Retro Racing Chronograph Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 16

In recent years, TAG HEUER, or simply Carrera’s marketing focus has almost been focused on the Heuer 01 series. Relatively, Carrera’s opportunities for exposure seem to be much less. Heuer 01 symbolizes TAG Heuer’s new style and new direction, and is one of the most important strategic products of the brand in the near future. However, this does not mean that TAG Heuer will at least be completely younger in terms of design. You can also see the clue from their re-enactment of Autavia; and although Heuer 01 sells well, its new-style style may also evoke old-school players’ feelings about their Carrera, so there is still a lot of room for the old version .

The inner ring of the bezel is made of ceramic material. The speed scale and numbers on the bezel are three-dimensional, and the texture is quite good. The pigment filled in the lettering is also beige, and the overall tone style is uniform.

Feature 1: 43mm micro-large case
This all-black Day-date itself is a small change to the 43mm date-week model, but the new color is selling pretty well, and the specifications and pricing part still maintains TAG Heuer’s excellent balance at this price point. Looking at the current Market is still extremely competitive. It’s a bit surprising, the Carrera 43mm Day-date combination didn’t come out until 2007, so it was launched in the name of the tenth anniversary model. The current Carrera date-week models are equipped with a 43mm case, and the 41mm only has the date display. In fact, the 43mm surface space to accommodate the horizontal date and week window is indeed more roomy, and the next one can be placed next. The complete time scale, plus 2007 was the time when big watches were the most popular, so now looking at the launch of this series of warp and weft can really make a lot of sense.

Carrera’s time scales are in sticks, numbers from 1 to 12, and 05/10/15, etc. Among them, the author’s personal preference is 05/10/15; this time the model is filled with vintage Beige luminous paint, improve the texture of the surface a lot

Feature 2: Luminous effect is improved
This change is basically a titanium case coated with black PVD, and the luminous paint is replaced with beige, with an old leather strap, to create a retro texture. Except for the use of color and materials, the new design is exactly the same as the existing style. It is worth mentioning that the original numbers such as 05, 10, and 15 were just pure metal parts. This time, they were dug out of the groove and filled with beige. Luminous, in this way, not only is more labor-intensive and costly. The point is that this small place really improves the texture of the watch, and the image of the overall appeal is also fuller.

Cal. 16 is basically ETA 7750. Before it was launched in 1887, it was TAG Heuer’s most important basic timing movement. Compared with 1887, the most obvious difference in specifications is the absence of column wheels.

Feature three: 16 movement with richer information
The model is equipped with Calibre 16. Since the launch of the self-made 1887, the number of Cal. 16 products has decreased a lot. However, 1887 only has the day of the week display, and the day of the week-date model must be Cal. 16. Most of the plating colors on the market are now transferred to DLC. Heuya should use PVD here to control costs, but the money should still be spent. For example, the bezel still uses ceramic materials, which is precisely managed like this. The specifications and budget allow TAG Heuer to come up with a highly competitive CP value in the 100,000-level range, which shows that it is a means for the middle-entry price strong.

Carrera Calibre 16

Black PVD titanium material / Cal. 16 automatic movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date, day of the week / chronograph function / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 100 meters / diameter 43mm / reference price : 36,000 RMB

Updated: 4. July 2020 — 3:59
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