Louis Vuitton Launches The ‘geneva Quality Seal’ Flying Tourbillon Watch

Louis Vuitton has obtained the ‘Poinçon de Genève’ and entered the core circle of watchmaking brands with this certification. With a brand new case design, a skeletonized tourbillon movement and unprecedented transparency, the ‘Geneva Quality Seal’ flying tourbillon watch is a major advancement in Louis Vuitton watchmaking.

   The “Geneva Seal of Quality” is issued by an independent agency regulated by the laws of the canton of Geneva, which reviews all watch processing and finishing, regardless of movement, case, operation, power reserve, precision or technical choice All aspects must be verified and certified. Louis Vuitton’s approach to this traditional imprint is a unique innovation.

   The Geneva Seal of Quality stipulates that the surface of all movement parts should be retouched. Louis Vuitton achieves this standard in a modern style, while retaining the authenticity of the retouch. The ‘V’ decoration of the tourbillon frame at 6 o’clock is polished to give a mirror-like gloss. The bridge plate on the back of the movement is horizontally satin-finished, the two sides of the bridge are chamfered, and the sides of the bridge are satin-drawn. Even the invisible parts that are obscured by other parts are carefully retouched with a circular-grained pattern.

   The LV104 movement (vibration frequency: 3 Hz) of this watch is entirely developed by the La Fabrique du Temps workshop of Louis Vuitton. In fact, to get the “Geneva Quality Seal” certification, you must start with the first part and design the movement to that standard. The most imaginative movement designed in the history of Louis Vuitton is derived from this blank. The skeletonized movement seems to be held in the air by invisible forces, suspended in a 950 platinum case. The hollow-out process is deeply entrenched in Louis Vuitton’s watchmaking culture. The simple hollow-out structure is assembled from 168 parts and has a light texture.

   The ‘Geneva Seal of Quality’ flying tourbillon watch The tourbillon is set at 6 o’clock and rotates once per minute. The tourbillon is supported by the lower bridge plate and does not touch each other. The watch’s case diameter is 41 mm (43.7 mm diagonal) and is neither pincushion nor elliptical. It differs from existing contour categories; its thickness is 9.1 mm, and it naturally fits the curve between the wearer’s wrist. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Updated: 28. July 2012 — 22:49
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