Reinterpreting The Past, Vacheron Constantin Reshapes The Rose Gold Pocket Watch

Vacheron Constantin is a brand full of history. Just like the first pocket watch created in 1755, Vacheron Constantin’s watchmakers put personal passion into watch creation is the key to showing the style of the work.

 There is no doubt that Vacheron Constantin’s brand style is derived from the traditional historical value accumulated over 250 years. It integrates the brand’s unique creative ideas, while also referring to the current era and fashion trends. Different products have their own characteristics, which are not only reflected in watch works, but also the latest pocket watch styles, which have passed the brand’s creative spirit of continuously surpassing itself and actively inheriting history in terms of sophisticated and complicated functions, design, and details. These represent the creative spirit of Vacheron Constantin today-inheriting its proud heritage and traditions, and continuing to bring high-quality and elegant watches to watch lovers.
 A few days ago, Vacheron Constantin retraced the past and the golden age of pocket watches, and launched the Patrimony Contemporaine rose gold pocket watch with pure, classic and timeless design. The pocket watch inherits all the style elements of the Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Contemporaine series, such as the neat and exquisite silver-plated milky dial and the polka dot minute scale. The 5N 18K pink gold case is 43mm in diameter and the case back is transparent. You can admire Vacheron Constantin’s wonderful hand-wound caliber 4400. The movement has the Geneva mark on it, which is close to the movement used by VC Historiques American 1921. However, the Caliber 4400 does not have a second hand, and other specifications are the same.
 Vacheron Constantin’s designers, watchmakers, engineers and artisans have the responsibility of ‘recording history’ in addition to their watch production. They interpret the representative works of different eras through new works and show the trend of watches in each era. .

Updated: 20. February 2021 — 5:07
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