Beauty Tourbillon Watch Exhibits Time Classics At The Henri Watch Show

Jewelry, the pet of women; art, the love of men. Fashion, art and practical high-quality watches bring the hearts of all watch lovers together. Combining the complex mechanical functions of today’s world mechanical watches, the world-famous masterpieces of watchmaking, and the natural artistic watches, let you far exceed the reasonable psychological expectations of ordinary watches. When these world-class watches reach the middle hall of Shenyang Vientiane City, The urge to take a look is your desire for quality life.
Henry Geely has always adhered to the concept of refinement, perfection and luxury. In the past few years, with its extraordinary brand influence and leading market performance, it has established a kingdom in the luxury watch industry and is widely recognized by watch lovers. . From November 3rd to 11th, a unique world-class watch exhibition was elegantly staged in the central hall of Shenyang Vientiane City. A luxurious watch, new products and collections will gather here to create a beautiful vision. feast.
Interpretation of the exquisite beauty of Western technology with the heritage of oriental culture. Hengli brings more than a hundred representative works of the world’s top and luxury watch brands to the show, bringing a time feast to watch lovers while passing on Henry’s persistent pursuit of love and beauty.

Exhibit: Breguet-CLASSIQUE GRANDES COMPLICATIONS series 3755PR / 1E / 9V6 mechanical watch
558QPSQ manual winding movement, platinum case, 39mm diameter, 10.25mm thickness, tourbillon, perpetual calendar and retrograde calendar display.
Deserves the title of its founder ‘Father of Tourbillon’, each Breguet’s tourbillon watch is a masterpiece, and this 3755 model watch integrates the functions of tourbillon, perpetual calendar and retrograde calendar display. In one, its degree of sophistication and precision is naturally superior to watches with a single complex function, which can definitely meet the needs of lovers seeking the infinite meaning of mechanical operation.

Updated: 11. January 2020 — 20:46
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