Lemon Essence, Don’t Always Just Pay Attention To Others Show Affection

What is the most romantic and warm thing you can think of recently? My answer is to watch ‘Wife’s Romantic Travel’. ‘Thank you for the craziest thing in love for me, time and again, love you as always’ is the essence and connotation of ‘Romantic Wife Travel’, it shows the sweetness and romance of star couples. This season’s ‘Wife’s Romantic Travel’ is headed by Xie Na. The star lineup is very strong, and the four couples perform four different sweet loves. As soon as the show was broadcast, the screen mode was turned on, and hot search was followed by waves. I believe that many fans of the show have been sweetly hit and turned into lemons. Whether it’s sour or sweet, but also aside from the star’s acting skills and romantic love stories, the most attention is paid to the star’s wear details. No, the flower in Zhang Ziyi’s hand was instantly searched. Many viewers think Zhang Ziyi is wearing a small flower jewelry, but the truth is that the small flower is actually a ‘mosaic’ treatment of a certain brand of ring she wears. It is also for this reason that the fashion worn by stars can always lead a large number of drama fans to follow suit, and therefore, how many drama fans have finally become watch fans. Next, the lemon spirits will take a look at what kind of watches the celebrities in ‘Wife’s Romantic Travel’ like to wear. Who is the strongest celebrity couple to bring goods? Zhang Zhilin VS Yuan Yongyi Zhang Zhilin and Yuan Yongyi are well-known loving couples in the entertainment industry. The ‘mutual intercourse’ mode of belonging to them is also envious, and I believe that not many couples can manage it. Just like Zhang Zhilin’s heart, Yuan Yongyi is like this: However, what many people don’t know is that Yuan Yongyi is the big cousin in the entertainment industry! She has more watches than bags! In her eyes, the favorite in the bag is Hermès, but Rolex must choose it. She once said: ‘I want all Rolex watches!’ With determination, it seems that entering the ‘Labor’ door looks like the sea. Of course, Yuan Yongyi will never have only one Rolex. I do n’t know, she was frightened at first sight. Not only did she have fun with the new style, but she also collected antique labor and explosive labor. Yuan Yongyi wears a Rolex Panda Pan Daytona watch. Yuan Yongyi wears a very popular Rolex white face Daytona watch on the market. It is one of the most difficult Rolex watches to buy. It is classic and generous, but also very elegant. Zhang Zhilin wears a Frank Mueller tourbillon watch, which is even more powerful than Yuan Yongyi’s love to buy bags. Zhang Zhilin has bought more carts than Yuan Yongyi’s Hermes, but he has a soft spot for watches and only focuses on In Frank Mueller. It is said that not a family does not enter a door, traffic star couples such as Zhang Zhilin and Yuan Yongyi are considered as one of the strongest star couples to take the goods king. Buychao VS Zhang Jiani In ‘Wife’s Romantic Travel’, the pair that the fans most envy is the one who buys Chao and Zhang Jiani. Buychao said: ‘You are the one I want to marry home at first sight’, Wow Fans who know that they have bought a super background can deeply feel that Zhang Jiani in real life is simply the purple diamond in ‘A blind dream’. Zhang Jiani wears Van Cleef & Arpels Love Bridge watch. Let’s take a look at what kind of watch such a happy little princess would wear? The watch that Zhang Jiani wears is one of the Van Cleef & Arpels poetic complication watch series-Love Bridge. The dial is a pair of lovers facing each other on the bridge. They approach each other over time. At noon and 12 o’clock in the evening, the two are kissed together. Therefore, they are also tired of being called the bridge of lovers, the bridge of romance, and are known For the most romantic watch in the world. This watch is limited to 100 pieces worldwide and is worth over 920,000. The strength of his wife, I have to praise, but imagine that the watch worn by Zhang Jiani also fascinated a lot of female fans. Speaking of Zhang Jiani’s husband, buying a super is a real Gao Fushui, and Wang Sicong is also a circle, so usually pay attention to pay attention to wear, look over the micro-blog to buy a super, usually wear a variety of watches. Everyone said that the appearance of Langcai women should be like these two echoing each other and being comparable to each other. Everyone says that you can buy a ‘Pamper Wife Handbook’ if you buy it. If you marry someone who loves, you will probably be spoiled as a child. Such a sweet couple, the traffic is always DAY DAY UP, is the strongest star couple bringing goods, isn’t it the king? Zhang Ziyi VS Wang Feng did not expect that International Chapter would participate in ‘Wife’s Romantic Travel’, nor did it expect that International Chapter would marry three times Wang Feng of marriage, however, when you have read ‘Wife’s Romantic Travel’, you will feel that all the answers are so clear and clear. Of course, there will be many drama fans asking, what secrets will be hidden on the wrists of goddess-level figures like Zhang Ziyi? The answer must be a lot of secrets! Goddess-level figures can always easily control many styles of watches, such as: Zhang Ziyi wearing a Cartier tank watch, elegant and feminine. Zhang Ziyi looked noble and solemn when wearing Piaget watches. Zhang Ziyi wore a Bvlgari jewellery watch, feeling exquisite and elegant. Compared to Zhang Ziyi, Wang Feng’s watch is very low-key. From the original founder of No. 43 Baojia Street to later representative figures of Chinese rock, Wang Feng’s wear style is as wild as his music. A little punk’s fashion element is Wang Feng’s usual style, just like the Swiss Aibo Shi Sportive sports series mechanical men’s watch, the cool shape is only in line with pure man’s bold air field. When Wang Feng wears the Aibo watch, he must say who is the strongest couple to bring goods, just looking at the value is not enough, the sweetness of star couples is the focus of public attention. After all, love doesn’t need people to set up. As long as it is sincere, it has been searched a lot. The clothes worn by celebrities and the watches and jewellery worn by them will definitely be cut out. Whether it’s being soured by the star couples wielding dog food in “Wife’s Romantic Travel” or by the super-looking watches they wear, if you do n’t want to continue to make lemon essence, and have no time to find loved ones, Quickly pick yourself a suitable watch! 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Updated: 17. May 2016 — 16:10
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