Flying In The Sky And Flying With Breitling Aviation Fleet

Yves Jetman Rossy has been flying with Breitling for many years. During the Oshkosh Air Show in the United States, he once again flew into the sky to complete an outstanding jet-powered parachute show.

 Maybe you are already familiar with Breitling’s aerobatic team, but you may feel strange when you hear the jet-powered parachute show. According to the watch house, it is understood that the “jet-powered parachute” is a German company. A project being developed at the end of the month: if the development is successful, the ‘jet powered wing parachute’ will be complemented by very sophisticated instruments and computers, which can either fly at low altitude and high speed, or gently descend to the ground and stop at an accurate position to achieve Very secret airborne assault.

 According to the watch house, Yves Roche has crossed the English Channel in 2008 through an 8-foot jet power wing and successfully flew 22 miles, making it the headline of the world’s media. He planned to cross Africa and Europe in early December 2009, flying from Morocco to Spain, but was blocked by strong winds and eventually landed on the sea 3 miles off the coast. But the indomitable Roche was now planning to fly over the canyon. It is reported that Roche is a former Swiss pilot. He spent $ 190,000 to develop a jet power wing just to satisfy his personal aviation hobby.

 The development of the ‘jet powered wing parachute’ project is a modular upgrade of the parachute system. The ‘jet powered wing parachute’ will be designed as a 6-foot-long power wing that can achieve a glide ratio of 5 to 1, meaning that it can glide for 30 miles when descending at 30,000 feet. Developers estimate that the taxi time is about 15 minutes and the taxi speed is about 60 miles per hour. The ‘jet powered wing parachute’ will also design a navigation system and head-up display. Most importantly, it intends to increase the flight range to 60 miles in the future. At the same time, it may also achieve long-distance low-altitude flight, making the entire mission more secret.

Updated: 14. June 2020 — 0:40
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