Luxury Brands Remain Firm In China’s Prosperity, Opening A Large Number Of New Stores

Although the recent slowdown in China’s economic growth has affected the performance of the global luxury goods industry, the enthusiasm of luxury goods companies in China to build luxury luxury specialty stores for the majority of wealthy and middle-class people remains undiminished.
   The most recent example is this Tuesday when Swiss luxury watch brand Hublot opened its second store in Nanjing’s West Street in Shanghai. West Nanjing Street is a well-known luxury goods store in Shanghai. The owner is full of leather furnishings, and some metal + glass counters. Wherever you go, you can often find some high-tech details, full of modern atmosphere.
   This store is its fourth specialty store in China. Beijing, Dalian, Shenyang, and Wuhan also have sales points (not just monopoly). Its CEO said it will soon build 15 stores in China. ‘
   And just last month, German luxury brand Montblanc opened a four-storey exclusive store in Beijing. Almost all of Montblanc’s luxury pens, watches, leather goods and jewelry are on sale here. The grand party at the opening was fresh in memory. Participants include international superstars such as Jessica Alba, Naomi Watts, Nicholas Cage and Amber Heard.
   This is the world’s largest Montblanc boutique. It is equipped with a large number of interactive displays, which are mainly used to let customers understand the history of Montblanc.
   It seems that when investors’ enthusiasm is suspended, luxury brands remain convinced that China will not stop its footsteps toward prosperity.