Roger Du Lightweight Each Other Hollow Tourbillon

Lightweight! Top-quality watch ‘openwork double tourbillon’
Pursuit of craftsmanship and visual feast

 The large surface watch style has been popular for many years. The eye-catching, solid rough appearance gives the trendy and fashionable charm, but the diameter of more than 40mm, the overall weight of the metal is for some men and women who like to follow the popular large surface in the first impression. It is not pleasing; however, thanks to the progress of the metallurgical industry, lightweight titanium metal with a reputation of ‘space metal’ has gradually become a favorite in the watchmaking industry to improve the sense of weight. Unlimited grade craftsmanship, combined with dual tourbillons and hollow-out technology, and achieved both the Geneva Seal and the Observatory’s dual certifications, showing the brand’s confidence in pursuing dual top-level feasts of vision and craftsmanship.

 ROGER DUBUIS Excalibur skeleton double tourbillon titanium watch

 The popularity of large surfaces is in line with the problem of vision loss caused by the high use of information equipment by modern people, and more creative ideas can be presented in the design. Therefore, it has been flourishing for many years and has been the mainstream of watchmaking. The metal case with a diameter of up to 45mm, for some thin men and women, is apt to form the worry of overweight in the first impression; and the titanium metal that was originally used in the aviation industry was introduced into the watch industry. The degree of corrosion resistance is comparable to that of ‘king’s gold’, and its hardness is comparable to that of stainless steel. Its lightweight weight greatly reduces the weight of large-sized models, and expands the freedom of design and inspiration.

 ROGER DUBUIS Excalibur skeleton double tourbillon titanium watch

 100% self-made, and the only ROGER DUBUIS in the world with the Geneva mark on each watch, the ‘Excalibur Hollow Double Tourbillon Titanium Watch’ is not only equipped with the dual tourbillon that leads the industry trend Function, and the unique hollow-out technology, showing the top sophisticated watch style, as many as 319 parts, under the sculpted excess machine plate and matched with a lightweight titanium case, the cool black to show personal mystery and freedom Fashion taste.

          ROGER DUBUIS Excalibur skeleton double tourbillon titanium watch

 ROGER DUBUIS launched the world’s first four-escape mechanical craft watch at the Swiss Watch Fair 2013. As early as 2005, ROGER DUBUIS has launched the world’s first dual tourbillon, which has led the industry to follow suit. The design of the component-differential gear rebalances the power output of the two tourbillons, gradually removing the tourbillon from the role of craft accessories, and returning to the glory of precision timing in the past. The geometrical hollow faceplate will appreciate the angle It has been promoted to the extreme. At the same time, it has dual certifications of the Geneva Seal and the Observatory, and the watchmaking technology is perfect, laying the brand in the ranks of top watchmaking.

Updated: 7. November 2020 — 4:33
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