Gucci’s Le Marché Des Merveilles Series Watches Have A Modern Style

Le Marché des Merveilles series watches have been added with modern styles, with excellent materials, elegant colors and harmony. These quartz watches come in a range of colorful dials, polished PVD gold-plated cases and elegant calfskin or alligator straps. 18K solid gold and unique diamond-set models add to the collection’s richness.

   The latest design includes a total of three styles (38 mm), and the dial is rich in color, including: malachite green, turquoise blue or coral red, as well as luxurious new models of pure gold. The simple yet unconventional dial reveals the texture of these synthetic gemstones to the fullest.

   To ensure that the distinctive dial becomes the focal point, the hours are only marked with a bee shape at 12 o’clock. The Gucci logo is also located at 12 o’clock. The small seconds hand features a ball-shaped ornament made of Gucci interlocking double ‘G’ shapes. The dial is surrounded by Gucci’s unique wavy charm — a distinctive chamfered bezel with pyramid-shaped studs — adding avant-garde urban style to the watch.
   Five unique luxury models feature the same color dial and 18K yellow gold case. The pyramid-shaped bezel is set with 16 diamonds and surrounds the stone dial. Other details include diamond hour markers and matching alligator straps.

Gucci watch jewelry introduction
   Gucci watches are one of the most reliable and stable fashion watch brands. Since the early 1970s, they have continuously designed, developed and manufactured Gucci watches with distinctive design methods and clear positioning.
   Gucci watches are resolutely made in Switzerland. They are known for their modern creative design and excellent quality and craftsmanship. They are sold worldwide through an exclusive sales network of Gucci boutiques and selected watch dealers. Since January 2010, Gucci Watches has launched its Gucci jewellery collection by leveraging its expertise gained in the watch industry and synergies between the watch and jewelry industries. For more information on Gucci watch jewelry, please visit
   Gucci is affiliated with Kering Group. Kering Group has many influential boutique, sports and lifestyle brands and is a global leader in the fashion and accessories industry.