Professional Waterproof Two Iwc Marine Watch Series Beijing Quotes

The close connection between IWC and diving can be traced back to the 1960s. The increasing popularity of diving has led IWC to launch its first marine timepiece in 1967, with a water resistance of up to 20 bar and a rotating bezel to indicate the diving time. The latest 2014 marine timepiece series is simpler and more elegant than the previous models. IWC divers’ watches are not only the best companion underwater, but also the land adventure or celebration occasion. Or a good friend in the office. Today, Watch House brings you the Beijing quotes of two IWC marine timepieces. I hope everyone likes them.

IWC Automatic IW329001 watch

In-store public price: ¥ 39500 (collection time December 2014)
Can try on: try on in store
Watch Series: Marine Timepiece
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Rubber
Case diameter: 42 mm
Watch details: system) innovative inner and outer rotating bezel. With a case diameter of 42 mm, it is the smallest and most compact dial in the diver’s watch family.

IWC Chronograph IW376801

In-store public price: 48200 (collected in December 2014)
Can try on: try on in store
Watch Series: Marine Timepiece
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Rubber
Case diameter: 44 mm
Watch details: and second floor L2-13
Dealer Phone: 010-85621385

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Inseparable From Equestrian Longines Watches

The origin of Longines and equestrianism must be familiar to everyone. The elegant timepieces and precise equestrian collision sparked a wonderful spark. The brand has created a set of exclusive watches for equestrian sports-Longines watch Series. At this watch exhibition, the mission team of the Watch House will bring you the most intuitive real shot pictures on the front line, let’s enjoy it together.

  Watch real shot show:

The shape and materials of the watch are inspired by the iconic elements of equestrian sports, and resonate with equestrian lovers.

  Watch details real shot display:

Longines’ classic flying wing hourglass logo conveys the brand’s watchmaking spirit.

The date display window is at three o’clock.

Bold and innovative lines, diamonds on the bezel.

Small lugs extend the length of the case and link the strap.

The crown is on the side of the case, delicate and beautiful.

Summary: The above content was reported by the staff of the Watch House in front of the 2015 Basel timepieces carefully prepared by everyone. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports, please everyone attention. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

  2015 Basel Watch Show Special Website:

The Imprint Of The Years Three Bronze Watches Around 20,000 Are Recommended

The earliest bronze watch appeared in 1870. Because of the simple and low-key bronze material, it has been sought after by table friends no matter in the past or now. Bronze material is easily oxidized, and will change with time and environment. This feature has also become one of the selling points of bronze watches. The bronze watch settled down over the years, exuding an ancient charm and a strong sense of time. Today, the Watch House recommends three bronze watches, you can feel the marks of the years on your wrist.
Tudor Biwan Series M79250BM-0001

Product model: M79250BM-0001
Domestic public price: ¥ 28500
Watch diameter: 43 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: MT5601
Case material: bronze, matte; bronze unidirectional rotating outer ring, matte brown anodized aluminum word ring
Water resistance: 200 meters
Watch details: 24.15
Case material: Stainless steel; polished satin-finished steel case with thin curved lugs, bronze bezel
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: 733 7707 4354-07 5 20 45

Product Model: 01 733 7707 4354-07 5 20 45
Domestic public price: 13800
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: 733
Case material: stainless steel / bronze case, unidirectional rotating diving bezel; aluminum scale ring marking 60-minute scale, 0-point scale coated with Super-LumiNova®
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: oris / 61591 /
Watch Reviews: Oris’ 65-year replica diving watch appeared in 2015 and is the most recognizable product of the brand in recent years. The highlight of this diving watch is the clever addition of bronze elements to the outside of the rotating bezel. In order to match the bezel, it is specially equipped with rose gold PVD hands and scales, which contrast with each other. In addition to the iconic design of the classic diving watch, this watch also incorporates unique details such as bubble mirrors and a thin bezel. The bezel design is narrower. This is the feature of the old diving watch. The dial is made of aluminum. Quality rather than ceramics, not easy to collapse. The back of the watch is engraved with Oris retro coat of arms, showing a retro style everywhere.

Summary: Copper is a metal that is easily oxidized and stained with a touch of green. This is the charm of bronze watches. The bronze watch, which has been baptized with years, is full of traces of years. Under the tasting, there is a sense of history and thickness, which is very flavorful. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)

Father-son Love’ Is The Real Man’s Soul Chicken Soup

Speaking of ‘father love’, most of the male friends around him gave three descriptions: ‘respect’, ‘severe’ and ‘distance’. It seems that the relationship between father and son is not always as close as the relationship between mother and son.
   There is a small video on the Internet. After watching it, I laughed but wept.
   The son called his father in his hometown, and they haven’t seen each other for a long time. The expression on his son’s face was resisted, nervous, and at a loss … Finally the call was connected:
   ‘… Dad, how are you?’
   ‘Oh, oh, okay. Wait a minute, I’ll call your mother to the phone.’
   ‘Don’t call my mom, I want to talk to you for a while.’
   ‘What’s wrong? No money?’
   ‘No, I have money. Dad, I heard my mom say you had a stroke not long ago, how is it now? I’m worried about your physical condition. You broke your heart for me to finish college, now I graduate successfully , Stable work, and a good life, these are yours. I have n’t said a word to you thank you ….. Dad … Thank you! ‘
   The other end of the phone was silent. The father’s eyes were filled with tears, but his voice was still strong.
   ‘Son, do you drink too much today ?!’

   In fact, every father who is majestic or indifferent, looks deep in his heart and expects his son to love him and respect him. They hope that his son can be proud of him. Over the years, the idea that ‘the father has enough power to destroy a child’s self-esteem’ has been generally accepted, but few people realize that his son has the same power to hurt his father’s self-esteem.

Stills from the film ‘When happiness comes knocking’
   June 16 this year is Father’s Day. Compared with motherly love, the deep and poor expression of fatherly love is always ignored by children. As children, we should tell our father who is restrained and quiet, and thank them for their hard work and silence bear. Here are three classic men’s watches that can be used as gifts. When our wings are full, we must not only spread our wings, but also know how to thank our father who is like a mountain behind us.
   Montblanc 4810 Collection U0115935

Product model: U0115935
Official price: ¥ 24700
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Case material: Stainless steel
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: MB 24.17
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details: Tudor Biwan M79543-0002 watch

Model: M79543-0002
Watch diameter: 41 mm
Case material: Matte and matte steel, matte gold bezel
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: 2824
Water resistance: 150 meters
Watch details: Longines traditional watch L2.821.5.72.2

Product model: L2.821.5.72.2
Official price: ¥ 23700
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Case material: stainless steel / 18k rose gold
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: L888.4
Water resistance: 300 meters
Watch details: longines / 71430 /
Watch Reviews: Longines celebrates its 185th anniversary with the launch of the new Pioneer series. This series of watches are all certified by the Observatory. This watch has a diameter of 40 mm and is made of stainless steel and 18K rose gold. A date display window at 3 o’clock. Equipped with Longines L888.4 self-winding movement, with a power reserve of 64 hours and a water resistance of 300 meters.
Summary: It’s Father’s Day. At this moment, I send my father a gift to express his heartfelt gratitude, and thank him for his silent efforts and support over the years. Father’s love is like a mountain, silent and cold; Father’s love is like the sea, tolerant and magnificent; Father loves tea, but the bitterness of the entrance is sweet. What does your father look like?

Temperament And Elegance Three Charming Ladies’ Watches Recommended

If you compare a person to a movie, a watch is a star that blooms under the flash of a camera, attracting the attention of others. And a watch with elegance and temperament is like an invitation to set foot on the red carpet, which can make a woman exude charming charm on any occasion and make people intoxicated. Today, Watch House introduces you to three elegant ladies’ watches.
Bvlgari SERPENTI 102344 SPP26BGD1GD1 watch

Model: 102344 SPP26BGD1GD1
Movement type: quartz movement
Case material: 18k rose gold with diamonds
Strap Material: 18k Rose Gold with Diamonds
Case diameter: 26 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 810,000
Watch details: B033 quartz movement, ensuring the accuracy and stability of the watch.
Van Cleef & Arpels extraordinary dial watch series VCARO4JU00 watch

Model: VCARO4JU00
Movement type: quartz movement
Case material: 18k yellow gold with diamonds
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 25 mm
Watch details: vancleefarpels / 37848 /
Watch review: 18k yellow gold case with a diameter of 25 mm, small and exquisite. This watch dial is decorated with a bouquet that conveys people’s inner hope, love and expectation. Charms lucky charms, like blooming flower buds, turn into precious jewelry. The delicate gradual gems are intertwined with the bezel set with diamonds to create a glamorous glare, harmonious and pleasing to the eye. The mother-of-pearl dial is crafted from a number of exquisite traditional techniques, including flat or three-dimensional fine-painting and convex round enamel. The phoenix pattern is engraved on the bottom of the watch, echoing the dial design. Equipped with a quartz movement. Both in appearance and performance, they are very good choices.
Chopard IMPERIALE 384221-0004 watch

Model: 384221-0004
Movement type: quartz movement
Case material: 18k yellow gold
Strap Material: 18k Yellow Gold
Case diameter: 36 mm
Watch details: chopard / 23873 /
Watch Reviews: The IMPERIALE series is a hymn dedicated to all modern women. They are full of vitality, noble elegance, and exude an extremely mature charm at any time. Chopard carefully selects different materials and uses arcs and straight lines to create a sculptural and beautiful IMPERIALE watch. This watch has these characteristics: 18K yellow gold case and bracelet, fine mother-of-pearl on the silver dial and diamond-set bezel, these elements make the watch exude noble temperament. As the finishing touch, the lugs and crown are inlaid with amethyst-this is the imperial purple used by the Byzantine emperors. The noble and elegant temperament exudes from the inside out.
Summary: Elegance is a noble temperament that a woman radiates from the inside out. A beautiful woman may not be called elegant, but an elegant woman must be beautiful and charming. And a delicate and elegant watch can bring this kind of temperament, so that a woman throws her hands and smiles, exuding charming charm.

Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle World Time Watch

At the 2011 Haute Horlogerie Salon in Geneva, Vacheron Constantin Patrimony heritage series launched a heavyweight watch: Patrimony Traditionnelle World Time Watch. The Patrimony Traditionnelle World Time watch is designed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin. It is equipped with the latest 2460 WT self-winding mechanical movement, cast with the prestigious Geneva mark, and can display the time in 37 time zones around the world, including with Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Time zones that differ by half an hour or fifteen minutes.

 The display area of ​​the new Patrimony Traditionnelle World Time Watch consists of three dials: a map display made with the ‘Lambert Projector’ method plus a city name dial; a transparent day and night area dial overlaid on the map ; To display a 24-hour scale outer ring digital ring. The specific operation is as follows: The wearer only needs to turn the 24-hour dial through the crown, and select the required reference time to adjust to the black triangle mark at the 6 o’clock position. The standard time for the location, and the time in the other 36 time zones will be displayed at the same time. Cities displayed in black represent the entire time zone, while cities displayed in red represent the half or quarter time zone.
 As shown in any of the figures in the text, the current reference time is 10:10, and correspondingly, the London GMT time is 9:10 during the day. While Beijing time is 17:00 during the day and New York is 4:10 at night. Of course, the time adopted by some countries in the world differs from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) by half an hour or 15 minutes. Taking Caracas as an example, Venezuela adjusted the entire time zone to half time (GMT-4: 30) in 2007. This movement can correctly display the local time of Caracas.

 The new Patrimony Traditionnelle World Time watch has all the signature features of the heritage series: a slim bezel, a knurled pattern on the case back, a screw-in sapphire crystal case back and sword-shaped hands, 18K pink gold with a diameter of 42.5 mm Case, water-resistant to 30 meters. Its 2460WT self-winding movement is 36.6mm / 8.1mm in size and 27 stones. The vibration frequency is 28,800 vibrations per hour and has a 40-hour power reserve.

 Vacheron Constantin first presented the brand’s first timepiece with international time zone functions in 1932. The movement was produced by the Geneva watch wizard Louis Cottier. He conceived and designed a mechanical movement that can display 24 time zones. The disc rotates around the central dial and the bezel is engraved with the names of major cities in the world. Vacheron Constantin’s first world time clock & ldquo; Cottier system & rdquo; (model 3372) can simultaneously display the regional time of 31 cities around the world, marking Vacheron Constantin’s long and outstanding achievements in the field of world time complication technology.
 In 1936, Vacheron Constantin launched two other world timepieces, showing the regional time of 31 cities (model 3650) and 30 cities (except Cairo) (model 3638). In 1937 and 1938, the brand launched six table clocks. With a mobile dial design, the time can be displayed in 67 regions, including summer and winter time in Paris. From the 1940s, Vacheron Constantin introduced the world time clock with the model number 4414. The dial can display the time of 41 cities, and the 24-hour moving disc is divided into two areas: day and night. During the 1940s and 1950s, the brand made a name for itself with its superb achievements in this functional timepiece, making it a masterpiece for many celebrities to chase.
 In 1957, Vacheron Constantin launched the first world time watch, model 6213, which was ordered by an Egyptian nobleman. The watch was the first movement with this complication to be applied to the wrist, opening a new chapter in the brand’s history of world timepieces. Won a high reputation among many connoisseurs and collectors.

Hublot And The Watch Gallery Launch A Classic Fusion Automatic & Classic Fusion Chronograph 45mm Special Edition Watch

Hublot, a famous Swiss luxury watchmaker, held a new product launch event at the Ace Hotel in London to celebrate the latest collaboration with The Watch Gallery-the birth of two limited timepieces: classic fusion automatic & classic Fusion Chronograph 45mm Special Edition The Watch Gallery.

   The research and development of luxury timepieces that combine tradition and innovation is Hublot’s vision. This unique concept can be seen in the creation of the classic fusion series. The classic fusion series watches perfectly integrate traditional watchmaking, cutting-edge design and excellent craftsmanship. The Special Edition of TheWatchGallery is equipped with a satin-finished titanium case and highly recognizable ‘H’ screws. The bottom of the watch is decorated with the TheWatchGallery logo. The subtle design adds unique charm.

   Taking inspiration from Hublot’s material tests, titanium has become increasingly popular in modern watchmaking. Not only is it unique in appearance, it is also tough, sturdy, lightweight, resistant to corrosion and allergies. Hublot has a polished & satin-finished black ceramic bezel and a blue sun-satin-finished dial for the titanium case. The classic fusion chronograph 45mm TheWatchGallery special edition watch is equipped with a HUB1143 automatic movement, which can provide 42 hours of power reserve. Both watches have a blue rubber-lined black alligator strap with blue stitching.

   Although there are only minor differences between the two limited edition watches, they have greatly changed the appearance of the watch. The chronograph model is sporty with rhodium-plated hour and minute hands and blue chronograph seconds hand and is priced at £ 9,500. The automatic model has a more classic appearance and is the perfect daily wear watch at £ 7,500. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Piaget Polo S – Play A Different Game!

Not every age will produce a classic that condenses the contemporary spirit. However, in 1979, Piaget’s Polo watch was a masterpiece of the time, creating a generation of classics.
   Piaget’s Piaget Polo watch has a global reputation, and it has a long history with New York. In 1985, the Piaget polo team galloped on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan to celebrate the grand launch of this series of watches. Count Piaget intends to commemorate the legend of the classic Polo watch, and continue to write a new chapter with a new watch masterpiece. New York City is naturally the venue of choice.
Rewrite rule
   Piaget’s Polo watch is inspired by the elegant and intense sport-polo, and its design embodies the essence of the Piaget Society, embodying the brand’s immortal friendship with the world of music, film, art and sports. It promotes Piaget’s most representative styling aesthetics, and at the same time echoes the ambitions of challenging the tradition of the celebrities. In order to further express the brand’s pursuit of luxury and leisure style, Piaget Piaget used an exceptionally smart and self-winding precision movement in a carved stainless steel case. This is the legendary Piaget Polo S. Stately birth.

   The Piaget Polo S watch features Piaget’s classic and ingenious ‘in-and-out’ design. The 42mm round case and pillow-shaped dial are uniquely integrated. The watch is powered by Piaget’s self-winding mechanical movement, with a sapphire case back on the case back, revealing a subtle mechanical aesthetic. The chain strap is hinged with exquisite hand, and the matte and polishing are alternately polished to bring a complete aesthetic experience. All kinds of exquisite details make a watch that is beautiful day and night, with both practical and leisure time, carefully crafted for the fashion people of the new era.
5 watches that follow a philosophy
   The Piaget Polo S collection includes the Piaget Polo S automatic watch with the 1110P movement and the Piaget Polo S Chronograph with the 1160P movement. Both movements have been developed specifically for the Piaget Polo S. Piaget Polo S automatic watches are available with blue, silver or dark grey dials; Piaget Polo SChronograph is available with silver or blue dials.
9 Piaget Piaget ‘Game Changers’, a belief
   Piaget Piaget created the Piaget Polo S watch for a new era called ‘Game Changers’. Like Piaget Polo S, they have no fear of rewriting the rules. Choosing to wear a Piaget Polo S watch is a declaration of their personal conviction, showing its elegant style and determination to ‘Play a Different Game’. Looking around the world, Earl Piaget has carefully selected 8 men and invited them to wear Piaget Polo S and become brand friends in their respective countries to recognize their extraordinary talents. They refuse to follow the wave, chase their dreams with enthusiasm, and influence the world in different ways. The 8-bit Game Changer shines in its professionalism, leads the trend in the information age, and uses their real life and career to highlight the authenticity and essence of this unique watch.
Ryan Reynolds-Piaget Global Spokesperson

    According to Ryan Reynolds, ‘One thing I have in common with this watch is that it feels comfortable and luxurious. I can wear it on any occasion, whether it’s attending an awards ceremony or my child’s first graduation ceremony. ‘
Outstanding actor, producer
    Canadian-born Ryan Reynolds started his career on television. In 2002, he made his breakthrough appearance in the comedy film ‘The Prominent Talent’ and made his debut in the film industry. He has played superhero roles in multiple variant special attack series, including ‘Special Attack ‧ Werewolf Story’ (2009) and ‘Green Lantern’ (2011), with superb plasticity. Ryan Reynolds has also been widely acclaimed for his independent film ‘Buried Alone’ (2010), and for his brilliant performance in the critically acclaimed ‘Mississippi Grind’ (2015), winning several awards. In the blockbuster romantic comedy ‘The Devil’s Proposal for Proposal’, he and Sandra Bullock acted in a big fight; in 2016, he made a strong return to the Marvel Comics series in the much-anticipated ‘Deadpool: Undead’. The film is not only very popular, but also the most successful variant series of movies. His upcoming works also include the science fiction film ‘thrillerLife’ (2017) and the sequel to the ‘Deadpool: Undead’ sequel (2018) that fans are waiting for.
Hu Ge



   Faced with all kinds of challenges in life, Hu Ge is not afraid of danger, he is an example of endless courage and perseverance. As a well-known Chinese actor, he became a household name in 2005 because he successfully shaped the heroic ‘Lee Xiaoyao’ in the TV series ‘The Legend of Fairy Sword’. Since then, he has returned to the stage to hone his acting skills, constantly precipitating himself and enriching his heart. He spent ten years in accumulation, spreading freely in his works, showing the improvement of acting skills. In 2016, Hu Ge was honored with various awards including the 22nd Magnolia Award for Best Actor with his ‘Langya List’.
Malcolm Borwick

Entrepreneur, polo player


   Malcolm has played a major role in the sports world, setting up the British Professional Polo Association to lead the way. At the same time, he not only showed his skills in the British team, but also managed the team, developed a tailor-made training schedule, and hired a psychologist to create a more professional training environment. Today, everything Malcolm does in its field has become the industry standard. He also set up a project to cultivate British polo talents, and many of them have already participated in the UK.
   As one of Britain’s best polo players, Malcolm Borwick has represented Britain in more than 50 matches around the world, including two World Cup matches. As a friend of Prince Harry, he was the prince’s polo team captain in the Sentebale Cup and donated all the proceeds to the Sentebale charity established by the prince in Lesotho.
Joël Dicker

Novel writer


   ‘By choosing to chase dreams instead of following them, I changed the rules.’ Joël Dicker, born in Switzerland, decided to become a writer as a child. His second novel, ‘The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair,’ received rave reviews and was popular, winning Grand Prix du Roman del’Académie Française and Prix Goncourt des Lycéens. His work has been translated into more than 30 languages ​​and published in more than 45 countries.
David Goffin

Tennis player


   David Goffin, with his humility, diligence and excellence, became one of the youngest tennis players in the world at the age of 25. He was also the first player in Belgium to reach such an excellent level. David Goffin, born in Belgium, made his debut in the fourth round of the 2012 French Open. Since then, he has defeated many top players, rising rankings, and in 2016 ranked among the top 20 in the world.
Mohammed Sultan Al Habtoor

Artist, entrepreneur


   With unremitting efforts and innovative ideas, Mohammed is the first person in his country to break the existing rules and set trends while respecting traditions. Mohammed Sultan Al Habtoor was born in the most successful family of the United Arab Emirates and is committed to rewriting Arab men’s concept of fashion. After receiving military training from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and 5 years of military service in the UK, he co-founded a business focused on a healthy lifestyle. Mohammed, who became very early on, is now known for his personal style statement.
Michael B. Jordan



   Known as one of the Hollywood superstars, Michael B. Jordan strived for breakthroughs in his role selection and received extensive praise for his acting skills, making him a role model to inspire the younger generation. California-born Michael B. Jordan made his first groundbreaking performance in The Sopranos, earning him a major role in the classic television series The Wire. The movie ‘The End of Justice’ that he performed later made his acting highly acclaimed and won many awards. In preparation for starring in the film ‘Rocky’ series ‘Rocky’s Story-After the King’, he received a year of rigorous boxing training.
Kiya Ishihara (Miyavi)

Musicians, singers, composers and actors


   Guiya Ishihara adheres to her faith in music and constantly challenges herself to break through the sky. He is active in both Japan and overseas, and continues to explore unknown areas. Therefore, Earl Piaget gave Ishihara Takaya the title of Game Changer, hoping that he would bring us unlimited surprises with his unique experience. Takaya Ishihara was born in Japan with her unique style and talent. He took to the world stage with the outstanding achievements of Japan’s top ten singers, and has performed well in concerts in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Versatile Ishihara made her international debut on the screen of ‘The Extraordinary Life Calendar’ directed by Angelina Jolie.
Jean-François Piège



   With creative dishes and eclectic style, Jean-François Piège became the first chef to rewrite the rules of cooking, and is also the representative of the French art of ‘food’ as religion. Born in France, Jean-François Piège was known for cooking exquisite dishes when he was young, and he also met the world-renowned chef Jacques Manière. Since then, he has followed Alain Ducasse and his world-class chefs to hone his cooking skills, and later opened a restaurant of the same name. His creative culinary skills have been awarded two Michelin stars and praised by global food critics.

Award-winning Actor Dylan Mcdermott Loves Bucherer Watches

The famous Hollywood actor Dylan McDermott, who has been nominated for the Golden Globe Awards and Emmy Awards, has superb acting skills spanning many areas such as stage, television and film. Versatile Dylan McDermott recently wore the Bucherer ChronoGrade chronograph stopwatch with the same characteristics and 6 practical functions at the shooting site of ‘Freezer’.

 The Bucherer brand has become a symbol of luxury with the ultimate in watchmaking. The brand’s ChronoGrade chronograph combines strength and character; this watch meets the highest standards of precision and is equipped with a certified chronograph movement. Plavi with calfskin strap.

 ChronoGrade Chronograph Stopwatch is one of the most complicated watches in the world. It integrates 6 practical functions: minute, second, flyback, dial-back chronograph; large calendar, annual calendar and power reserve display.

Panerai Luminor Due Series Huo Jianhua Star Models Are On Sale In Beijing Intime Center Waiting For Your Appointment

The combination of celebrities and watch brands provides a reference direction for our timepiece selection. This is not only the establishment of a fashion trend, but also a trend in the development of the watch industry. Recently, with full enthusiasm for Pei Watch, we visited the Panerai store located in Beijing Yintai Center. When talking with the store staff, I learned that after the new product exhibition on June 14, 2017, some of the new products of the SIHH watch exhibition have been sold in the store. What keeps me fresh is the LUMINOR DUE series watch worn by Huo Jianhua this year when he announced that he was the brand ambassador of Panerai Greater China. The ingenious design of the disc is fused with soft and beautiful red and gold to present an excellent visual enjoyment. Bright personality and elegant temperament. Let’s take a look together!

The blue strap matches the rose gold case for a lively and unique look

   The Luminor Due series is a brand new watch series launched last year. The models in the series are based on the brand’s traditional Luminor 1950 case (cushion-shaped case, large dial, integrated lugs, and crown bridge protection). While continuing the classic design, the new Luminor Due has also made changes in accordance with modern watch design trends and needs. Make the lines more simple and smooth. It has a slimmer thickness and a lighter weight. The high-quality watch design is even more fashionable and can be used as a versatile watch series for formal, sports and leisure occasions.

   On March 2 this year, Panerai, a well-known Italian watch brand, officially announced at the Rosewood Beijing that Huo Jianhua became the brand ambassador for Greater China, which aroused heated discussion among fashion and watch lovers from all walks of life. In recent years, Huo Jianhua, who has gained a lot in film and television works, has performed many impressive classic images with strong and rich emotional interpretations, which has made him a lot of achievements in the film and television industry. The cooperation between the two parties aims to increase the brand’s visibility in the Chinese region and promote the world and value of Panerai. A straight and full-length suit is paired with this Panerai LUMINOR DUE Huo Jianhua star watch (black strap). (Watch model: PAM00677)

Extremely brand-aware bridge

18K red gold case with very detailed processing
   The new watch has a 42mm 18K red gold pillow case with anthracite matte sunburst dial, presenting a sense of quality on the wrist. And this watch has red gold and stainless steel to choose from, 42mm red gold model with blue crocodile leather strap, 45mm red gold fine model with black crocodile leather strap, 45 stainless steel model with black crocodile leather Strap.

Beautiful P.1000 watch movement
   Inside the watch is a P.1000 hand-wound watch movement developed by Panerai, with 28,800 oscillations per hour. Power saving for 3 days, waterproof depth is 30 meters.

Blue Calfskin Strap

Summary: In the comfortable and peaceful counter, we experienced the exclusive charm belonging to the Panerai style. It is reported that, like this year’s new ceramic watches and new titanium diving watches are already on the shelf, most of the classic models last year are among them. If you have a table friend who has recently purchased a watch, you may wish to take a look and choose one.
More details:
   This quotation was collected on July 4, 2017. The watch price / spot is subject to change at any time. For the final price, please pay attention to the store details.

[Dealer Name]: Panerai Beijing INoi Store
[Dealer Address]: No. 113B, INIO First Floor, Yintai Center, 2 Jianwai Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing
[Contact]: 010-85171263

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