F1 Formula One Milestones In The New Season

[Thursday, March 7, 2019, Geneva]-2019 FIA Formula One World Championship ™ Opener-2019 First Class The Formula One Rolex Australian Grand Prix (2019 FIA Formula One World Championship ™) will begin next week. This premier event in the motorsport world kicks off at the Melbourne Grand Prix from March 15th (Friday) to 17th (Sunday), marking the official opening of the 70th Formula One Championship. The sport’s cutting-edge technology and outstanding driver’s pursuit of perfection have attracted racing fans from all over the world. The enduring spirit of the Formula One Championship and its support for bold performance and innovation undoubtedly coincide with Rolex’s continuous pursuit of excellence. Rolex has been the global partner and race timepiece of the Formula One Championship for the seventh consecutive year.

Formula 1 track markings © Rolex / Jad Sherif

FORMULA 1 GRAN PREMIO DE ESPAÑA EMIRATES 2018 Leading Driver © Rolex / Jad Sherif

FORMULA 1 2018 ROLEX AUSTRALIAN GRAND PRIX matches © Rolex / Jad Sherif

FORMULA 1 2018 ROLEX AUSTRALIAN GRAND PRIX Parade © Rolex / Jad Sherif

   To improve overtaking, the International Automobile Federation (FIA) and the Formula One Championship have established rules to reduce aerodynamic turbulence on the front and rear wings to encourage increased overtaking opportunities. Rolex spokesperson Mark Webber, who has repeatedly won the Formula One championship, explains: ‘The new rules are designed to encourage drivers to overtake. As the car’s movements will be more predictable, drivers can confidently create exciting Overtaking opportunities. This season is definitely worth the enthusiasm of the audience and the championship battle is bound to be fierce. I am confident that this year’s race will be different because of this change. ‘

Rolex spokesperson Mark Webber in Melbourne, Australia © Rolex / Jad Sherif

   The 21 games of the 2019 season will be held around the world from March to December and include several important milestones: the 2019 Formula 1 Heineken Chinese Grand Prix 2019 It will be the 1000th Grand Prix of the tournament. Since the first race in May 1950, the Formula One Championship has led the world’s top technology, allowing legendary drivers and advanced cars to compete on the field. In May of this year, the F1 Monaco Grand Prix (FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DE MONACO) will celebrate its ninetieth anniversary. Nearly a century later, the circuit still retains the same track as the opening race of the year, allowing the drivers to gallop. Rolex ambassador and 2016 FIA World Championship champion Nico Rosberg speaks of the importance of celebrating the history of the sport: ‘I am able to occupy the great tradition and history of F1 I am very proud and look forward to participating in this landmark event and relive the rich tradition and outstanding achievements of motorsport. Formula One has always been the most technologically advanced sport in the world, with its historical heritage, excellence and innovation Concept fits perfectly with Rolex. ‘

Rolex ambassador Sir Stewart © Rolex / Jad Sherif

   On September 7, 2019, in Monza, Italy, he has been a Rolex spokesperson for more than half a century and Sir Fiesta Formula One World Championship three-time winner Sir Jackie Stewart will celebrate his first championship Fiftieth anniversary. The legendary Scottish driver recalled his milestone on the same track where he won the championship in 1969: ‘I have always felt that mood swings are taboo for racers, but I hope this year in Monza will be exciting. I am proud and fortunate to have had the opportunity to see motorsports gain global reputation and safety. It is undoubtedly special to be able to commemorate my first championship on the world’s greatest circuit, and I am looking forward to the weekend Celebration. ‘

   Several new drivers will join this season. Only the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport and Rich Energy Haas F1 teams maintain their 2018 lineup. As the team travelled to Australia, the reorganization made the event more intriguing. ‘Nothing compares to a car,’ said Mark Webber. ‘It’s amazing how quickly drivers can adapt to the new environment, but they only performed a limited number of tests before coming to Melbourne, so the first race of the year will answer many Unknown. The Melbourne Grand Prix is ​​definitely one of the most exciting events of the year, and the entire city has become vibrant. Rolex and the event share a world-class philosophy and meticulous attention to detail. An important reason to actively support the development of the event. Whether it is for me or for all Australians, the close connection between the event and a brand like Rolex will undoubtedly make this event special. ‘

Updated: 15. February 2021 — 1:26
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