Fifth Refresh Of Slim Watch Records Analysis Of Bulgari’s New Models This Year

The OCTO series is one of the most classic series of Bvlgari men’s watches, and everyone is familiar with it. This series of watches is very impressive. The circular and octagonal geometric shapes that seem to have no correlation are mixed on a watch. It is very special, and the Bulgari OCTO has a very clear Jero Zunda. The design features of the period have now added the taste of Italian style.

New models of this year’s Bulgari OCTO

  Why talk about this classic series of Bulgari? During the recent Baselworld exhibition, I saw the new OCTO chronograph issued by Bulgari. This watch has for the fifth time refreshed the record of the industry’s slim watch. These new models were issued this year. It’s worth a visit.

Slim design


  The Bvlgari case has a thickness of only 6.9 mm, and the thickness of the movement is even thinner, only 3.3 mm. In fact, back in 2014, Bulgari began to do a little different things in the ultra-thin thing.

  In 2014, Bvlgari produced an ultra-thin tourbillon. The thickness of this watch was even thinner, 5 mm, and the movement was less than 2 mm. The watchmaker reduced the components on the movement and required the movement. The space is reduced to a minimum. In addition, Bulgari chose a flying tourbillon with almost no upper and lower splints. Bulgari played an amazing craft in a limited space.

Bvlgari OCTO series minute repeater

  Two years later, Bvlgari zoomed in again, the thinnest minute repeater watch, a 3.85 mm movement inside the 6.85 mm case, this watch is amazing, it inherits the series of minute repeaters from Vacheron Constantin 1731 (case 8.09 mm, movement 3.9 mm) snatched the title of the thinnest minute repeater. In order to save space, the movement of this minute repeater chronograph removes the power reserve indication, and uses a flat hairspring to reduce the height of the extra winding on the hairspring, making the movement as thin as possible. These careful thoughts of Bulgari on the ultra-thin also gave us a new understanding of it.

Bulgari OCTOFinissimo automatic tourbillon watch

  Last year, Bulgari released another OctoFinissimo automatic tourbillon watch with a 3.95 mm case and a 1.95 mm movement. This watch is based on the 2014 tourbillon model and is newly developed. It also uses a flying tourbillon and a ball bearing series to reduce the thickness of the movement.

  Turn your mind back to this model of Bulgari this year. Bvlgari has produced a complete set of ultra-thin models, from the complicated tourbillon three-question to the automatic winding model, this year has added a chronograph, but Bulgari also added more to this chronograph A GMT function. Piaget also had an ultra-thin watch with dual time zones in 2015, but the thickness was 8.24 mm. This year, the model launched by Bulgari is 1.34 mm thinner than it, and it wins in thickness.

  In order to create a slimmer movement as much as possible, this BVL318 movement uses an outer-type winding rotor, not our common balance wheel or micro-automatic rotor, because these two designs cannot reduce the movement. The thickness of the core, while the outer edge of the winding oscillating weight has no effect on the thickness of the movement. And compared with the 7750 caliber with a diameter of 30 millimeters, which is common in the market, this movement of Bulgari occupies a larger plane area, with a diameter of 33 millimeters.

  The structure of this chronograph calibre is actually more traditional and classic, with a column wheel and a horizontal clutch. Compared with the vertical clutch, this design is also slimmer.

Classic look
  Let’s take a look at the appearance design of this Bvlgari watch.

  The overall shape is the classic case shape of the circle and octagon that we are familiar with. Although it is thin, the shape of the watch has sharp edges and corners, so it will not have a sense of weakness for men. The 42mm case is made of lightweight sandblasted titanium to reduce the weight of the watch when worn on the wrist. Bulgari thinks very carefully in this respect, in addition to being thin but light, to create a comfortable feeling of wearing. The one-piece bracelet is also familiar to us. This is also the DNA of the Bulgari OCTO.

  As we said before, Bvlgari shares two functions in this watch-timing function and GMT dual time zone function. The time in the second time zone is on the small dial at 3 o’clock, and there is another 30 minutes. Cumulative chronograph and small seconds. The timing buttons are two common buttons, one is to start and stop, and the other is to reset the timing. What is more special is to adjust the local time. You should press the button at 9 o’clock to adjust the central hour hand in one-hour units. You can adjust the home time by directly using the crown.

  Although the movement is very thin, Bulgari still maintains an excellent level of performance with a power reserve of 55 hours. The movement is very polished and decorated with Geneva waves. This time the movement changed to the outer-type winding rotor, which will not obstruct the movement structure, and looks more cool.

Summary: The chronograph of Bvlgari is priced around 12WRMB. Ultra-thin design, classic shape, plus timing function and GMT function. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)

Updated: 19. November 2020 — 17:14
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