Corum Kunlun Hosts A Special Cocktail Party In Peru At The Aldo & Co

The famous jewelry company Aldo & Co is located in Lima, Peru. Montres Corum SARL held a unique cocktail party here, taking this opportunity to once again demonstrate its determination to vigorously develop the Latin American distribution network.
Montres Corum CEO Antonio Calce and his partner-founder of Aldo & Co-Aldo Noriega received 150 VIP guests at Aldo & Co’s luxury boutique in Peru.
It is in this specialty store on Primavera Street, Lima, Peru that Corum Kunlun announced the launch of the Peruvian market. Most importantly, Aldo & Co is a fashion jewelry store with a glorious history of 25 years, and only she is the best partner to showcase the extraordinary product of Colum Kunlun, a Swiss manufacturer.
Antonio Calce announced: ‘The people of Peru are famous for pursuing beauty and enjoying life. Peru is not only our important market expansion area, but also a place close to my heart. Exploring the Lima market is an important part of Corum’s Latin American brand strategy. Corum is also honored to once again express heartfelt thanks to Aldo and Franco for their support, and I especially thank the two for their friendship and personal contributions in the development of the brand. ‘

Former Miss World Maria Julia Mantilla, left, and Antonio Calce, CEO of Corum

Aldo said, ‘For my family, my company and Peru, we are extremely honored and happy to meet Antonio Calce, the CEO and founder of Montres Corum, a high-quality Swiss watch manufacturing company. We are willing to work together with Corum to achieve success in the Peruvian market and meet the needs of the Peruvian people to have luxurious and noble timepieces. ‘
Corum, along with Temposatis, its loyal partner in Latin America, showcased the brand’s most dazzling product of the 2012 collection-conveying its brand strategy of consistently focusing on product development.
Source: Corum
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