Jacques Droche’s Masterpiece Of Mechanical Art – ‘signature Machine’

After four years of research and development, this work was born in 2014. At the time of the 280th anniversary of Jaquet Droz, the brand continues the ancient tradition of fantasy mechanical art created by its founder in 1738, launching an outstanding work-the ‘signature machine’.

   It is no accident that the often mentioned ‘Jaquet Droz characteristics’ are always associated with mechanical creativity and aesthetic inspiration. The brand has continued the amazing fantasy mechanical art from the 18th century. Driven by Pierre Jaquet-Droz, Jaquet Droz combines automatic doll craftsmanship with fine watchmaking and art. In today’s era, Jaquet Droz may be one of the few brands that can achieve this proud achievement.
   Therefore, the birth of the ‘signature machine’ is remarkable. It was born on the 280th anniversary of the brand’s founding, and it is a grand event that has made collectors look forward to it. In 2014, the first “signature machine” that attracted the attention of experts unveiled the mystery. Now, after four years of in-depth research and development, the new work is finally announced.

   It faithfully continues the founding spirit of Pierre Jacques Dro: to create dreamlike, lifelike mechanical treasures with superb skills full of mystery and magic charm. Jaquet Droz’s ‘writer’, ‘musician’ and ‘painter’ automatic dolls are now in the collection of the Neuchatel Museum of Art and History, laying the foundation for an amazing craft. Over time, this automatic doll craft has traveled all continents, from the Spanish royal family to the Chinese emperor, from Paris, London to Geneva, and Moscow. Many countries have experienced its magical charm.
   Today, the “Signature Machine”, which was wonderfully presented at the Baselworld Watch & Clock Fair, takes this craft to a very high standard. Inspired by ‘writer’ and ‘painter’ automatic dolls, this work has two patent-pending technologies. Its movement has been redesigned to ensure a more stable and smooth signature. The ‘Signature Machine’ is now also equipped with a power reserve display. It has enough power to write the two signatures in full before it needs to be wound again with the lever on the side of the machine. This intricate mechanism is composed of 585 parts, all manually assembled. The signature setting device, in other words, all three cams that convert the mechanical movement into handwriting are made by hand.

   The signatures copied by the ‘Signature Machine’ are unique and highly personal. Only through the 4-digit password selected by the user can it be unlocked and the ‘signature machine’ can be started. Adhering to Jaquet Droz’s consistent philosophy, the owner of the ‘Signature Machine’ can also choose his favorite decorative elements according to his own wishes. It is hand-crafted by the craftsmen of the Jaquet Droz workshop to create precious art works.
   The ‘Signature Machine’ is polished and satin-finished, and decorated with hand-carved red gold or black hardwood, which is easy to carry with you, and comes with a protective leather bag. Just like Pierre Jacques Dro’s glorious history, the ‘signature machine’ will also cross the sea, spreading the magic charm of mechanical arts all over the world.

Updated: 12. May 2016 — 14:20
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