Oris Vito Wins Renault Flight Championship

The Swiss Air Racing team sponsored by ORIS and his pilot Don Vito won the 50th Renault Flight Race in Nevada, USA. Don Vito became the first non-U.S. Citizen to win the Gold Race championship in history. pilot!

 Swiss century-old watch brand ORIS congratulates pilot Don Vito Wypraechtiger on his victory at the 2013 Renault Flying Race Gold Race. The captain of the Swiss Air Racing team, flying his Scarlet Screamer, shuttled through the complex track at an average speed of 240 miles per hour at the Renault Flying Race.

   ORIS-sponsored Don Vito Wypraechtiger celebrates his victory in the 50th Renault Flying Race Gold Race, becoming the first non-American champion pilot in history.

 With the attention of 200,000 spectators at the scene, Don Vito and his main competitor, last year’s champion Steven Senegal, started a fierce battle. Don Vito, with his superb driving skills and agile strategy, became the first non-American champion in the history of Renault Flight Races, writing a legend.

 Don Vito piloted a Scarlett Screamer from the Swiss Air Racing team sponsored by ORIS, traveling at an average speed of 240 miles per hour through the complex circuit of the Renault Flight Race.

 ORIS CEO Ulrich Herzog said, ‘We are very proud and proud of the achievements of the Don Vito Wypraechtiger and the Swiss Air Racing team at the 50th Renault Flight. The dedication and enthusiasm shown by Don Vito during the race And technology are very inspiring. ‘

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Updated: 25. April 2013 — 11:53
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