Common Favorites Of Historical Celebrities, World-famous Luxury Watches

World historical celebrities such as King Louis XVI, Queen Mary of France, Queen Anthony Alexander I, Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom, British Prime Minister Churchill, William Prussia, to the Secretary of State Dulles, etc. In the same period, but all have a common connection, that is, all the lovers of Breguet watches.
Marine series

The Marine series adheres to the contemporary style and presents traditional Breguet values ​​with modern sports models.

   The founder of the company once provided clocks for the Royal French Navy. This series of watches originated here. Marine’s design is very suitable for today’s fast-paced life.
Heritage series

   The Heritage line uses a curved barrel-shaped case. HERITAGE 5497 GRANDE COMPLICATION ~ TOURBILLON is the first top-level complication watch launched by the HERITAGE series. The barrel-shaped 5497 watch is equipped with a tourbillon and is driven by a manual winding movement.

   In addition to the movement, the design of the watch itself is also dazzling: the curved curve to the two axes perfectly matches the wrist, the platinum case and the characteristics of this series have challenged Breguet’s watchmaking technicians and engineers. Functions of the HERITAGE 5497’s expensive silver-plated gold dial. For the use and mastery of materials, the proper proportion with the tourbillon, highlights the details of the appearance and the technicality of the timepiece. The tourbillon bridge is cleverly designed as the number 6, playing the role of a time sign.
Type XX chronograph joined the Breguet product line

   Type XX chronographs are civilian versions of military watches tailored for the French Navy in the 1950s; they are equipped with the famous flyback chronograph function and use a self-winding mechanical movement. The rigid sports features of this model quickly satisfied customers’ requirements for an original and technically reliable watch.
Reine de Naples (Queen of Naples) series

   The Reine de Naples collection is inspired by Breguet’s first watch made for Queen Caroline Murat. It combines elegance and exquisite beauty with the precision of the time, and its elegant feminine characteristics highlight the ultimate jewellery The shining light.

Updated: 29. January 2020 — 20:56
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