Father-son Love’ Is The Real Man’s Soul Chicken Soup

Speaking of ‘father love’, most of the male friends around him gave three descriptions: ‘respect’, ‘severe’ and ‘distance’. It seems that the relationship between father and son is not always as close as the relationship between mother and son.
   There is a small video on the Internet. After watching it, I laughed but wept.
   The son called his father in his hometown, and they haven’t seen each other for a long time. The expression on his son’s face was resisted, nervous, and at a loss … Finally the call was connected:
   ‘… Dad, how are you?’
   ‘Oh, oh, okay. Wait a minute, I’ll call your mother to the phone.’
   ‘Don’t call my mom, I want to talk to you for a while.’
   ‘What’s wrong? No money?’
   ‘No, I have money. Dad, I heard my mom say you had a stroke not long ago, how is it now? I’m worried about your physical condition. You broke your heart for me to finish college, now I graduate successfully , Stable work, and a good life, these are yours. I have n’t said a word to you thank you ….. Dad … Thank you! ‘
   The other end of the phone was silent. The father’s eyes were filled with tears, but his voice was still strong.
   ‘Son, do you drink too much today ?!’

   In fact, every father who is majestic or indifferent, looks deep in his heart and expects his son to love him and respect him. They hope that his son can be proud of him. Over the years, the idea that ‘the father has enough power to destroy a child’s self-esteem’ has been generally accepted, but few people realize that his son has the same power to hurt his father’s self-esteem.

Stills from the film ‘When happiness comes knocking’
   June 16 this year is Father’s Day. Compared with motherly love, the deep and poor expression of fatherly love is always ignored by children. As children, we should tell our father who is restrained and quiet, and thank them for their hard work and silence bear. Here are three classic men’s watches that can be used as gifts. When our wings are full, we must not only spread our wings, but also know how to thank our father who is like a mountain behind us.
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Summary: It’s Father’s Day. At this moment, I send my father a gift to express his heartfelt gratitude, and thank him for his silent efforts and support over the years. Father’s love is like a mountain, silent and cold; Father’s love is like the sea, tolerant and magnificent; Father loves tea, but the bitterness of the entrance is sweet. What does your father look like?