Constant Launches New Classics Index Gmt Automatic Watch

The Frederique Constant Classics Index watch is very popular. This year, this enthusiastic Swiss watchmaker has added four new and elegant GMT works to the series.
   In the watchmaking industry, the abbreviation GMT refers to the function of the second time zone, or more precisely, it refers to a watch with an additional hour hand that indicates the 24-hour time information of the second time zone. At the same time, I can keep in touch with my hometown. The Classics Index GMT automatic watch is an ideal choice for travellers and business people who need to know the time in both places.
   There are four versions of the new Classics Index GMT automatic watch launched by Frederique Constant. Stainless steel case, black dial with metal bracelet; stainless steel case, silver dial with metal bracelet; stainless steel case, silver dial with black leather strap; stainless steel rose gold plated case, silver dial with brown leather strap. The dials are all classic and economical, with hand-applied Roman numerals, giving the watch an elegant and luxurious look.
   The new Classics Index GMT watch is equipped with a FC-350 self-winding mechanical movement with 26 gems and a 38-hour power reserve. With hours, minutes, seconds, date and second time zone display, all these functions can be adjusted with a single crown. Through the sapphire crystal case back, you can admire the precision operation of the movement. This watch is water resistant to 50 meters.
   The Classics Index GMT automatic watch is extremely accurate and reliable. On the basis of retaining the original characteristics, the second time zone function makes it even more attractive, and it will surely make people love at first sight.

Simple, Practical And Cost-effective Three Good Basic Watch Recommendations

Nowadays, a watch means more to men than simple timing tools. They often represent the taste of wearing and the charm of the wrist. So choosing classic and practical watches is more important for men in modern urban life. You need to be stylish, and you must be with you for a long time. Therefore, today’s Watch House recommends three basic watches for everyone to choose from.

Mido Berencelli M027.407.11.010.00 watch

Watch price: RMB 8,100
Watch diameter: 39 mm
Watch thickness: 6.95 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: 6,750
Watch diameter: 43.2 mm
Watch thickness: — —
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: titanium
Water resistance: 200 meters
Watch details: 7,550
Watch diameter: 45 mm
Watch thickness: 12.98 mm
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details: tissot / 44671 /
Watch reviews: This year’s retro style is a major trend in watches, so choosing a retro watch is also very good. Just like this Tissot HERITAGE series retro watch, the pocket watch is the source of design, showing a classic feeling on the wrist. The atmospheric 45mm stainless steel case echoes the small three-handed dial, which showcases great sensory enjoyment. The classic and unique pointer design contrasts with the Arabic numerals, making the indication of time clear, intuitive and very convenient. It is equipped with a retro-inspired dark brown leather strap, showing the classic charm of the entire watch.
Summary: The most essential function of the timepiece is one, and the basic model is still fresh and energetic. Representing the brand’s strength and connotation, it has become a classic timepiece sought after by watch enthusiasts with solid quality. The three watches recommended to you today are all one of the better basic models. If you like them, you may consider it.

Blancpain Launches The Fifty Fathom Submersible Bulgaire Blue Watch

Blancpain cooperates with European watch and jewellery supplier Bulgari to launch the Bulgari blue watch. This watch further enriches the Bulgari blue collection and is exclusively sold in Bulgari boutiques and online stores.

 Blancpain and Blancpain are both based on professional knowledge and the pursuit of excellence. At the same time, both parties share a deep root with blue. Blue is not only the iconic color of Bucherer, but also reminiscent of Blancpain’s enthusiasm and commitment to the marine world. Its history can be traced back to 1953, when the brand launched the first Hyundai 50 Dive watch.

 Complementing professional instruments primarily used in underwater environments, Blancpain developed a deep-dive model that became a civilian alternative in 1956, suitable for wearing in any situation, whether underwater or on land. In 2013, Blancpain gave the new interpretation of the deep submersible, and many complex features have been added, including this Fifty Fathom Submersible Flyback Chronograph Bulgari blue watch. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Sotheby’s To Auction The Mysterious Rolex Daytona ‘red Moon’ Watch

On October 8, 2019, Sotheby’s will hold a precious watch auction in Hong Kong. The most watched lot in this auction is No. 2300. This is a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watch equipped with Zenith ElPrimero400 movement, described as ‘may be unique … Chronograph with red dial’, ‘LunaRossa’ (Red Moon) The nickname came from this.

   The Rolex Daytona ‘Red Moon’ watch caused controversy because it was its first interview and has never been seen in the market before. Sotheby’s didn’t provide much background information about the watch, so it remains a mystery. However, the dial details of this watch have been examined, and both the text and the numbers are the same as the standard dial design. The back of the dial is engraved with the JeanSinger & Cie logo, which was then the Daytona dial maker.

   In a nutshell, the dial is made by Rolex suppliers and then assembled into the E-Series (case number) Daytona Ref. 1652818K yellow gold watch. So how did the dial come into being? There are two possibilities.

   For one, Singer produced a dial that was shown to Rolex as a sample, but was rejected. Or maybe this is a Singer trial (the equipment used is exactly the same as the batch dial), and it was never even revealed to Rolex. Second, Rolex may want a more lively dial color, so he ordered it from Singer, but for some reason finally gave up, just like the metal blue of the Daytona nickname ‘The BigBlue’ or ‘Chairman’ dial.

   Of course, the above is pure speculation, the origin of the red dial is still unknown, and the final transaction price will indicate the attitude of the bidder. It is reported that this Rolex Daytona ‘Red Moon’ watch is valued at 1.6 million to 3 million Hong Kong dollars, equivalent to about 1.45 million to 2.73 million yuan. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Revolutionary Antimagnetic: Ball Watch Engineer Ii Magnetic S High Antimagnetic Watch Taiwan Exhibition Will Be Held On December 25

With the concept of continuous pursuit of innovation and the extraordinary technology of creating mechanical watches, BALL Watch has announced the launch of the Engineer II Magnetic S model equipped with the revolutionary A-PROOFR anti-magnetic device. For many years, BALLWatch has been researching and improving the anti-magnetic technology of mechanical watches. In fact, the accuracy of mechanical watches is easily affected by the ubiquitous magnetic field in daily life. Even if it is only briefly contacted with ordinary artificial magnets, it is possible to magnetize the automatic movement and cause the movement to stop completely. According to the accepted standards of the Swiss watchmaking industry, automatic watches must withstand a magnetic field of at least 4,800 A / meter, and the daily error must not exceed 30 seconds in order to be considered ‘anti-magnetic’.
   This year, BALL WATCH introduced a shocking new antimagnetic protection concept. A -PROOFR device was invented and patented by BALLWatch, which protects the watch’s mechanical movement through innovative technology. To protect the movement from magnetic fields, the watchmaker must seal the movement in a special protective case. BALLWatch has developed a specially constructed anti-oxidation stainless steel protective shell for each anti-magnetic model under the brand.

  Engineer II Magneto S stainless steel case, 42 mm diameter, hour, minute, second and date display, BALL RR1103-CSL automatic movement, patented ‘SpringLOCKR’ anti-vibration system, patented A-PROOFR anti-magnetic device (rotation Outer ring control switch, antimagnetic performance up to 80,000A / m), 15 self-luminous miniature gas lamps inlaid on the hour, minute, second hand and surface, passed 5,000Gs impact test, screw-in crown, sapphire crystal, bottom case , Water-resistant to 100 meters, certified by the Swiss Observatory (COSC), Cordura high-strength nylon cloth strap with pin buckle.
   Until recently, the inner layer of this anti-magnetic protective case has been made of soft iron only. The structure includes a rear splint and a protective ring surrounding the movement and dial. The soft iron, which is shaped into an inner case, cleverly conducts magnetic fields and prevents them from entering the movement, thereby preventing the accuracy of the watch from being adversely affected. This process can guarantee the antimagnetic performance of BALL Watch antimagnetic models as high as 12,000 A / m.
   This year, BALL Watch made another breakthrough on the basis of the aforementioned anti-magnetic technology. A-PROOFR anti-magnetic device uses cutting-edge technology in terms of materials and structure. In cooperation with Switzerland’s top watchmaking and microtechnology partners, BALL Watch has carefully selected a metal material (Mumetal) that has never been used in the watchmaking industry to develop its latest antimagnetic protection device. . Nickel alloy is an alloy of nickel, iron, copper, and molybdenum. It has a very high magnetic permeability, so it can attract and shift static or low-frequency magnetic field lines. Compared to other The demagnetization method is effective. This alloy is mainly used to manufacture magnetic shields for industrial, scientific or high-tech fields. Therefore, the watch is equipped with anti-magnetic properties, which is superior to the soft iron of the anti-magnetic protective cover described above. Nickel alloys can make magnetic watches with amazing strength of 80,000 A / m.

  The new A-PROOFR anti-magnetic device adopts a telescopic blade design. Its appearance can be scaled by a rotating bezel like a camera aperture. When fully retracted, the anti-magnetic force is up to 80,000 A / m. When fully opened, you can enjoy the movement.
   In addition to using revolutionary new materials, BALL Watch engineers strive to eliminate the need to use traditional anti-magnetic protective cases that lock the watch movement and seal the bottom of the watch. Therefore, they have developed an ingenious aperture device that allows the wearer to follow his personal needs. , Easily open or close the diaphragm of the bottom pan by turning the rotating outer ring. When the aperture is completely closed, the antimagnetic protective cover made of nickel alloy can be locked. When the aperture is opened, you can watch the movement of the Engineer II Magneto S model through the see-through base. The aperture is also made of nickel alloy, and its thickness is only 0.06 mm, which has become an industrial pioneer. This mastery of precision and technology fully demonstrates the status of BALL Watch as a leader in the watchmaking industry. In addition to this fascinating top technology, the Engineer II Magneto S model has a strong and eye-catching appearance with a 42 mm diameter and 12.5 mm thickness stainless steel case. On the subtle and low-key black dial, fine scales are also silk-screened. The flange on the watch marks the main minute scale and separates the rest of the dial with the brand’s green circle. In addition, the second hand also uses the brand green of BALL Watch. The sharp outline of the rotating outer ring helps the wearer to easily control the aperture of the A-PROOFR device, and also highlights the strong style of the watch.
   Engineer II Magneto S is equipped with a patented ‘SpringLOCKR’ anti-vibration system, which can effectively reduce the impact of external impacts by up to 66%, thereby ensuring that the movement of the mechanical movement is accurate. Wearers can now worry-freely participate in sports such as golf, because the watch can still tell the time accurately even in the face of external impact.

   This model is equipped with the BALL RR1103-CSL automatic mechanical movement, which displays basic hour, minute, second and date performance. This Swiss-made automatic mechanical movement provides the best guarantee for the accuracy and quality of the watch and has been certified by the Swiss Astronomical Observatory (COSC). Engineer II Magneto S is equipped with BALL Watch patented ‘SpringLOCKR’ anti-vibration system. This patent registration system was developed in-house by BALL Watch, which can ensure that the movement can still keep accurate when the movement is subjected to external shocks.
   The hairspring in the movement is surrounded by a ‘protective cover’, which can absorb the energy generated when the watch is subjected to external impacts; the impact of these external impacts is enough to make the movement error of general mechanical movements as fast as about 60 seconds per day. The ‘SpringLOCKR’ anti-vibration system can effectively reduce the impact of external shocks by up to 66%, thereby ensuring the accuracy of the mechanical movement. Wearers can now worry-freely participate in sports such as golf, because the watch can still tell the time accurately even in the face of external impact.

  Engineer II Magneto S inlaid with tritium (3H) self-luminous miniature gas light, the natural and continuous strong light, which can make watch wearers clearly read in absolute darkness, the brightness is up to 100 times higher than watches using other light sources Times.
   Like other classic models of the brand, the railway (RR) letter pattern at the end of the second hand subtly evokes the traditional memory of the BALL Watch railway timepiece. The Engineer II Magneto S model is equipped with a Cordura high-strength nylon strap and pin buckle. One of the key concepts of the brand is to make the wearer clearly read the day and night. In order to make the mechanical watch in the absolutely dark environment and provide clear reading, the BALL Watch uses the most advanced Swiss technology to store tritium (3H) safely in a hollow mineral glass miniature gas lamp. . BALL Watch is equipped with this self-luminous miniature gas lamp on the dial and hands of all watches. The strong light naturally emitted by radon allows watch wearers to read clearly in absolute darkness. In addition, its brightness is 100 times higher than that of watches using other light sources.

  Astronaut Dr. Owen Garriott of NASA’s Skylab II has witnessed the extremely high antimagnetic force of BALL Watch’s Engineer II Magneto S revolutionary A-PROOFR antimagnetic device .
   This model is equipped with a locked crown and anti-glare sapphire crystal glass, which is water-resistant to 100 meters, and can pass the 5,000Gs impact test, fully demonstrating the practicality of the watch. This is BALL Watch’s first watch model equipped with the revolutionary A-PROOFR anti-magnetic device, laying the foundation for the new generation of anti-magnetic watches in the future. It can still be accurate in the most severe environments. Today, BALL Watch continues to follow the established route of the brand, once again being identified as the leader in the history of watchmaking and modern adventure timepieces.

Showing A Unique Style

The exciting 2015 Baselworld has begun. As an annual ‘Oscar’ feast in the watch industry, each watch exhibition has gathered the attention of the world. Below, please follow the real pictures of the front of the Watch House and enter the Bvlgari Pavilion together to feel the bold and unique design style.

The stylish and unique design has attracted much attention in Bulgari.

Bulgari’s logo appears in every conspicuous place, allowing visitors to feel the brand’s heritage at all times.

The special structure of the pavilion highlights the distinctive beauty.

The journey of exploring timepieces is about to begin.

 Every part of the exhibition hall has been carefully designed.

The window displays the new Bulgari watch.

Every watch is a masterpiece of the brand’s superb technology

  At the same time, the special report team of the Watch House has also rushed to the Basel Watch Fair to bring you the freshest and most current watch information. For more details about Baselworld 2015, please pay attention to our special report page. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

  2015 Basel Watch Show Special Website:

Gucci’s Le Marché Des Merveilles Series Watches Have A Modern Style

Le Marché des Merveilles series watches have been added with modern styles, with excellent materials, elegant colors and harmony. These quartz watches come in a range of colorful dials, polished PVD gold-plated cases and elegant calfskin or alligator straps. 18K solid gold and unique diamond-set models add to the collection’s richness.

   The latest design includes a total of three styles (38 mm), and the dial is rich in color, including: malachite green, turquoise blue or coral red, as well as luxurious new models of pure gold. The simple yet unconventional dial reveals the texture of these synthetic gemstones to the fullest.

   To ensure that the distinctive dial becomes the focal point, the hours are only marked with a bee shape at 12 o’clock. The Gucci logo is also located at 12 o’clock. The small seconds hand features a ball-shaped ornament made of Gucci interlocking double ‘G’ shapes. The dial is surrounded by Gucci’s unique wavy charm — a distinctive chamfered bezel with pyramid-shaped studs — adding avant-garde urban style to the watch.
   Five unique luxury models feature the same color dial and 18K yellow gold case. The pyramid-shaped bezel is set with 16 diamonds and surrounds the stone dial. Other details include diamond hour markers and matching alligator straps.

Gucci watch jewelry introduction
   Gucci watches are one of the most reliable and stable fashion watch brands. Since the early 1970s, they have continuously designed, developed and manufactured Gucci watches with distinctive design methods and clear positioning.
   Gucci watches are resolutely made in Switzerland. They are known for their modern creative design and excellent quality and craftsmanship. They are sold worldwide through an exclusive sales network of Gucci boutiques and selected watch dealers. Since January 2010, Gucci Watches has launched its Gucci jewellery collection by leveraging its expertise gained in the watch industry and synergies between the watch and jewelry industries. For more information on Gucci watch jewelry, please visit
   Gucci is affiliated with Kering Group. Kering Group has many influential boutique, sports and lifestyle brands and is a global leader in the fashion and accessories industry.

Vacheron Constantin’s Most Creative Men’s Watch Series

The International Awards Ceremony «Fashion Olymp – 2010» was recently held at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, which is the core of Moscow’s cultural and commercial activities. The event will be attended by many representatives of the fashion and luxury industry. Only a brand that is always outstanding, brilliant and legendary can win Olymp.
Pink and titanium Quai de l’ Ile

   Vacheron Constantin Nicolas Deflers, the brand manager of Russia and the CIS, received the award «Quai de l’ Ile» series «The Most Innovative Men’s Wristwatch Collection».
Palladium and titanium Quai de l’ Ile

   At the ceremony, Defellers said, ‘We are very grateful for the decision to award Vacheron Constantin the honor of« The Most Innovative Men’s Wristwatch Collection ». This honor is the history of our brand since 255 We continue to develop a strong testimony for innovation. We are grateful to the jury, and we also want to congratulate all employees who have participated in this series.
Nicolas Deflers, Brand Manager of Vacheron Constantin, Russia

Frank Muller’s New Golden Style Celebrates Taichung Far Away Egypt Legends Night

On September 21st, in order to celebrate the Taichung Far Eastern Hundred Egypt Legends Night Event, Swiss top watch brand FRANCK MULLER presented the 2012 Infinity Phoenix and Gold Croco series watches at Taichung Far Eastern Hundred Boutiques. At the scene, supermodel Wang Xintian and Lin Jialing were invited to interpret the brand’s new and unique golden style with two distinct styles: classic elegance and free and easy style. FRANCK MULLER Infinity Phoenix watch-worn by supermodel Wang Xintian
    ‘Phoenix’, also known as a long-lived bird, is a symbol of eternity and auspiciousness. Also a symbol of Chinese imperial power, the phoenix is ​​often connected to the dragon; the phoenix represents femininity, and the dragon is masculine, meaning immortality, perseverance, and strong power. FRANCK MULLER conveys Eastern time ideas different from Western cultures in a very poetic way. On the dial of the Infinity Cintrée Curvex case with a unique curved design, it is a subtle depiction of this magnificent and noble mythical animal that symbolizes in China, showing the Infinity Phoenix watch gorgeously. FRANCK MULLER Gold Croco watch-worn by supermodel Lin Jialing
    The new Gold Croco series watches are based on the brand’s classic Cintrée Curvex case. The stunning design creativity extends the pattern of the crocodile leather strap all the way to the case and dial, allowing the strap and the watch to intervene. The relevance is more coordinated, not only creating stunning new visual effects, but also allowing the Cintrée Curvex series to add avant-garde fashion to the elegance.

The First Concept Flagship Store Of Casio Watch Opens

Twenty-five years ago, CASIO created the G-SHOCK series of watches featuring anti-shock technology, thus starting a new road in the watch industry. Over the past 25 years, G-SHOCK watches have conquered countless supporters with their uniquely developed technology and distinctive appearance style, and have led a wave of unique crossover cooperation and collection. As the 25th anniversary of the birth of G-SHOCK is about to pass, the world’s largest flagship CASIO watch store with a unique G-SHOCK culture opened in Hangzhou Hubin International Famous Street.
CASThis CASIO Hangzhou flagship store has broken the traditional sales model. The wide space on the upper and lower floors fully displays the G-SHOCK culture, providing a place of pilgrimage for enthusiasts.

首 The first floor of the store is the watch sales area. All CASIO watch products, including limited edition special models that are not available in other stores, can be purchased here. What’s more special is that each sub-series appears in the most original design style. The radio wave watch area showcases CASIO’s original 6-station global reception technology (6 radio wave watches can receive standard time signals from all 6 base stations around the world); the G-SHOCK series broke through, and in the past 25 years, a tough and unique clock and watch The perfect combination of electronic technology; Protrek mountaineering series, each function is born of outdoor sports, rocks, trees are footnotes of the adventure. Baby-G, Sheen has a wealth of female products, providing a platform for urban women to create their own personality.

The second floor of the store is committed to becoming a platform for the promotion of trend culture. It not only displays many classic limited-edition G-SHOCK non-sale items from 1983 to the present, regularly releases G-SHOCK cultural event information around the world, but also holds various exhibitions or party events with many young cultural media and trend brands from time to time. In the first season of the new opening, the theme of CASIO’s ‘creation and contribution’ showcases a series of clothing works by local original designers, and also launches a series of promotional activities with Li Chansen’s own brand Subcrew . G-SHOCK products have been destined to take an unusual road from the day the project was initiated by the design team. Now CASIO also hopes to build a platform to support the efforts and persistence of young designers.