Light And Shadow Rotation Reappearing The Classic Charm – Jiejia And Shanghai International Film Festival Fine-film Repair Art

Light and shadow revolve, time goes deep. Upholding the ingenuity of 185 years, Swiss watchmaking brand Jaeger-LeCoultre continues to pay attention to the development and growth of film culture, and gives long-term and profound support to the film industry. For more than a decade, Jaeger-LeCoultre has been working closely with the world’s most prestigious film festivals. The fate of the art of time and the world of light and shadow has long been inextricable. This year, they talked with the Shanghai International Film Festival for eight years and refined the art of film restoration. Jaeger-LeCoultre devotes tremendous energy to film restoration projects every year. Through the blockage of time, the art of light and shadow has a long history.

The thirteenth restoration of the movie ‘Soul of Painting’ poster
 A round of film covered by the dust of time, a film carrying the memories and dreams of a generation, the significance of film restoration is to use modern technology to make these gradually dusty in the years and the beauty and beauty again shine her Original colors. Although digital technology is used, film restoration is still a manual labor process, and it is also the only way to preserve classics and inherit culture. It is an art form in the world of light and shadow, and it is also a skill. The large-grained rough texture of the video tape is removed, and the high-definition audio-visual effect after removing the noise is familiar, and the subtle visual effects also add freshness to the memories.
 Over the past eight years, Jaeger-LeCoultre and the Shanghai International Film Festival have jointly repaired dozens of classic films, ranging from old films in the 1930s and 1940s, such as ‘Spring in the River,’ and ‘Sisters of the Stage’, to Hong Kong classic film ‘The True Color of Heroes’ , ‘Unable to Love’ and the literary film ‘Out of the Window’, which was screened last year.

Before the film ‘Soul of Painting’ is restored

After the movie ‘Soul of Painting’ is restored
 Jaeger-LeCoultre continues to focus on the art of film itself, contributing its own strength to protect the cultural heritage of Chinese cinema, and rescue and repair classic Chinese movies. The restoration of classic movies is not just an important public good, the process of restoration is a perfect interpretation of the spirit of craftsmen. The prosthetics repaired the film’s physical repairs, followed by detailed digital repairs, and then graded the complete movie. The principle of color grading is to respect the original color, which represents a unique atmosphere in the era. The restorers not only need to study the directors’ works of the same era in the same area, refer to contemporary magazines, but also interview some viewers who have watched the movie in the theater or the photographers and directors of the year, combining various factors Decide on the final grade of the film. This series of restoration procedures are very complicated and cumbersome, and they have the same purpose as the ingenious watchmaking process. Jaeger-LeCoultre strongly supports the restoration of films, while inheriting the art and culture of Chinese films, it also continues the long history of film culture.

Before the film ‘Soul of Painting’ is restored

After the movie ‘Soul of Painting’ is restored
 In 2018, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Shanghai International Film Festival joined hands for eight years to restore the legendary biographical film ‘Soul of Painting’ with 4K technology, and was screened during the 21st Shanghai International Film Festival. Based on Shi Nan’s novels, this film mainly tells the story of the famous painter Pan Yuliang, with the help of her husband, the Customs Governor Pan Zanhua, with her own efforts and talents, to get rid of the sinking fate and achieve great success. An image of a woman who has finally become independent and mature after undergoing countless transformations, with Gong Li’s proficient and multi-level expression, the screen suddenly jumps on. In the process of ‘Painting Soul’, the deformation and flicker of the film due to aging were removed. At the same time, the sharpness, contrast, color texture and sound effect of the oil painting were greatly improved. After a long period of erosion of an old film, it is not difficult to restore the bright and bright light, but to restore the tone and age of the old film, it also needs related artistic cultivation. The son of Huang Shuqin, the director of ‘Soul of Painting’-the well-known director Zheng Dasheng visited the film restoration studio to direct the restoration. And a new artistic understanding. Thanks to the efforts of Jaeger-LeCoultre and the Shanghai International Film Festival and many film restoration artisans, this classic has been reborn.

Well-known director Zheng Dasheng at the 4K restored version of ‘Soul of Painting’ screening
 In order to support the restoration of classic film projects, Jaeger-LeCoultre auctioned a classic timepiece during the 21st Shanghai International Film Festival, and the proceeds will be fully invested in film restoration projects. This Rendez-VousNight & Day date and night display watch-2018 Shanghai International Film Festival Charity Auction Custom Edition, is a collection of Swiss Jura Valley watchmaking superb craftsmanship and aesthetics, rose gold case set with brilliant diamonds, With a charming red dial and strap, it is full of feminine mystery and elegant elegance. The unique star display on the disk is placed at 6 o’clock on the day and night, witnessing the passing of time, and also showing Jaeger-LeCoultre’s heart for film art.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-VousNight & Day Date Collection Day and Night Display Watch-2018 Shanghai International Film Festival Charity Auction Customized Model
 The process of film restoration is also the process of film re-creation. How to give the classic new life while retaining the unique sense of the age of the old film, test the skills and ingenuity of the film repairer. Repairing damage and polishing quality every frame, the key in the process of film repair is not only technology, but also the accumulation of experience and the realization of art. Just like the watchmakers in the Jaeger-LeCoultre workshop, they create precise timepieces. Wisdom is integrated in the form of craftsmanship. The agility of life is given to each timepiece, and it is a glorious moment in the history of watchmaking.

Ms. Catherine Rénier, Global CEO of Jaeger-LeCoultre, and Ms. Fu Wenxia, ​​Director of the Shanghai International Film and Television Festival Center and General Manager of Shanghai International Film and Television Festival Co., Ltd. at the 4K Rehabilitation Screening
 During the 21st Shanghai International Film Festival, Jaeger-LeCoultre invited guests from all over the world to witness the grandeur of Chinese films, to support representatives of outstanding Chinese filmmakers, and to continue to repair classic film projects and promote the inheritance and development of film art.

Official Timing And Official Watch Of The 2014 World Cup In Brazil.

July 15, 2014, fight for glory! After a full 30 days, 32 teams and 64 games of fierce anxiety, the biennial World Cup in Brazil finally ended! As the official timekeeper and official watch of the 2014 FIFA Brazil World Cup ™, Hublot, the top Swiss watch brand, hosted a magnificent carnival party in Rio de Janeiro to celebrate the German team’s World Cup title, The success of the “Aublot” global campaign was applauded.

   On the day of the event, the pop star, American R & B female singer Rihanna appeared at the Hublot Boutique Hotel in Rio de Janeiro. Hublot Global CEO Ricardo Guadalupe, Hublot Brazil World Cup Ambassador Pelé, Hublot family members, partners and celebrities from all over the world, including famous Brazilian painters, The sculptor Romero Britto, the son of the late legendary reggaeman Bob Marley-the famous entrepreneur Rohan Marley toasted and celebrated together The watch has achieved unprecedented great achievements in the World Cup. Wyclef Jean, a well-known black American singer, helped out, and ignited Samba’s carnival passion with a wonderful live performance.

Wyclef Jean, a famous American black singer

Famous British rock musician Glenn Hughues

   As the official timepiece and official watch of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the new watch-type referee time plate designed by Hublot was held up and down on the arena of fierce battle, becoming the focus of attention of hundreds of millions of fans worldwide! Under the field, the Hublot love football international all-star lineup launched by Hublot is also very powerful-England coach Roy Hodgson, Brazil coach Luiz Felipe Scolari (Luiz Felipe Scolari), Portuguese national team coach Paulo Bento, Greek national team coach Fernando Santos and Swiss national team midfielder Xherdan Shaqiri … a series of stars The sparkling name was entered into the family history by Hublot.
   The battle for the kings on the green field has come to an end. The legend between Hublot and the World Cup continues! Four years later in Russia, Qatar in 2022, Hublot will still appear as the official timepiece and official watch, igniting the passion of the World Cup and locking the eyes of hundreds of millions of fans worldwide!

2016 Baselworld Jacques De Fascinating Time Bird

Jaquet Droz’s timepiece bird created with the theme of the brand’s cherished nature symbol, the bird, has launched two new watches, combining exquisite mechanical devices and a rich poetic flavor full of modernity. .

    Pierre Jaquet-Droz (1721–1790) was born in a Swiss farm watchmaker’s family. He experienced the tide of the Enlightenment and respected the nature that had a profound impact on scientists, artists and philosophers of the 18th century Movement. Pierre Jacques de Rouge has a keen sense of the beauty of animals and plants. He was the first watchmaker to introduce a timepiece bird mechanism into pocket watches. This sophisticated mechanism was later used to decorate snuff boxes and other crafts. Attracted many international customers, from Madrid to Beijing, all the rage. Adhering to the pioneering spirit, Jacques Dro has recently launched The Bird Repeater and The Charming Bird. The fascinating Bird of Time watch combines micro-mechanics with the exquisite craftsmanship of the art workshop, and won the 2015 “Innovative Mechanical Watch” award at the Geneva Watch Awards.

    The master craftsman reinterprets the classic Grande Seconde dial and its guardian-like figure ‘8’. The dial above shows hours and minutes. The dial below shows a veritable small timepiece under the sapphire crystal dome. Today, Jacques Droghe reproduces this innovative design, introducing a new and chic ‘Charming Bird of Time’, the dial is decorated with delicate mother-of-pearl, showing elegant and charming decorative patterns.

    Carrying two different Swiss patent mechanisms in The Charming Bird is a technical challenge. After years of research and development, this watch has been compatible with two major innovations. Thanks to three miniature sapphire crystal tubes, birds’ tweets are generated by the compression of air instead of vibration. The first crystal tube pumps air, stores it in the second crystal tube, and then pushes the air into the third crystal tube to adjust the melody according to the volume of air and the speed of the piston movement. From a mechanical point of view, the adjustment mechanism operates magnetically to prevent metal parts from touching each other, thereby reducing noise inside the watch. The fascinating bird of time has delicate and delicate parts, the mechanical mechanism is extremely complicated, and its exquisite and elegant aesthetic design is the crystallization of the art workshop. Similarly, the veritable miniature sculpture bird, hand-carved showing the traditional Swiss pastoral landscape pattern of Jaquet Droz, the bottom of the painted mother-of-pearl dial, and the hand-decorated movement are all carefully crafted and refined to make. The surface decoration draws inspiration from traditional paper-cutting techniques, and combines superb carving and micro-painting techniques to create amazingly rich details for this masterpiece of art. Finally, the watch is equipped with a 47mm diameter red gold or white gold case, each of which is limited to 8 pieces. The elegant three-dimensional shape is more beautiful against the backdrop of metallic luster. This watch is undoubtedly a model of Jacques Dro’s watchmaking excellence, allowing you to listen quietly to the song of time.
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Titanium Hardcore Watch Iwc Engineer Iw386501 Watch Tasting

Wanguo Watch has always been known for its simple style, which is also its style. It expresses confidence and complexity in simplicity. The IWC engineer series is one of the few watches under his brand that expresses men’s toughness. The watch pursues sharp and sharp beauty, and the selection of rare metals is one of the reasons for the plasticity of the watch. Today I will bring you a IWC titanium watch.
 IWC engineer IW386501 chronograph titanium watch

 Toughness and toughness are the first impressions of this watch. The titanium material makes the watch exude an unusual beauty, and even the chic design of the buttons, crown and chronograph push button gives the watch a unique look. This sense of power even makes people think that this design of the case comes from the future. The case continues the design of the engineer’s five screws. The white dial is occupied by a chronograph dial and a double calendar display window, and the decoration of the button box crown is quite outstanding.

 The crown is tightly sandwiched by the crown shoulders. The sharp edges and corners make the watch easier to operate. The combination of the crown and the timing button also complements the watch’s powerful style. This watch is relatively large in size and thickness, full of weight, suitable for tall men. In addition to the chase timekeeping function with excellent playability, it is even more men who love watches.

 Summary: The IWC engineer series can be said to be the IWC watch men’s series. Its strong appearance, tough style, and the thickness of the men’s true character, have won many men’s favorite. At the same time, the watch has also designed the brand’s outstanding chronograph technology, which gives the watch a layer of technology for watch friends to play.
 Watch details reference: iwc / 27795 /

Continuation Of The Classic Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Series Deep Dive Flyback Chronograph

The word ‘噚’ is translated from the word ‘fathoms’ and is a unit that people use to measure water depth. In Shakespeare’s widely recognized final complete masterpiece, The Tempest, Elf Ellie sang ‘Fivefathomsdeepwaterlayyourfather, hisbonesarecoralinto …’ in a ballad, rumored by Jahan-Jacques, then CEO of Blancpain • Mr. Jean-Jacques Fiechter was inspired by this and named the watch with the word ‘fathoms’. Under the conditions of the air compression technology at that time, fifty centimeters (91.44 meters) was considered to be almost what divers could do. The ultimate depth of dive. Today’s Watch House brings you a beautiful watch from the Blancpain Classic Fifty Fathoms series, reference model: 5200-1110-NABA.

The Fifty Fathoms watch has continuously improved in its half-century history. Today, it represents not only the first modern diving watch, but also the standard model of the watch industry for diving watches, which has become the standard in many countries. Military diving watch.

Complex function illustration

Compared with the Fifty Fathoms models launched before 2013, this deep-dive Fifty Fathoms has made a large improvement in appearance and texture, making it more in line with modern aesthetics. The case diameter is 43mm and the unique shooting star The grey dial is very delicate, showing a low-key elegance.

The flat design of the bezel combined with the horizontal sapphire crystal glass as the mirror makes the outline of the watch more concise, which also looks more in line with the modern and stylish aesthetics.

The iconic large crown design of the Fifty Fathoms series is designed to allow divers to easily rotate the crown when working underwater. On both sides of the watch are timer start / pause and reset buttons. ‘JB’ logo highlights the extraordinary brand identity.

A piece of NATO nylon strap is a common combination of the Fifties series, ‘NATO’ is the abbreviation of NATO, Fifties series As a military diving watch that Blancpain has cooperated with the military of many countries, the watch’s nylon straps all meet the standards of the NATO military nylon strap, which also shows the brand’s extraordinary quality.

The thickness of this watch’s case is about 14.85 mm, but Blancpain’s sophisticated cutting technology makes this watch visually rich in layers and not burdensome.

An exquisite cut-out at the lugs creates a seamless look for this watch. This seemingly simple cut-out not only makes the lugs look sharp from the front, but also weakens the visual thickness of the sides, making the shape tough.

This watch is equipped with a pin buckle that is easy to wear. The pin buckle has sharp edges and corners, and the lines are simple and tough, creating a completely rigid temperament. The top of the buckle is carved with a delicate Blancpain logo.

As the ‘standard’ for diving watches, the unidirectional rotating bezel of this watch uses the world’s most advanced Liquidmetal technology, which integrates the metal and ceramic bezels, greatly improving the bezel. Durability.

The fluorescent material filled between the pointer and the scale ensures that it can still be read clearly in the extreme environment, and the dots and strips are more beautifully matched, while ensuring that the dial in the dark environment is clear at a glance. Under the Blancpain logo at 12 o’clock, a line of handwritten ‘fiftyfathoms’ indicates the classic series identity of the watch.

The 9 o’clock position of the dial is the 12-hour cumulative time display of this watch. The 6 o’clock position is the small seconds dial of this watch. The word ‘bathyscaphe’ on the dial means ‘deep dive’ and the water-resistant depth is 300 meters.

The 3 o’clock position of the dial is the 30-minute cumulative time display of this watch. The fine engraving and polishing of the small dial make the dial’s layering richer. A date display window is mounted at 4:30.

The case back is embedded with a sapphire crystal glass back. The arc design of the oscillating weight provides a wider view of the exquisite movement. Each piece of splint has been polished carefully, and the taste is endless.

This watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement F385. This movement consists of 322 parts and contains 37 jewel bearings. The frequency of the movement is 5 Hz. The antimagnetic performance of the silicon balance spring Its travel time is more accurate and it can provide a power reserve of about 50 hours.

Summary: Over fifty years after the birth of the Fifty Fathoms watch, Blancpain has cooperated with the navies of various countries to meet the strict requirements for the specifications and functions of military watches. In the process of promoting to the public, the design and appearance of the watch have been continuously improved. Under the seemingly simple and tough military watch appearance, it also has a delicate beauty that cannot be ignored, and it has become a legend that cannot be copied. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

More watch details: blancpain / 34567 /