Continuous Innovation Real Shot Of Bucherer Plavi Power Reserve Watch

[Watch House Basel Special Report] The Basel Watch Fair has begun. Watch House will bring you the latest watch information and pictures from the exhibition site. The brand’s high-definition beautiful pictures are presented first, and let’s feel the atmosphere of the scene together.
   The Plavier EvoTec PowerReserve watch contains the concept of independent innovation by Bucherer, because the brand is not only pursuing traditional mechanical functions into existing models, but has developed a more intelligent and reliable mechanical technology solution, so the brand uses With its own proprietary ‘Smart SimPlexity’ research and development concept, it develops a new generation of self-made movements and functional modules, highlighting its independent brand spirit. This technology is reflected in the CFB A1000 self-made movement equipped with the Plavi EvoTec DayDate watch. An active lever is added to the calendar gear that controls the big calendar. Only 10-digit discs will change, while single-digit discs remain unchanged.

   The Plavi EvoTec PowerReserve watch retains the calendar structure technology of the self-made movement and adds a new power reserve display mode: under the curved scale between 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock on the dial, the red pointer is connected to the tooth bar, and then The driver is driven by a differential structure. After the mainspring is tightened, the pointer will point to ‘High’, and with the loss of power, the pointer will slowly point to ‘Low’; the white tooth bar formed with the unique bright red background of Bucherer. In sharp contrast, as the pointer moves down, the area of ​​the red part increases, making the remaining power display clearer.
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Updated: 23. October 2011 — 4:28
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