Easily ‘master’ The World Tasting Montblanc Timewalker North And South Hemisphere World Time Watch

Today, the trend of global integration is gradually spreading. Crossing national borders and time zones has become commonplace. Of course, world time watches and dual time zone watches have emerged as the times require. They not only solved the problem of time for us, but also endowed the human with great wisdom, which became another challenge for the brand. January 21, 2013-Montblanc officially unveiled a new member of the Montblanc Timewalker series to the global media and watch enthusiasts at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie-SIHH. World-Time Hemispheres. Official models: 108955 (Northern Hemisphere, silver dial), 108956 (Southern Hemisphere, charcoal gray dial).

   The development of watches that can display multiple time zones and different times has become a very important task for watchmakers. Montblanc has already gained a lot in this field. This type of watch, known as a multi-time zone watch, is able to meet the different needs of time for business people who must orbit the earth, and astronauts who often fly on planes.
   Because it is divided into two versions of the northern and southern hemispheres, the names of the world cities in the northern hemisphere style are only the cities located in the northern hemisphere. The southern hemisphere models are also designed with the same principle, that is, only the cities south of the equator. These changes will affect the time display, and the mechanical structure of the movement must be modified to display the time correctly.
   This precision mechanical chronograph is made of a 42 mm stainless steel case with a thickness of 12.05 mm. In terms of case material, both watches are the same, and the fine grinding and polishing techniques make this watch quite attractive.
   In fact, from the appearance of these two watches, only the dials are different in color, but in fact they are full of mystery. First, the northern hemisphere watch uses a silver surface to display the northern hemisphere seen in the north pole. The names of representative international cities are the same. The southern hemisphere chose the carbon gray surface to display in the southern hemisphere seen from Antarctica. The bezel has 24 representative international city names in the southern hemisphere. So the time represented by the two watches is quite different.
   Both watches have a fixed inner bezel on the edge of the dial, which is printed with the names of 24 cities corresponding to the northern or southern hemisphere, while the central 24-hour ring moves in the opposite direction; the 24-hour ring Rotate clockwise, but the 24-hour time scale above is arranged counterclockwise. Conversely, the 24-hour ring on the southern hemisphere rotates counterclockwise, but the city names above are arranged clockwise.
   Montblanc Timewalker North and South Hemisphere World Time Watch is a very special world time zone watch that can display different times in 24 time zones around the world at the same time. The hands indicate the current time of the wearer. The hands are rhodium-plated and coated with luminous paint.
   The inner bezel on the edge of the surface has the names of representative cities in 24 time zones around the world, and the surface is close to the central circle. There is another 24-hour dial, whose number is aligned with the time of the outer city in the same direction. With a quick glance, you can see the current time in all time zones around the world.
   In order to ensure that users can have a comprehensive view of the world, not only from the eastern hemisphere to the western hemisphere, but also to grasp the time changes of cities in the northern and southern hemispheres. The names of the southern hemisphere cities are engraved on the bottom cover of the northern hemisphere style.
   Not only are the two Montblanc Timewalkers North and South Hemisphere World Time watches different, they also use different mechanical movements. 108956 (Southern Hemisphere) and 108955 (Northern Hemisphere) are equipped with MB 4810/412 and MB 4810/410 automatic mechanical movements, 21 jewel bearings, 28,800 single swings (4 Hz) per hour, and provide a 42-hour power reserve. Accurate and reliable.

Summary: Both watches have their own characteristics. It should be difficult for buyers to make up their minds under the premise of the same price, so some people have suggested that they may take both models home at once. Of course, this is impossible in most cases, so you still have to choose according to your location. Indeed, from the time of reading, this watch is still very convenient in world time.