Beauty Stitches Top Timepieces With Diamonds

In recent years, Breguet has not only been inspired by its long and glorious history, but also has the ability to break through the innovative gem setting technology. The Breguet factory has thus realized the ‘active’ diamond setting technology in the works, and has pushed the jewelry setting technology to a new field, giving a new definition of elegance.

In 2010, Breguet was highly praised when it released its unique and extraordinary jewellery watch Crazy Flower. The ‘movable’ diamond setting process makes this diamond watch like a diamond flower with petals swaying in the wind when it is slightly swung. Today, Breguet launches Crazy Flower with diamond clusters, which is even more rare. The bracelet is set with 120 square diamonds, making this unique piece even more dazzling. At the heart of this gorgeous flower, 206 brilliant-cut diamonds are laid upside-down on a dish-shaped face plate, while the edge of the face plate is set with 66 brilliant-cut diamonds. Breguet’s blue-steel hands are hand-crafted to create a perfect curvature that fits the curved disc surface. 20 square diamonds form the hour dial circle. With each light shaking, the 193 movable inlaid square diamonds on the case danced with them, as if the petals swaying in the breeze came to life. The gorgeous brilliance of more than 76 carats of beautiful diamonds has once again proved the jewellery setting of Breguet.

BREGUET MARIE-ANTOINETTE DENTELLE ‘Mary-Antoinette’ series jewelry
Marie Antoinette is the most legendary and most loyal customer of Abraham-Louis Breguet. This flashy and majestic French queen is the inspiration that inspired Breguet to create luxurious and perfect jewelry.
This year, Breguet launched the new Marie-Antoinette Dentelle watch. To praise the French empress’s love for fashion, especially the lace embellishment, Breguet craftsmen interpreted the elegance and refinement of this jewellery watch with 18K white gold texture. The lace is decorated with 70 brilliant-cut diamonds that follow the flowing arc of the case. Continuing the tradition of the mother-of-pearl surface, the elegant curve runs through the time-of-day system. The sphere is paved with 98 brilliant-cut diamonds, and at the 6 o’clock position of the case is embellished with a gorgeous 1.2 carat oval ruby. The winding crown set with olive-shaped gemstones is set at 3 o’clock and is embellished with delicate touch lace. Breguet clasps paved with 26 brilliant-cut diamonds make the whole look more flawless. The watch itself is embellished with more than 174 sparkling diamonds weighing a total of about 2.69 carats, as if falling into a starry sky, strewn the entire case, case ring and surface flanges. Equipped with an automatic movement. This timeless and elegant jewellery watch is complemented by a series of sets consisting of multiple strings of gemstone necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, making the lace lace-based series more complete.

In 2011, Breguet presented the Petite Fleur jewellery watch with a movable diamond setting concept. Today, Breguet craftsmen have created a series of luxurious sets, including pendants, earrings and rings, making the Petite Fleur collection more sophisticated and complete. The ring’s main ring is set with a single 0.5 carat diamond, surrounded by brilliant-cut diamonds. The 27 square-cut diamonds are set around the central pivot in a unique and intricate setting, allowing rare and rare main diamonds to shine brighter. Following the same design concept, the flower core of the pendant is set with a brilliant-cut single diamond, and is surrounded by a large number of shiny diamonds. The exquisite technique of movable inlays allows some of the 18 square-cut diamonds to sway gently with each rhythm, like the petals stroked by the breeze, which shows the elegance of the pendant. Each Petite Fleur earring is surrounded by brilliant 0.25 carat solitaire diamonds set with brilliant-cut diamonds, and 36 square-cut diamonds are crowned like petals. The Petite Fleur set is all from the hands of men and women in the Breguet High Jewelry Workshop. It is like the flowers in the fairy tale world that ignite the eternal glory.

This year, the Breguet Classique series has a brand new interpretation of the big fire enamel cufflinks. Following the highly acclaimed 18K rose gold material published in 2011, a new 18K white gold version was launched this year. Like the Breguet Classique watch, the cufflinks are engraved with the classic coin pattern and have a high degree of brand recognition. Its mini dial uses the same concept as the Classique moon phase model 7787BB, and uses a rare and rare big fire. The enamel fired by the method is perfectly presented. As the design is inspired by the timepiece, the half moon face and stars painted only in pure gold paint symbolize the moon phase indication on the watch. In addition, this 18K white gold cufflink still inherits the classic features of other Breguet watches; such as the Breguet Arabic numerals and the well-known Breguet covert signature.

Updated: 18. July 2015 — 11:22
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