet love. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)

Good Table Inheritance, ‘benefit’ Show Heart-fiyta 2015 Blue Mission Charity Funds Released

The real charity is wishing to be beneficial to others without thinking about returns. For many years, Fiyta has been dedicated to charity. This year, Fiyta’s ‘Build Your Dreams with My Time’ blue-blue mission charity project started again, walked into the mountains of Yunnan, and used the lens to record the smiles of special teachers in Yunnan and record the actions of time and dreams. Part of the sales of the five ‘Charity’ watches of the Blue Mission will also be donated to the ‘China Teacher Development Foundation’ to support special posts and poor teachers in the Yunnan-Guizhou area to pass on dreams and endlessly.
   On October 11, Gu Tianle, the brand spokesperson for Fiyta, will also attend the ‘Your Time, Build Your Dream’ Fiyta Blue Mission Charity Conference in Nanjing Xinbai. At that time, Guzai will change his cool style and make his appearance as a warm man to help Fiyta’s 2015 Qinglan Mission charity project.

2015 Charity Fund Offering ‘Blue Mission’
   Dreams are the driving force for people to persist, and dreams are the force for people to move forward. We may have doubts about our dreams, or we may have complained about plainness. But in fact, time has created extraordinary opportunities for all people-when you start helping others, you will realize your worth. This year, Fiyta will continue to launch five ‘charity models’ watches, and ‘Thank you for your gratitude’ online watch crowdfunding activities, and strive to mobilize the strength of more students and teachers, using sales proceeds to help special teachers, Pay tribute to their youth, and work with children in the mountains to realize their dreams of love.
   The Fiyta Heartstring 2014 Charity Special Edition watch was designed by the spokesperson Gao Yuanyuan and appeared at the Baselworld 2014. Fiyta sublimates the heart string series, expresses the melodious melody on the disk, and composes the love time. This watch uses a delicate and elegant mother-of-pearl dial. Mother-of-pearl is a naturally bred material. The texture is like a human fingerprint, each of which is different. Inspired by Chopin’s ‘Nocturne’ sheet music, a ribbon-like clef is silk-screened on the beautiful mother-of-pearl dial, showing the feminine femininity from far to near. On this dial exuding imagination and sorrow, the rose gold diamond holder is inlaid with 11 zircons, bringing gorgeous visual experience.
   The Fiyta photographer series of charity watches appeared at the Baselworld 2014. It is not just a timepiece on the wrist, it also contains an attitude of life. In the troubled city, maintain the same perspective of appreciation as the ‘photographer’ and capture love and good times. The 42 mm atmospheric multi-layered three-dimensional dial is full of mechanical dynamics. Adopting a pin-type structure, it brings an innovative reading time experience: the nine-point fan-shaped grid displays the hours; the inner circle of the minute dial rotates as the minutes pass. Using rounded sand technology, full of mechanical metal texture. The central lens shutter pattern rotates with the dial to create a sense of speed differential with the rotation of the double-headed second hand. The scale font is derived from the retro camera lens, which is clear and clear, while ensuring the design sense, the essence of the timepiece on the wrist is restored. Time passes, but the love in the world is deposited on the wrist. Watches, like photographers, faithfully record every minute of time and dream.
   Fiyta chases its dream trajectory, interprets the ‘watch’ and ‘coupe concept’ across boundaries, and skillfully combines two kinds of artworks full of power and mechanical kinetic energy. The black bezel of the watch conveys mysterious visual tension. On the multi-layered three-dimensional dial, the shape of the steering wheel of the coupe is clearly visible, and the honeycomb grid on the steering wheel skeleton also uses the coupe air intake grille and air conditioning air outlet elements. The watch places the movement hollow under the anti-glare sapphire glass, and can see the movement of the mechanical movement at any time, full of mechanical dynamics. Carefully polished and polished metal studs are inlaid on the surface of the ring disk in the form of ‘brake pads’. The metallic smooth surface and the carbon black brushed texture complement each other’s charms. On the inner circle, there are dense and dense numbers for easy clarity. When reading. Improves water resistance to 100 meters, making extreme sports more vivid.
   Simple and far-reaching is the truth of beauty, such is the existence of Zhuo Ya series. No extra decoration, no carvings, no patterns. Rich European style, simple, natural and capable. The overall design is simple and elegant, with a round dial and ultra-thin strap, which is comfortable to wear. Silver dial on the outer ring, white dial on the inner ring, steel blue hands, rich European style. The simple design of the pin, with minutes indicated below, is both embellishment and easy to read clearly. The versatile classic style is suitable for a variety of dresses and occasions. It is a soul engineer who sticks to the podium at all times, adding a refined and elegant temperament.
Watch configuration:

Name: Fiyta Heartstring Series 2014 Charity Special
Model: LA8612.MWMH
Movement: imported automatic mechanical movement
Case: stainless steel
Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire glass
Strap: stainless steel, rose gold plating, zircon inlay
Diameter: 32mm
Waterproof: 5ATM
Limited: 999 pieces
RMB: 5280

Name: Fiyta Photographer Series 2014 Charity
Model: GA8490.BBB
Movement: imported automatic mechanical movement
Case: stainless steel, IP black plated
Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire crystal
Bottom cover: perspective, engraving lens form
Strap: stainless steel, IP black plated
Diameter: 42mm
Waterproof: 5ATM
Limited edition: 2014
RMB: 9800

Name: Fiyta Extreme Series
Model: GA866002.MBR
Movement: imported automatic mechanical movement
Case: stainless steel, water-plated rose gold
Bezel: stainless steel, IP black plated
Dial: black, hollow
Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire glass
Strap: Brown leather
Water resistance: 100 meters
RMB: 5280

Name: Fiyta Zhuo Ya Series (Men’s Watch)
Model: G800003.WWB
Movement: Swiss quartz movement
Case: stainless steel
Bezel: Stainless steel
Dial: Silver
Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire glass
Strap: Cowhide
Waterproof: 3ATM
RMB: 1280

Name: Fiyta Zhuo Ya Series (Women’s Watch)
Model: L800003.WWB
Movement: Swiss quartz movement
Case: stainless steel
Bezel: Stainless steel
Dial: Silver
Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire glass
Strap: Cowhide
Waterproof: 3ATM
RMB: 1280

Introduction To The Pilot’s Watch Perpetual Calendar Limited Edition

On October 22, 2010, the large black Schaffhausen dial with orange hands and scales matched each other, which made the limited edition of the 2010 large pilot perpetual calendar watch stand out and made thousands of people look amazing. Limited editions of 250 precious watches are on the market. The extraordinary stainless steel material fully shows the watchmaking style and is exclusively presented by IWC stores. The male masculine beauty permeates the watch body, and the ingenuity of cutting-edge watchmaking craftsmanship creates a masterpiece that cannot be missed. The world’s largest automatic movement and 7-day power reserve system escorted, sitting on an incomparable mechanical perpetual calendar: a unique four-digit annual calendar and moon phase display in the north and south hemispheres. Extraordinary functions and unique, simple and practical operating characteristics make the 2010 limited edition large pilot perpetual calendar watch irreproducible king strength.

Exquisite Perpetual Calendar

 The exquisite perpetual calendar 隽 Yong Junlang’s appearance makes the 2010 large pilot perpetual calendar limited edition a worthy example of a supreme watch; 250 pieces are on the market and are exclusively offered by IWC boutiques. The deep black surface is perfectly set off, and the bright and stylish orange cold-light hands and scales are the ultimate interpretation of the core quality of the 2010 limited edition large pilot calendar. The unique design of the flight cockpit and the exquisite and beautiful perpetual calendar display perfectly blend the dazzling charm and create a new era for the watch world. This watch can not only display the time in hour, minute and second format, but also the moon phases of the northern and southern hemispheres. This feature is the first of its kind in the world’s top watch industry, and it can be regarded as a gift of modern cutting-edge technology. A delicate cockpit outline is displayed on the surface to show the different moon phases observed in the two hemispheres of the south (S) and north (N). The 2010 limited edition large pilot perpetual calendar watch shows that there is a 12-second time difference between the moon phase and the actual moon phase in each lunar cycle, that is, only one day after 577 years. This watch’s annual calendar display includes date, week, month, year, decade, century, and moon phase display. All displays are based on a delicate synchronous format, adjusted by Sunday astrology. In addition, all the displays on the watch have been set according to the Gregorian calendar, and can be automatically adjusted to change every leap day before 2100 years ago. & quot; Easy Operation & quot; The core elements of the 2010 Limited Edition Large Pilot’s Perpetual Calendar Watch are unrivalled. Thanks to the powerful function of synchronous automatic adjustment, the trouble of picking the wrong crown due to confusing time is no longer there. In the long time tunnel, the firm pace has never wavered.

Stunning internal structure

 The internal structure of the stunning transparent sapphire glass back blends perfectly, making the 51614 movement made by IWC perfect. When worn, the high-efficiency Pellaton Woodpecker large steel wheel two-way winding device will tighten the long-running movement spring in two days. The power reserve display at the dial ‘3 o’clock’ and the date display complement each other, and slowly move from 1 to 7 (days) counterclockwise to indicate the winding consumption. The two jaws alternately drive the ratchet in the direction of system rotation. And through the clear blue sapphire case back, you can observe this exquisite interactive movement. The back case is engraved with ‘PILOT’ S CLASSIC LTD. EDITION 2010) and ‘ONE OUT OF 250’ of 250 pieces. The precious meaning of the limited edition is self-evident. The 2010 Limited Edition Large Pilot’s Perpetual Calendar watch includes a shock absorption system and 6 bar water pressure design. The outer dimensions of the stainless steel case are also eye-catching: 46.2 mm in diameter and 15.8 mm thick. In addition, the black crocodile leather strap design incorporates a folding buckle and a stylish rivet element, combined with eye-catching orange expression stitching, and the visual impact is unprecedented.

Wang Jiaer: A Singer Wearing A Watch Singing Rap

The recently broadcasted third season of ‘The Voice of Dreams’ on Zhejiang Satellite TV has once again caused a lot of enthusiasm, so I followed the past to make a noise, but Wang Jiaer’s singing skills and typhoon arrived in the second, and by the way The watch in his hand attracted.

Wang Jiaer wears Patek Philippe Nautilus Diamond Watch

   Wang Jiaer wore a Patek Philippe Nautilus diamond-studded watch, paired with a black line, which not only has his own personality, but also retains the serious look that the instructor should have.

Wang Jiaer on the stage

   In today’s traffic era, when the audience is gradually tired, the young traffic niche is no longer just a face, and they are all talented. So is Wang Jiaer.

Teacher He Yan and Wang Jiaer in Please Refrigerator

   Wang Jiaer was born in the family of sports. His father is Wang Ruiji, a former member and coach of the Hong Kong Fencing Team of China, and his mother is Zhou Ping, a former Chinese gymnast. At the age of 10, he began to engage in fencing. At the age of 12, he won the National Games Fencing Gold Medal. In his sports career, he won three Asian championships, three national championships and nine nations. In short, he was a Athletes whose acting career is delayed. Until 2010, he went to South Korea as a trainee, and since then has embarked on a completely different life track than before, and then debuted as a boy group GOT7. In 2015, Wang Jiaer returned to China and co-hosted ‘Come on the Refrigerator’ with host He Yan. With his handsome appearance, cool RAP strength and solid dancing skills, he won countless fans.

   Wang Jiaer is strong enough in music. Even people like me who don’t listen to RAP are attracted to him. In terms of fashion resources and endorsements, they have also been softened, which is a traffic niche with strength and beauty.

   At the beginning, Wang Jiaer’s Patek Philippe Nautilus diamond model was recognized at a glance from the classic octagonal bezel and the unique porthole structure case. The dazzling diamond model and the cool temperament of Wang Jiaer Can even look very harmonious. However, we could not find this Nautilus. It may be that diamonds were re-set in the later period, or it was an unreleased custom model.

Wang Jiaer wears Patek Philippe Nautilus (similar)

   On Wang Jiaer’s social platform, we also saw that he had worn the Zenith watch. Although the entire watch could not be seen clearly, we can see from the design of the crown and the case that this is Zenith’s DEFY series watch. paragraph.

Wang Jiaer wearing Zenith DEFY series 95.9000.9004 / 78.R582 watch is similar

   Wang Jiaer wore a Panerai watch, matching a gray plaid suit jacket, showing the temperament of the body. This watch from Panerai travels between leisure and formal wear, suitable for many occasions.

Wang Jiaer wears a Panerai watch PAM00943

   Wang Jiaer has taken a set of magazine photos, this one is a watch of the Cartier TANKAMERICAINE series. Sports boys can take a gentle and elegant line if they get serious. Cartier’s TANK watch has 3 classics, TANKAMERICAINE is one of them, very recognizable. This series of watches borrows the shape of the tank chariot, with a unique avant-garde design, many celebrities have worn Cartier’s TANK watch.

Wang Jiaer wears Cartier TANKAMERICAINE series WSTA0018 watch

   Wang Jiaer gave up his career as an athlete for his music dream, but brought us more musical works. The transformation from one field to another, and continuously promoting personal growth between the choices, Wang Jiaer did, and the future is expected. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)

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