Critical Moments, Watches Can Save Your Life

For the past two days, Wei Qiujie, a female teacher who has “followed” in Japan, who has continued to pay attention on the Internet, her body was found on the coast of Hokkaido, Japan. The Japanese police are still investigating. I hope the truth of the matter will come to light soon. ‘Mysterious disappearance’, ‘unexpected encounter’, these words that we do not want to touch in our daily life are pushed into the hot search again and again, which sounded the alarm for us. How can we avoid danger when we encounter danger? Maximize your watch, maybe the watch can save your life at a critical moment!

Japan’s missing female teacher Wei Qiujie

 Although watches are no longer a necessity in our lives, relative to the popularity of watches, perhaps the coverage of mobile phones is wider. Mobile phones can do a lot of things, it can take pictures, to meet the needs of friends everywhere we need to send selfies, but often when emergencies occur, mobile phones may be left aside in panic. At this time, the wrist watch can play its role.

Rescue teams carry out rescue operations at high altitudes

Oris Aviation 733 7705 4234

 The Oris Air Series 733 7705 4234 watch is a special watch created by Oris for the Swiss Air Rescue Team Rega-the altitude measurement Rega limit table. Starting from the actual needs of the pilot, the designer designed the world’s first aviation watch combining an automatic mechanical movement with an altimeter. The altimeter works by using the relationship between air pressure and altitude to measure the altitude of an aircraft’s flight by observing the air pressure. This 733 7705 4234 watch has a built-in mechanical barometric altimeter, which can sensitively and clearly indicate the current barometric pressure and altitude, and can help pilots to work better when facing emergency rescue. Owning such a watch can also add a guarantee for your outdoor travel.

People who love extreme sports in mountain climbing

Breitling Pro Series

 If you love outdoor sports and face many unknowns and adventures in the outdoors, in addition to physical and psychological preparation, maybe you also need a watch that can respond to unexpected situations. In order to help more outdoor sports enthusiasts and outdoor rescue workers, Breitling launched the world’s first emergency distress watch with a built-in dual-frequency distress beacon, which once again proved its pioneering position in the electronics field. This unique instrument combines stunning pocket craftsmanship and high-tech technology to make a personal positioning beacon (PLB) watch.

Schematic of dual frequency transmitter


 The Breitling Emergency Watch can simultaneously send signals and guide positioning and rescue missions, achieving unprecedented technological feats. For all professionals and explorers, this titanium multifunctional electronic chronograph is undoubtedly an important tool to ensure safety and survival. The watch is equipped with a Breitling SuperQuartz ™ movement, which is ten times more accurate than an ordinary quartz movement. The Emergency Watch is also available in an Emergency Night Mission with a black titanium case, which is cool and tough, and the pure black exterior with anti-glare is extremely concealed and designed for the most dangerous tasks.

Hiking through the desert is easy to get lost

 In addition to the positioning function, you can also get the guide function of the watch when you are easily lost in the wild. The guide function here does not refer to the watch with the guide function itself, but the ordinary watch can determine the east, west, and south by a certain method. . First of all, you need a watch with accurate travel time. After observing the position of the sun, divide the time currently displayed by the watch by 2, and then align this number with the sun. The 12 o’clock position in the dial is north. By analogy, you can know where you are. It is very difficult for many people in the south to distinguish the northwest and southeast. This method can also be used in your daily life.

 The method of identifying the southeast, northwest, and northwestern part of the watch by using the watch in the editing test. The picture is 4 o’clock in the afternoon. The middle value of 4 o’clock is 2, and 2 is facing the sun. The 12 o’clock points to the north.

Divers need to calculate oxygen time in the sea

 The waterproof function can play an important role when diving. Many people know that the waterproof performance of diving watches is good, and some can reach a waterproof depth of 600 or even 1000 meters, but in our lives, there is rarely a chance to verify that they are actually in deep water. Whether the waterproof performance of the watch can reach the standard. When diving, the watch plays the role of ‘siren’. The number on the bezel reminds you how much time is left in the oxygen cylinder, when it is time to swim to the surface and decompress. Therefore, having a trustworthy watch is essential when diving.

Use the numbers on the bezel to estimate the remaining oxygen time

 Understanding the function of the watch, so that it can play its role at critical moments, is our last resort in critical situations. The best way to avoid danger is to maintain a ‘crisis awareness’ at all times on weekdays. Don’t let danger approach us . Girls in particular must be vigilant and pay more attention. Popularize some small tips here. In addition to making phone calls, you can also send a text message to ‘12110’ to explain your situation and address. You can also call the police when it is not convenient to call.

Updated: 24. June 2011 — 18:40
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