Glashütte Original Christmas Selection Automatic Watch

The diamonds of the Glashütte Original self-winding watch will reflect the happy smiles of the family at Christmas.
 When the small lanterns on the eaves lighted up one by one, and when the falling snow on the windowsill piled up little by little, the children laughed and chased by the warm fireplace, and there was a hymn in the distance. advent.

Christmas gifts continue to write classics
 Quietly take out the Christmas gifts prepared for your family and put them in red socks. Wait for the next day to accept their favorite joy and praise, and hug each other so that the diamonds of the Glashütte automatic winding watch reflect you. Happy smile! Let this moment be forever fixed in that slim and slender black Roman numeral time scale, let this classic become a token of witness to heaven!

 This classic will definitely win praise! Slim black Roman numerals, silver dial, track minute scale, pear-shaped blue steel hour hand, blue steel seconds hand with ‘G’ logo. The sapphire crystal surface and case back are anti-glare treated, giving a glimpse of the classic dial design. The case is made of distinguished rose gold and the outer ring is set with sparkling diamonds, making it the perfect choice for the festival.

 The transparent sapphire crystal back gave him the opportunity to explore the movement of this classic masterpiece, demonstrating Glashütte’s outstanding achievements in watchmaking. 39-59 self-winding movement entirely made by Glashütte, all steel parts are chamfered, gooseneck trimmer, gold sleeve on the outside of the jewel bearing, and fixed with blue steel screws; traditional quarter The triple splint and the hollow automatic pendant, both decorated with Glashütte ripples, embody the traditional German top watchmaking standards.

Updated: 11. April 2020 — 10:43
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