H. Moser & Cie. H. Moser & Swiss Alp Watch Zzzz Watch

Mechanical watch at all times
A rectangular case with rounded corners and a shiny black dial. At first glance, it can make people mistake this as a standby smart watch. Looking closely, I found that this is actually a running mechanical watch, beating his soul constantly, this is: H. Moser & Cie. Swiss Alp Watch Zzzz by Henry Moser 100% mechanical table. 100% Swiss descent. On the dial of the watch, the time stamps and brand logos, which are now conventional elements of the watch, can not be found-a strong proof: true luxury products are unique and legible, even without obvious brand elements.

The Swiss Alp Watch Zzzz watch launched by Henry Moser has a look that looks like a smart watch that is turned off or in standby, and has created this ambiguous aesthetic concept in an unruly manner. Behind this modern design is a 100% pure mechanical watch. The black dial not only does not have any brand logo, even the time scale is also abandoned-it can be described as an out-and-out minimalist style. There is no interface on this model: the Swiss Alp Watch Zzzz is designed to display the time and display it in a beautiful way. Seems simple, but it’s not simple at all.

The Swiss Alp Watch Zzzz core is equipped with the HMC 324 movement, which matches the rotation rhythm of the balance wheel in harmony. Quite different from cold electronic-style smart watches, Henry Moser presents the soul of a mechanical timepiece. With a power reserve of at least 4 days and a fully manual way of renewing energy, this watch has nothing to do with smart watches.

In addition to the black dial, Henry Moser also introduced another completely different model: the bright blue electro-optical blue dial, showing the “yin and yang” opposite aesthetics of watchmaking.

Swiss Alp Watch Zzzz, two different dials, both limited to 20 pieces.

Technical Parameters
Reference: 5324-0207, white gold model, black dial, black alligator leather strap, limited to 20 pieces
Reference: 5324-0208, white gold model, electro-optic blue dial, beige kudu strap, limited to 20 pieces
Case: 18K white gold, size 38.2 x 44.0 mm, thickness 10.3 mm, sapphire crystal glass back, transparent sapphire crystal glass back cover, crown decorated with the letter ‘M’ and engraved ‘1 of 20’ (limited edition)
Dial: black or electro-optic blue with sunburst motif, leaf-shaped hour and minute hands
Movement: Homemade hand-wound HMC 324 movement, size 32.0 mm x 36.0 mm, thickness 4.8 mm,
Frequency of 18,000 vibrations / hour, 27 gems, power reserve of at least 4 days, all balance wheels and pinions adopt Moser gear teeth, replaceable Moser escapement, original Straumann Hairspring ® with stable Breguet coils, gold escape wheel and pallet fork, movement and parts are hand-polished and modified
Functions: hours and minutes, power reserve indicator on the movement side
Strap: Hand-stitched black crocodile or beige kudu leather strap, 18K pure white gold pin buckle, engraved with Moser logo

Ultra-thin Classic Brief Comment On Piaget Altiplano White Gold Diamond Watch

In addition to the fine diamond setting technology that puts girls into a dreamland, Piaget also has the pursuit of ultra-thin watches. We know that in the 2014 Geneva Watch Show, Piaget launched its The latest ultra-thin series models, today Watch House will bring you an Altiplano series ultra-thin watch with white gold and diamonds. The official model of the watch is: G0A36138.

Piaget can be proud that even today, Piaget is still one of the few brands in the world that has only been awarded the highest honor of ‘comprehensive manufacturer’, that is, all production processes, from design, research, development to manufacturing, are made by the brand itself Finished, which is very rare in the current watch industry.


This watch is designed with a diameter of 43 mm and is carried in an 18K white gold case. The case is set with 88 round diamonds and weighs about 0.8 carats. The white dial design matches the Barton time scale.


This ultra-thin white gold watch is the perfect expression of simplicity and classics. It inherits the tradition of Piaget elegance and refinement. This modern Altiplano watch is the pinnacle of minimalism. Piaget has pushed micromechanics to the extreme, setting two new records in the field of ultra-thin watches: thanks to the miniature rotor, the movement With a thickness of only 2.35 mm, it is the thinnest self-winding mechanical movement on the market today, and the watch is only 5.25 mm thick. The bezel is paved with round diamonds, demonstrating simplicity and elegance.


The watch is equipped with a black crocodile leather strap, sewn with black silk, and the buckle is made of 18K white gold with a pin buckle buckle, and the Piaget classic logo is also engraved on the buckle.


The thickness of the watch is only 5.25 millimeters. As a self-winding watch, such a thickness can be said to be a miracle. The watch is equipped with a 1208P self-winding movement made by Piaget. The thickness of this self-winding movement Controlled at 2.35 mm, it has to be said that this is a miraculous existence.


The watch is designed with a diameter of 43 mm. The Barton hour markers are matched with bar-shaped hands. The reading is clear and clear. The silver-plated dial has a small seconds display at 5 o’clock, which adds a little decoration to the simple dial. |


The watch’s internally-built 1208P self-winding movement is built in the same vein as the well-known 12P movement and is currently the world’s thinnest movement. In order to achieve a slim record of 2.35 millimeters, the watchmaking brand Piaget made every effort to use its accumulated experience in the ultra-thin field to create precise movement parts. Some of the gears in the movement are only 0.12 millimeters thick, making them as thin as hair. The distance between the gears is also as small as possible, only 0.1 mm. In addition, the movement is also equipped with a balance stop device. To make efficient use of space, an eccentric rose gold disc is set at 9 o’clock on the movement and is engraved with the Piaget family crest. In addition, there is a small eccentric second hand at 5 o’clock. The 1208P movement perfectly embodies the spirit of innovation of the watchmaking brand Piaget. In addition to the above features, it is also equipped with a gear set decorated with solar radial patterns and special long and short needle devices, and is engraved with the initial ‘P’ of Piaget. Secret signature. Decorative details such as the circular Geneva wave pattern, the round-finished main splint, the chamfered bridge, the engraved Piaget family emblem and limited-number movement oscillating weight, and the blue steel screws show the aesthetic standards that this Swiss watch brand uphold To make this movement more outstanding.

Summary: Although many brands are studying the ultra-thin field, I think Piaget really has made achievements in this field. Piaget’s many ultra-thin movements are the best illustration. At present, this watch is in Beijing Oriental The square store’s offer is 237,600 yuan, friends who are interested can go to themselves for more details. (Photo / Wen Watch House Chen Zhongyun)

For more watch details, please click: piaget / 14414 /

Tag Heuer Connected Modular Smart Watch (45mm) Ace Special Edition Will Be Available At Mr.Porter For Exclusive Sales

From July 6, TAG Heuer Connected Modular Smart Watch (45mm) Ace Special Edition will enter the award-winning global men’s clothing retail site Mr. Porter for one month of exclusive sales.

   In May, TAG Heuer announced that it has joined hands with MARV films and 20th Century Fox Film Company to participate in the production of ‘Ace Agent: Golden Circle’, which will be released in major theaters around the world on September 22, 2017.

TAG Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver joins with acclaimed film director, screenwriter, producer and director of ‘Ace Agent’ Matthew Vaughan , And Mr. Toby Bateman, Director of Mr. Porter, presents TAG Heuer Connected Modular Smart Watch (45mm) Ace Special Edition

   ‘Ace Agent’ acclaimed director Matthew Vaughn chose to wear the TAG Heuer Connected Modular smart watch (45mm), which perfectly matches him. It’s elegant and savvy, just like the ace agent in the film.

Ace Agent Matthew Vaughan’s acclaimed director wears TAG Heuer Connected Modular Smart Watch (45mm) Ace Agent Special Edition

   The Ace Special Edition watch reproduces the aesthetic style of the agents: rose gold lugs and elegant leather straps decorated with the ace embossing. The watch also comes with an orange velvet strap, inspired by the classic orange velvet suit.

TAG Heuer Connected Modular Smart Watch (45mm) Ace Agent Special Edition Launch Ceremony

   A watch suitable for all occasions, exuding elegant British ace style of agents, accompanied the agents to successfully perform difficult tasks.

‘Ace Agent’ acclaimed director Matthew Vaughan said: ‘For me, it is important not only to equip the Ace Agent with a smart watch, but also the watch from design to materials Elegant. The TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch is just such a watch. ‘

   From July 6th, Ace Special Edition watches will be sold exclusively through Mr. Porter for one month, and then sold worldwide.

   TAG Heuer Connected Modular Smart Watch (45mm) Ace Special Edition is different from the classic series with dial function. It is available in dark blue or gray, with Kingsman lettering and logo engraved at 9 and 6 o’clock. At 10:10, the dial will vibrate for 10 seconds and a K-shaped logo will appear. To pay tribute to the film, the original Android Wear lighting function on the dial is replaced by a movie logo with a gold or white background.

TAG Heuer Connected Modular Smart Watch (45mm) Ace Special Edition, a watch for all occasions, exuding elegant British Ace style.

   This is TAG Heuer’s first global online sale event after partnering with Chinese online retailers JD.com and Tmall.com. The Ace Agent program is part of a Swiss watchmaking company’s strategy to establish a connection with millennial audiences and build its own e-commerce business.

Reinterpreting The Past, Vacheron Constantin Reshapes The Rose Gold Pocket Watch

Vacheron Constantin is a brand full of history. Just like the first pocket watch created in 1755, Vacheron Constantin’s watchmakers put personal passion into watch creation is the key to showing the style of the work.

 There is no doubt that Vacheron Constantin’s brand style is derived from the traditional historical value accumulated over 250 years. It integrates the brand’s unique creative ideas, while also referring to the current era and fashion trends. Different products have their own characteristics, which are not only reflected in watch works, but also the latest pocket watch styles, which have passed the brand’s creative spirit of continuously surpassing itself and actively inheriting history in terms of sophisticated and complicated functions, design, and details. These represent the creative spirit of Vacheron Constantin today-inheriting its proud heritage and traditions, and continuing to bring high-quality and elegant watches to watch lovers.
 A few days ago, Vacheron Constantin retraced the past and the golden age of pocket watches, and launched the Patrimony Contemporaine rose gold pocket watch with pure, classic and timeless design. The pocket watch inherits all the style elements of the Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Contemporaine series, such as the neat and exquisite silver-plated milky dial and the polka dot minute scale. The 5N 18K pink gold case is 43mm in diameter and the case back is transparent. You can admire Vacheron Constantin’s wonderful hand-wound caliber 4400. The movement has the Geneva mark on it, which is close to the movement used by VC Historiques American 1921. However, the Caliber 4400 does not have a second hand, and other specifications are the same.
 Vacheron Constantin’s designers, watchmakers, engineers and artisans have the responsibility of ‘recording history’ in addition to their watch production. They interpret the representative works of different eras through new works and show the trend of watches in each era. .

F1 Formula One Milestones In The New Season

[Thursday, March 7, 2019, Geneva]-2019 FIA Formula One World Championship ™ Opener-2019 First Class The Formula One Rolex Australian Grand Prix (2019 FIA Formula One World Championship ™) will begin next week. This premier event in the motorsport world kicks off at the Melbourne Grand Prix from March 15th (Friday) to 17th (Sunday), marking the official opening of the 70th Formula One Championship. The sport’s cutting-edge technology and outstanding driver’s pursuit of perfection have attracted racing fans from all over the world. The enduring spirit of the Formula One Championship and its support for bold performance and innovation undoubtedly coincide with Rolex’s continuous pursuit of excellence. Rolex has been the global partner and race timepiece of the Formula One Championship for the seventh consecutive year.

Formula 1 track markings © Rolex / Jad Sherif

FORMULA 1 GRAN PREMIO DE ESPAÑA EMIRATES 2018 Leading Driver © Rolex / Jad Sherif

FORMULA 1 2018 ROLEX AUSTRALIAN GRAND PRIX matches © Rolex / Jad Sherif

FORMULA 1 2018 ROLEX AUSTRALIAN GRAND PRIX Parade © Rolex / Jad Sherif

   To improve overtaking, the International Automobile Federation (FIA) and the Formula One Championship have established rules to reduce aerodynamic turbulence on the front and rear wings to encourage increased overtaking opportunities. Rolex spokesperson Mark Webber, who has repeatedly won the Formula One championship, explains: ‘The new rules are designed to encourage drivers to overtake. As the car’s movements will be more predictable, drivers can confidently create exciting Overtaking opportunities. This season is definitely worth the enthusiasm of the audience and the championship battle is bound to be fierce. I am confident that this year’s race will be different because of this change. ‘

Rolex spokesperson Mark Webber in Melbourne, Australia © Rolex / Jad Sherif

   The 21 games of the 2019 season will be held around the world from March to December and include several important milestones: the 2019 Formula 1 Heineken Chinese Grand Prix 2019 It will be the 1000th Grand Prix of the tournament. Since the first race in May 1950, the Formula One Championship has led the world’s top technology, allowing legendary drivers and advanced cars to compete on the field. In May of this year, the F1 Monaco Grand Prix (FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DE MONACO) will celebrate its ninetieth anniversary. Nearly a century later, the circuit still retains the same track as the opening race of the year, allowing the drivers to gallop. Rolex ambassador and 2016 FIA World Championship champion Nico Rosberg speaks of the importance of celebrating the history of the sport: ‘I am able to occupy the great tradition and history of F1 I am very proud and look forward to participating in this landmark event and relive the rich tradition and outstanding achievements of motorsport. Formula One has always been the most technologically advanced sport in the world, with its historical heritage, excellence and innovation Concept fits perfectly with Rolex. ‘

Rolex ambassador Sir Stewart © Rolex / Jad Sherif

   On September 7, 2019, in Monza, Italy, he has been a Rolex spokesperson for more than half a century and Sir Fiesta Formula One World Championship three-time winner Sir Jackie Stewart will celebrate his first championship Fiftieth anniversary. The legendary Scottish driver recalled his milestone on the same track where he won the championship in 1969: ‘I have always felt that mood swings are taboo for racers, but I hope this year in Monza will be exciting. I am proud and fortunate to have had the opportunity to see motorsports gain global reputation and safety. It is undoubtedly special to be able to commemorate my first championship on the world’s greatest circuit, and I am looking forward to the weekend Celebration. ‘

   Several new drivers will join this season. Only the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport and Rich Energy Haas F1 teams maintain their 2018 lineup. As the team travelled to Australia, the reorganization made the event more intriguing. ‘Nothing compares to a car,’ said Mark Webber. ‘It’s amazing how quickly drivers can adapt to the new environment, but they only performed a limited number of tests before coming to Melbourne, so the first race of the year will answer many Unknown. The Melbourne Grand Prix is ​​definitely one of the most exciting events of the year, and the entire city has become vibrant. Rolex and the event share a world-class philosophy and meticulous attention to detail. An important reason to actively support the development of the event. Whether it is for me or for all Australians, the close connection between the event and a brand like Rolex will undoubtedly make this event special. ‘

Born Traveller Breitling Bentley World Time V8 Chronograph Watch

To celebrate the official launch of the new Bentley Continental GT V8 sports car, Breitling draws inspiration from the thrilling and thrilling passion, and specially launches the Bentley World Time V8 chronograph watch (Bentley GMT ‘V8’), limited to 250 in the world. Tribute to this new supercar with a powerful and efficient 4.0-liter V8 engine. The unique metallic red rotating inner ring of the Bentley World Time V8 chronograph watch is dazzling and glamorous with a rich texture, creating a strong contrast with the black dial, which is very sporty. This passionate and dynamic red color complements the red Bentley ‘B’ logo of the Continental GT V8 sports car, symbolizing sport and performance, making it stand out from British cars. The asymmetrical lugs on the stainless steel case have a novel and bold design, which can be paired with the distinguished Speed ​​race stainless steel bracelet or the dynamic GMT world time rubber strap, which exudes the ultimate passion on the wrist.

 Just like a natural traveler, the Breitling Bentley World Time V8 chronograph watch has a multi-country time zone display system, cleverly tied the world time to the wrist: an independent hour hand with a red hollow triangular tip, indicating the time in a circle of 24 hours; The independent button on the left side of the case can adjust the time in the second time zone and distinguish between day and night. The rotating bezel engraved with the names of 24 cities makes the world time clear at a glance and enjoys the noble luxury of controlling the wrist at all times.

 The watch features a high-performance self-winding chronograph movement certified by the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC) and is also equipped with Breitling’s exclusive ’30-second chronograph system’. The invention of Breitling, which was first created in 1926, is amazing. It has a 30-second chronograph hand that can make a circle around the dial. Efficient and easy to read, meeting the timing needs of extreme sports. The Breitling Bentley World Time V8 chronograph watch, like the Bentley V8 engine, is extraordinary and worthy of a high-performance timepiece model.

【Technical data】
Movement: Breitling 47B automatic winding movement
Certification: Official Swiss Observatory Certification (COSC)
Swing frequency: 28,800 times per hour
Function: timing accuracy up to 1/8 second, equipped with 30 seconds, 15 minutes and 6 hours cumulative timer; 24 hours second time zone display; calendar display;
Case: stainless steel
Limited: 250 pieces
Water resistance: 100 meters (330 feet / 10 atmospheres)
Bezel: 24 time zone rotating bezel
Mirror: curved sapphire crystal, anti-glare treatment on both sides
Diameter: 49 mm;
Dial: Ebony black, metallic red inner ring;
Strap: GMT world time rubber strap, Speed ​​race steel bracelet.

2013 Sihh Geneva High Watch Salon-richard Mille Rm 11-01 Roberto Mancini

RM 11-01 series watches are specially designed for the brand’s new spokesman Mancini.
 Roberto Mancini, a star who once roamed the field, has countless brilliant records in his career: he has won the Italian Cup six times, twice as the best player in Serie A, and in international competitions He has twice won the European Cup of Winners and also won the UEFA Super Cup. His career has been fruitful. After retiring, Mancini became a football coach logically. Since 2009 he has coached the Manchester City team. In May this year, he led the team to win the Premier League title and wrote a century-long history of the Premier League. Mancini’s outstanding personality charm immediately caught Richard Mille’s attention. In addition to his outstanding tactical use, his extraordinary victory on the court, his noble style with his hands raised, even reflected his excellent style. This gentleman on the green field seems to have become an excellent portrayal of the delicate design, exquisite craftsmanship and unparalleled creativity of Richard Mille Watch Factory. The RM 11-01 series watch is specially designed for the brand’s new spokesman Mancini.

 In football matches, intermissions, overtime, timeouts … every moment that strains the nerves is a torment and trial for the coach. Coaches must quickly decide the tactics and strategic arrangements to use based on the remaining time, and these decisions often become the key to the final victory or defeat of the battle. Mancini hopes to have a Seiko watch with cutting-edge technology to accompany him on the stadium. Especially during the stoppage time of the game, the coach and the players could not see the exact remaining time. For the coach, without any time reference, it is a severe test of psychological endurance.
 This RM 11-01 watch tailored for Roberto and Mancini by Richard Mille is equipped with RMAC1 movement, equipped with annual calendar display and flyback timing function. The minute counter is located in the center of the watch, and the dial is divided according to the game time. Although the operation of the watch seems easy, it has the unique design in the watch industry. The dial shows a 45 minute match time at halftime and a maximum 15 minute pause. Press the button at 4 o’clock to activate the flyback function, reset the hands to the 12 o’clock position, and prepare to continue to welcome the second half of the game. When encountering overtime, start the flyback function again. At this time, the watch will display 15 minutes of overtime and up to 5 minutes of extra time.
 The case of the RM 11-01 once again presents the classic design of the RM 011. The barrel-shaped case is made of grade 5 titanium and is divided into three parts, plus two nitrile rubber 0-rings, which guarantees a water resistance of 50 meters. The case is assembled with 20 spline screws of the same grade 5 titanium and 316L stainless steel anti-wear gaskets. The entire case design took 420 hours, and more than 200 processing steps made it more ergonomic.
 With the RM 11-01 Roberto Mancini watch, Roberto Mancini, who is the coach of Manchester City, finally has an excellent weapon to control the game, so that he can master the winning strategy.

A Wise Choice To Test The Water Classic Watches Around 10,000 Yuan Recommended

Watches are widely watched as men’s main accessories. When choosing a watch, whether it is for yourself or others, it is a wise choice to identify a reliable watch. If you are new to the ‘watch’ circle and want to try water first, then around 10,000 watches are more suitable. If you have this intention but you ca n’t get started, let’s take a look at the three “water test” watches I bring to you today. The excellent cost performance and exquisite style will definitely make you fall in love with the watch Amazing thing.

Mido Berencelli M027.408.16.018.00 watch

Watch price: RMB 8,700
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Watch thickness: 9.43 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: 7,550
Watch diameter: 45 mm
Watch thickness: 12.98 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 316L stainless steel
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details: 10,800
Watch diameter: 46 mm
Watch thickness: — —
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: titanium alloy
Water resistance: 1000 meters
Watch details: hamilton / 44098 /
Watch Comments: Military watch Hamilton, has always been atmospheric and tough shape, practical inner function has been praised by watch friends. If the direction of the test water watch is diving watch, then it is more wise to choose this one. The stylish and exquisite red bezel is the biggest highlight of the entire watch. The helium valve and waterproof crown can ensure the watch’s excellent waterproof performance, with a long-lasting storage of 80 hours. It is also one of the better watches this year, and table friends who want to test the diving watch can consider starting this one.

Summary: three watches, three styles, three styles. As a test-level choice, they will never let you down. Exquisite workmanship and excellent performance, coupled with high cost performance, make these three watches perform very well in the market. If you plan to buy a watch Friends may wish to take a look at these three classic water-level timepieces recommended by the author today.

Jackson’s Limited Edition Launched Madman Commemorative Edition Flip Watch

Jacques Jaeger-LeCoultre is renowned in the world of watchmaking for its elegant and world-renowned aesthetics, and today announced the launch of a limited edition of the iconic Reverso watch-to the AMC American classic film cable TV award-winning series ‘Ad Madman (Mad Men) in tribute to the Grande Reverso Ultra Thin. The 25 Grande Reverso Ultra Thin Tribute to “Mad Men” commemorative editions of “Mad Men” are custom-made models with independent serial numbers and will be on sale in February 2012.
    In order to pay tribute to Jaeger-LeCoultre’s outstanding design and the unique style of ‘Ad Madman’, this limited edition watch is contained in a unique custom walnut memorial gift box with the advertising company name ‘Sterling Cooper Draper’ on the top of the gift box. ‘Pryce’ embossed logo, with a handwritten independent number on the bottom. In addition, each gift box has a personalized commemorative stationery from the lead actor Roger Sterling, a copy of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s excellent advertising, Grande Reverso Ultra Thin Tribute to ‘Mad Men’ and a large Reverso Flip-flop watch ‘Advertising Madman’ commemorative picture and the book ‘Sterling’s Gold’ written and written by Roger Sterling, writer and executive producer Matthew Weiner . Advertising Madman Flip Watch
    ‘Some legends have a long history, eternally condensed in time and space, and quietly tell the past. However, these legends are full of magic, so magical, as if there is life and breathing, its beauty is increasing day by day, and it can still maintain its true color. The Reverso flip watch is So unique, as time goes by, I have changed my face many times, but never lost the essence. ‘Said Jérôme Lambert, global president of Jaeger-LeCoultre.
    Grande Reverso Ultra Thin Tribute to “Mad Men” The commemorative edition of the large-scale Reverso “Ad Madman” tells a unique story. In 1931, a high-tech watch designed specifically for polo players was born. Its dial can be turned over to avoid damage, and a personalized pattern can be engraved on the back. The watch is praised for its patent-protected Art Deco style and reliable performance. Over the past 80 years, the Reverso watch has shown countless new faces, sizes and complications before the world. Today, wearing a Reverso watch has become a distinguished and unique symbol, entering the world of watchmaking known for its long history and elegant aesthetics.

    Since its premiere in 2007, Mad Men has become the most popular TV show. It is the only cable TV show in the history to win the Emmy® Award for Outstanding Drama Series for four consecutive years, and has been awarded the Golden Globe® Award for best TV series in the drama category for three consecutive years. for Best Television Series-Drama). Advertisement Madman is produced by Lions Gate Films and will be aired on AMC TV for the fifth season in March 2012.
【Background information】
    Since its establishment in 1833 in Vallée de Joux, Switzerland, Jaeger-LeCoultre has become an important watch brand in the history of watchmaking. Jaeger-LeCoultre is a pioneer in the top watchmaking industry. It not only combines precision timing technology and superb artistic talents, but also makes outstanding contributions to the development of the entire watchmaking industry. Jaeger-LeCoultre has countless pioneering and renowned watch products, including Reverso, Duoplan, Master Control, Memovox Polaris, Gyrotourbillon and Atmos. Jaeger-LeCoultre watchmakers, engineers and designers work closely together, follow the exquisite traditional watchmaking technology, and constantly pursue technological innovation, and have a high degree of enthusiasm for each watch manufactured. Each masterpiece inherits Jaeger-LeCoultre’s 178-year-old watchmaking craftsmanship. Nearly 40 top craftsmanships are perfectly integrated with the noble traditions of Rugu Valley in the process of making watches. Jaeger-LeCoultre invented a total of 1,231 movements, and enjoyed 398 registered patents. It continuously surpassed itself and made great achievements, which is a model in the fine watchmaking industry.

Rolex China Sea Regatta Victoria Harbour Easter Sailing

The biennial ‘Rolex China Sea Race’, ‘Rolex China Sea Race’, will set sail on Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong on April 16, 2014 to celebrate the 52nd anniversary of the China Sea Regatta. Rolex has sponsored this world-class offshore race in 2008 as part of an exclusive partnership with the Hong Kong Yacht Club.

 The race was started in 1962, with a voyage of 565 nautical miles. Starting from Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong, it sailed to Subic Bay in the Philippines, known as Asia’s highest-level blue sea offshore sailing race. The length of the individual yachts and conjoined yachts must not be less than ten meters. The spectacular sailing scene makes this event famous worldwide. Hong Kong’s skyline is transformed into a spectacular background, sailing from the splendid harbor, and yachts are racing among the old-fashioned fascia boards and modern merchant ships.

The ‘Rolex Rolex China Sea Regatta 2014’ will start from Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong, on April 16, and head towards Subi Bay in the Philippines.

 It is expected that about 35 teams from local and overseas participating teams will participate in this year’s competition. At that time, they will set off from the starting line at Victoria Harbour, encounter a windward buoy after sailing a short distance, and then head east to the waters surrounded by Victoria Harbour and skyscrapers and sail towards Lei Yue Mun Fishing Village and Tseung Kwan O. Head towards Subi Bay, northwest of Manila, Philippines.

 The offshore regatta is long and arduous, and the track is full of serious challenges. To cope with weather changes, the game is often divided into two different stages. The competition is very challenging for the tactical deployment of the participating ships. When the participating ships leave Hong Kong, the wind will usually be very large, and the sailing boat will be very bumpy on the sea. When it is near the coast of the Philippines, the wind will usually weaken, and the fleet technicians and pilot The crew needs to work hard to take advantage of the weak wind, slowly approach the coast and reach the end. For the participating teams, the extraordinary endurance and complex tactical decisions required for sailing are the real challenges. Proudly, the record was created by Hong Kong sailor Karl Kwok﹚ in 2000, driving his sailing Beau Geste in 47 hours, 43 minutes and 07 seconds.

 The close relationship between Rolex and sailing began in the 1950s, because of the spirit and philosophy of sailing and Rolex’s brand philosophy of excellence, precision and teamwork. Rolex has established close cooperative relationships with many well-known yacht clubs and organizations of major world sailing events, including the Hong Kong Yacht Club. Through Rolex’s support, we are committed to making this event attract more attention in Hong Kong, the region and the international sailing industry.

 In this glorious history, the Rolex China Sea Regatta has spread the spirit of fraternity towards yachts to the city of Hong Kong. In the Far East, sailing has not yet become a highly popular race, but the influence of the sea and the longing for the sea have been deeply rooted in the lives of Hong Kong people.

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