Awesome Watch Summer Summer Shining

This summer, an unavoidable encounter, let us accompany the bloom of Qianhua with the most elegant gesture to shine the brightest light under the hot sun.
Since the advent of Swiss Mido Watch, it has always been leading the cutting-edge design concept. The watchmaker has given the classic elegant style and simple and stylish design of the watch to achieve the classic expression on the wrist, further satisfying everyone’s pursuit of excellent watches. . This summer, Swiss Mido carefully selected two ladies’ watches. They are exquisite without losing the high quality, bright and elegant, but also highlight their decoration, and integrate innovative design into the gorgeous fashion texture, just like The flowers blooming on the wrists sparkle and brighten, adding a touch of bright color to female wearers, and matching all kinds of clothing, to achieve this summer’s vivid fashion focus.
If the Belem Celi diamond ladies watch expresses the hot emotions of summer, then the Belem Celi III diamond ladies watch shows us a low-key luxury lifestyle that women are pursuing. Also decorated with large diamonds on the bezel, the Belem Celli III women’s watch has become the most exquisite ornament on a woman’s wrist with a small and exquisite shape. With its beautiful outline, the silver dial is perfectly blended with the pure black strap. While fully experiencing the classic atmosphere, this watch shows the fresh and natural quality of this watch, becoming a unique scenery in the summer.
The Belem Celli III collection captures inspiration from the beautiful arcs of the arcade of the classic architecture of Milan’s Emmanuel II, using its infinitely symmetrical arc concept for watch design, and the use of Roman numerals echoes the Italian Tradition and culture, while making the architectural art huacai present, without losing the profound connotation of its practical spirit.
Belem Celli III new diamond women’s watch combines elegance and precision, classic and fashion. The 25mm bezel is adorned with 40 large diamonds, which are luxurious and luxurious. The dazzling light refracted by the diamond and the dial shine firmly capture people’s eyeballs: the unique gingival pattern in the center of the dial is filled with retro and timeless atmosphere, and the double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror makes time easier to read. The transparent back showcases the meticulously crafted automatic movement, the Geneva corrugated decoration, and the automatic rotor with the Mido logo. The 50-meter water resistance makes it suitable for wearing in more environments, making it the most beautiful and practical decoration between women’s wrists in summer.

Belem Celli watches have always conveyed timeless elegance. This series of diamond ladies watches is a colorful, sparkling ladies watch dedicated to women’s wrists. The bezel is adorned with diamonds. With its beautiful outline, the Belemcelli ladies watch emits a dazzling light, creating a feminine beauty that is both classic and modern. The diamonds are carefully embellished on the dial and case, making it even more dazzling. With red belts, it looks like flowers blooming in summer, showing enchanting elegance.
The design inspiration of the Berencelle series is derived from the outstanding representative of neoclassical architecture, the Rennes Opera House in France. It inherits its circular architectural characteristics, and the extremely simple shape returns to the fundamental design of the watch, expressing time purely. Reproduce the simple and solemn appearance of neoclassicism. In the design of this fully automatic female watch, the lines are pure and the curves show elegance; the highly polished steel case shows the contour of the curve, the round lugs and the outer ring decorated with 60 diamonds are the case Huamei continues. The dial in the middle firmly catches people’s attention: the colorful mother-of-pearl surface, set with 12 diamonds on 12 hours, is dazzling, like a treasure in a jewelry box. The double-sided anti-dazzling sapphire mirror makes time easier to read, the transparent back shows a meticulously crafted automatic movement, and the Geneva wave-decorated automatic tourbillon glows with metallic luster.

Updated: 8. August 2011 — 6:23
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