Pink Tender Girly Heart Tasting Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Women’s Watch

Generally, people’s impressions of the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms series watches are rough and deep men’s watches. Now Blancpain has made a new interpretation of this classic series, using ultra-thin movement Turned into a ladies watch. This ‘turn around’ is really surprising. If the shape of the watch is not different from that of the traditional Fifty Fathoms watch, I can’t believe that the predecessor of the watch is the famous diving watch. Emergence of infinite girl hearts. Let’s take a look at this girly dive watch, the official model: 5015-1514-52

  The watch as a whole feels very young, giving a girly feeling that is always spring. Although it has a large dial and a sporty watch design, the pink color makes this watch look like a woman’s watch.

  The outer ring of the watch is a white ceramic bezel, which is round and translucent, exuding an attractive luster, pink hour markers, fresh and pleasant. The dial of the white mother-of-pearl is also pink. The hour hand is white and black, simple and clean. The date is displayed between four and five.
  The diameter of the dial is 45 mm, which is relatively rare in women’s watches. The crown is wide and easy to use during operation. Although the watch is relatively young from the front, it can still see the figure of the sports watch from the side, with simple lines and thick and solid.

  The bezel can be rotated in one direction. The shell material is stainless steel, fine workmanship, polished and meticulous, light can be seen. The lugs are smooth, and the straight lines are simply connected to the strap.

  The thickness of the case is 15.5 mm, which is relatively heavy, and the brand name is engraved on the side. It can be seen in the dial that the water-resistant depth of this watch is 300 meters, which has not been compromised by the fact that it is a ladies’ watch.

  The watch uses a white strap that contrasts with the dial. The material is a more common fiber material for diving watches. It is suitable for diving and sports. The buckle is a pin buckle.

  The watch is penetrating, and the oscillating weight has been redesigned. From the back, it looks like a large conch, which seems to indicate that it is really a diving watch. The watch is equipped with Cal. 1315 movement and has a power reserve of 120 hours.
Summary: I believe that many girls will scream when they see this watch. It not only has a cute temptation like a Hello Kitty, but also contains the design elements of a sports watch. A watch combines two styles. The perfect combination of feminine and sporty style. If you want to choose a sports-style ladies watch, this is a good choice, but the large watch, you also need to get started trying something, such a large dial, I believe many men can not hold it. The domestic price of this watch is 133,000 yuan, which is very expensive. I don’t know which ‘Bai Fumei’ wrist will be seen.
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